The Society for Psychical Research - Since 1882

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The Society for Psychical Research was founded in 1882 and has headquarters located in Marloes Road, London. Since its original founding, the SPR has branched out from the U.K. to France and the U.S. The SPR, the French Society for Psychical Research and the American Society for Psychical Research are collectively known as the International Society for Psychical Research.

The Society for Psychical Research is a nonprofit organization with the mission of understanding and researching psychic and paranormal events without bias.

Their main areas of investigation encompass:
    apparitions (visions, ghosts, astral projection, etc.),
    mediums (who attempt communication with the dead),
    mesmerism (hypnosis through animal magnetism),
    séances and the physical effects thereof,
    and the respective histories of the aforementioned areas.

Archived information is partially stored at the University of Cambridge. The Society publishes a variety of materials, including a magazine entitled, "Paranormal Review," a quarterly journal, and "Proceedings" at irregular intervals. The French and American branches also publish quarterly journals.

The SPR conducts frequent lectures and holds two study days and a conference each year.

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