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Umbrakinesis is the ability to control all forms of darkness. Most known Umbrakinetics can create darkness out of nowhere, possibly by manipulating photons (the particles that make up light) until only darkness remains. However, other theories have stated that the darkness used by umbrakinetics are actually solid in nature, so the origins of umbrakinetic darkness is unknown. Umbrakinetics have also been known to blend in with shadows, teleport through shadows, and create weapons and constructs from darkness. There is a chance that umbrakinetic darkness is made out of dark matter.

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Wow. Thats strange. I feel like this may be my power, though I'm not sure. I'm quite new to this and I haven't developed my abilities very much, so I don't know.Please don't end the world. I like it here.  "We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world."-Guatama Buddha

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pritty sure buddah never said that

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I have that ability,and it is strong.

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film yourself doing it and show me..oh you cant?.. eh thats what i thought youd say "-.-

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thats what i do! thats so weird i mean the name Umbrakinesis cool tho now i know what im capable of!

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thats true for me

thats what i do i bring up dark matter out of no were and can create anything and even make a orb or as i call it a shodow ball and a huge blast or also as i call a shodow boom which saying i can end the world in seconds

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Hey Awsome

hey.. my mate told me about this and im looking for a teacher in the basics of Umbrakinesis.. would be be as so kind to teach me?


my email is

Much appreciated :)

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Try goign to

Try goign to

Im registered there and theres masters there

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that's really creepy! please don't end the world!!! D=