Telepathy - The Ability To Read Someone's Mind

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Telepathy is the ability to transfer thoughts or feelings from the mind of one individual to that of another (or between groups of people), without using the ordinary five senses. If you were telepathic, you would be able to read someone else's mind. Telepathy serves as a means of communication when information is prevented from other methods of travel due to physical obstacles, distance, or time.

Telepathy was formerly termed, "thought-transference," until Frederick W. H. Myers renamed it in 1882. Genuine telepathy differs from acts of mentalism in that no trick or illusion is necessary to produce results. However, skeptics are still doubtful of the existence of genuine telepathic abilities, especially given that no experiment has produced continually verifiable results time after time.

Various testing methods have been implemented to check for telepathic abilities in individuals. Among them are the Zener card test and the Ganzfeld experiment. Zener cards have special symbols on them, and while one subject looks at a card, the other tries to telepathically receive the symbol, which is unknown to them. The Ganzfeld experiment requires someone receiving information to maintain total sensory deprivation, while the other transmits from a separate location.

Two specific classes of telepathy focus on the amount of time between the information's point of origin and its receipt by a telepath. Latent telepathy, formerly "deferred telepathy," entails a delay between the points at which information is sent and received. Precognitive telepathy, on the other hand, covers cases in which the telepath receives information from the sender's future mind. Essentially, a precognitive telepath would know what you were going to think before you thought it.

One form of telepathy that is actively being "created" is cyber-telepathy, which has come to be called "techlepathy." Techlepathy is telepathy brought about through technological means, in which humans can connect to computers and to each other. Some people truly believe that humanity will someday be connected in just such a way.

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Well during one of my

Well during one of my college classes, our professor told another student in the class to think of a number in her head 1-10. She thought of the number but it was like I heard her thought in my head. Now, would you call this telepathy or mind reading? I Don't know. That isn't the first time though that something like that happened to me.

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idk if this counts

sometimes when im talking to people they can be about to say something and i dont realise i do it but i say what they were going to say and there like did you know? and im like what are you talking about...idk it happens with people ive known for long periods of time people i just meet people who arnt even talking to kinda freaks me out doing something without realising i do it...

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I wouldn't really call that telepathy bcause i can do that and my mother who mis now 64 and my father and well if my partner has been talkking to someone long enough then she can do it too

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Real Life

Make it STOP!

the voices are there always there they want me to be hurt or even killed, vunrable, scared , fear, insecuraty none of you know the meaning of these things..

if the voices ive heard for the last  year are real then my time will come soon and its going to be bad.

it happend to begin with at a younger age but through self thought of saying to myself nothing will happen my confidence grew but now it just doesnt stop the same voice the same things bein said withe small differences.

im leaving my home country to aside what i think to be threats but i cant prevent the inevitable... 


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Demonic possession? I'm not

Demonic possession? I'm not a big believer but you never know :S

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I want to red minds..

I don't know if i sound wierd to you, but i kinda want to read minds. I'm a conscious person, and i would like to knw if someone hated/liked me. Then, I'd know how to fix it. But i don't have a clue how to. In fact i don't even know if it's something you can learn...

 But, i wouldn't like people's thoughts just popping into my head and freaking me out, or hearing things in my dreams. I'd like to just "want" to read someone's mind, whenever i feel like it, then do some mind thingy and just read their mind. Not making any funny faces though. It'd be good if you could do it and go un-noticed. I don't know if it's possible, but if anyone knows anything, could you please tell me.


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Me myself i really want to read minds and thats why i came on here to se if anyone could tell me how to. you said " i dont know if it sounds weird to you" well i don't know bout anyone else but i don't think it's weird to me i think its totally cool!.


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I would want ot read minds

I would want ot read minds too. I totaly agree with you 100%. Because sometimes I feel I am the most hated guy in my class. People always push me around call me stupid all that stuff even my friends! It really sucks. So I would like to know if someone did like me or trully hate me.

Please tell me anymore info of anything about telepathy. 


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It's really not too hard for me

It's not that hard just concentrate on the mind you want to read and pretend that you can see through their head at least that's how it works for me

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hi! I am new here but I would like to learn mind reading.Seames like you have it .Can you help me? sorry for my eanglish but I am not eanglish.thanks 

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Its certainly odd... Sometimes in school, I can hear someone else's thoughts in the back of my mind. Rarely can I focus on them, but the other day in Biology I answered a question with an answer I had never heard before, and got it right.

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Not sure about all of this.

Well its been about 9 years since I started to here the voices in my head.Im really not sure what to make of it the voices I hear sometimes seame to be peopel I have eather met or that I know and even peopel I dont think Ive ever met befor. The voices have told me that there is some kind of a delay when thay talk to me or sometimes thay seam to be abel tell me whats comeing next with whats around me or that Im going to think. I really dont know what to make of all this the voices sometimes are not very happy and can be hard to deal with for the most part it seams that thay want to controul peopel from this place .The voices dont ever want to take there own responsability for what thay do thay just want to blame others and me for the most part.I guess what I want to know is there anyway any of this is true and if it is can I protect myself from it and how.Should I tell the peopel that I know whats goig on in my head . Im not sure what to do the voices seam to want me not to find out this is true or am I just crazy.HELP

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I know what you mean.

This has only happened to me at least 2 times. But instead I heard loud screaming. Like someone in trouble. I didn't know what to do. But it felt like I needed to do something. It was really weird.

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Is this a form of telekinesis?

Since I was as young as I can remember, I have been able to feel other people's emotions. I have struggled with depression all my life, but it's not all my own sadness. Everytime I am around someone and they are sad, I feel sad. Even if it is someone who can always hide thier emotions. They can seem like the happies person, but if I am near them, I can always tell, because I feel it too. Also, if a person is happy, I feel this. If a person is angry, I feel angry, etc...

Also, sometimes I know why they are sad, even if I don't know them very well. It feels like I know people, even after I have just met them.

SOmetimes it is cool, because I have helped out a lot of my friends when they were sad b/c I knew they were sad when no one else would have ever guessed, and a couple times I have kept people from committing suicide. I guess it's a good thing there, but there's still the sufferring I have to go through sometimes.

I am just curious to know if this is a form of telekinesis?

Also, when I was younger, and sometimes now, I can tell what people are going to say right before they say it. Not too far in advance, but just a second before a thing comes out of their mouth, I can sometimes even say a sentence with a person, but I don't do that b/c it would be kinda creepy and all. I've been this way since I could speak, and I always thought it was normal, but now I'm not so sure.

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so this totally happens with me too, but idk who to talk to about it and the people i have told dont believe me.

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Mirror neurons

I can't believe mirror neurons have not been mentioned here, google it. Basically there IS scientific evidence to back up telepathy, discovered in 2005 I think, mirror neurons basically "mirror" the thoughts of other people. Further research is needed indeed, but the doors have been opened and the area is currently being explored with a solid scientific base.

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telepathy? from a former bf 30 years ago who was in coma


I really want a satisfactory explanation to my experience.

Last July 16, 2008, I dozed off while working on my computer. Then, I was awaken by a voice that said , "Look for me in the internet". For some reason, I immediately understood the "me" to be the boyfriend I had in 1972-1973, which was quite a long time ago.

Like a "robot" I looked for him in the internet, which took me quite a while, until the wee hours in the morning that day, and for three more days.  I realized that I really couldn't remember his face anymore. In any case, eventually, I was brought to a site with around 7-8 pictures of someone who was very sick, in a wheelchair and had this tube hanging on his neck, attended to by I presumed to be his wife, and had a couple of visitors. I could not associate his face with my former boyfriend (bf). So, I continued my search. Once in a while I would get back to that site and with my niece tried to discuss the story and discuss the sick man, too.  Then, I thought about finding some features of this sick man'with that of my  former bofyriend's a good many years back. Then, I came to the conclusion that he was this sick man and my former BF are the same person. Then I left it at that.  I thought that was over. I went to church and had a mass said for him as adviced to me by my friends and relatives.

For some reason, I found myself in "discussion" with this former bf in my mind which occurred while I was at work or just walking around. So, I discussed the "voice" with my office workers. They told me to have a mass again said for him. Perhaps, he was dead and would like some more prayers. And I went to church again and had another mass said for him. 

But the "mind" discussion continued. Then, one night (?), the voice told me to write to him and send him a letter? In my mind, I asked him how? So, I looked for his email but I couldn't find one. I went to the site of the sick man and I was brought to a list of email addresses of the members of the site. I chose three email address and I told the recipients about this story I just told you now. I was still ambivalent if I was having the correct information about this xbf and the sick man I found on the internet.

By the way, my former bf and his family lived in New York City, where I also lived for 6 1/2 years until I went home to the Philippines last January, 2008. While in New York, I never had thought of him or had any idea that he was in New York and if I had an idea I would not be interested to contact him at all.

 In any case, the emails I sent were returned back for some "error". So, in my mind, I told my "former BF" that I tried to communicate with him but to no avail. The voice insructed me to find his postal address in the internet. I found his name, but the name's address was about 4 years younger than what I thought was his age.  So, I thought this couldn't be him. In any case, I didn't think of sending him a letter by post.

A week after, I had to go to Cebu City to attend my high school's homecoming.  While I was resting in the hotel, the voice came to talk with me again, pushing me, insisting, that I should send him a letter by post. I told the voice that I don't know how and where to send it to. Anyhow, I found myself rewriting the content of that email that was returned to my box as error. I also put in that letter that "I felt wierd while writing that letter and that I was not really sure what I was doing. I also said, that if my former BF would not be well enough to read my letter to please tell him that "I forgive him for whatever it was that he did to me, and that I also asked forgiveness for whatever it was that I did to him..a long, long time ago., that I had two masses already said for him.and that if this letter would make any sense to please give me a response so I would know what was going on and to throw the letter away if it does not make any sense".

When I was resting in the hotel in Cebu City, I had already made him convinced me  to send him a letter by post . I checked on the internet and went back to that site where I found his name but with his age 4 years younger.  This time however I found his age to be his possible correct age. So, it was his address this time. That was the address I wrote on the envelope. The voice in my head wanted me to send it by fastest mail but I found it too expensive to spend for a letter which didn't make sense. So, I sent it by airmail. The post office told me that the recipient would receive it in two weeks time. So, I told the voice "I'm sorry but that  was all I was willing to spend on". 

Two weeks later, I received an email from his wife telling me that her husband was in comma since September, 2007, and that they were happily married for 24 years and they had 3 children.  His wife wrote that she was surprised with my letter and wouldn't have replied to it if not through the proddings of their children. I responded to the email and repeated the circumstances that led me to communicating with him/them and that I never met her husband during the last 24 years and wouldn't have recognized him if I met him in New York. I told her the story of my relationship with her husband. There were many episodes which I could not have remembered ordinarily, but which were all brought back to my recent memory. I told her what I could have done that must have hurt him in the past but I really can't remember anymore what wrong he did to me in the past, which would still matter now. I told his wife to please whisper to her husband just for the heck of it that "I am praying for him". 

I don't know if the wife told him what I asked her to tell her husband. 

That Saturday, his wife and children must have visited him at the hospital because I received his wife's email informing me that "they had to take him home as the doctor informed them that he would not receive any medicine anymore".  I emailed to his wife that  I would have another mass said for him. A week after our last communication with his wife, his wife emailed me that her husband passed away. The family was now preparing for the funeral, etc..

The next three weeks after his burial, I found myself "disturbed because I was having a discussion with him again", which I was helpless to stop. There was a time when I thought "he wanted me to join him"..and I was too tired mentally that at one time, I told him "to give me some more years as there were still other things I wanted to do". I discussed the matter with my cousins who advised me to pray for him and to light a candle for his soul.  And I did. You see, I really wanted to live longer. 

To date, I am no longer talking to a voice but I feel his presence hovering around me, especially when I am alone. But I don't feel scared.

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im a superstitious person

im a superstitious person but lately ive been hearing some of my friends thoughts before thay receited it and its involuntary. like i asked my wat he was goin to do this weekend and i all of a sudden i knew he was goin to say apple pickin and this has happend on and off in the past months. u can beleive this or not but wats happinin to me is real.

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This is real

There is no doubt that this is possible. It's just a type of event we haven't been able to pinpoint but the cause is very real.. the brain.

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I woke up this morning

and it was really dark in my room, and  was sitting on mybed.


i guess i just dazed of or something, and i started to like see things coming at me, and they were all like shadows and i could hear them talking to me, but it didnt make sense what they were talking about, and i started to get freaked out at first, but then i thought of SuperPowers, and then i started to think it was pretty cool. so im on here right now to see if anyone could explain to me whats happening and how i could talk back to them.



Please Help.

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I have had this happen to me.

The samething happens to me. But I figured it out. There are called shadow people. I can see them, I can feel there preasanse, sometimes I can even talk to them. I can't make out all of there physical features thought. But I know what you mean. But sometimes if i approach them they just disapear into thin air. I don't get it. Only my dad believes me because he likes to study this stuff. He is the only one I can really talk to about this sfuff.

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dont worry

I can't talk to them but I sure haved close encouters with them. If they were demons or something bad "why would they talk to you?". I know this is going to hear crazy, some months ago I saw my grandfather in front of me and his dead for more than 20 years. He didnt say nothing but i know that he ment no harm when he looked at me and faded out. I knew who he was when i saw his photo on my dad's bedroom.

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I know!

I think I know what is happening. 2 things...

You could either read minds or(the scary part) hear ghosts... Goodluck with that!


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Could be several things

It could be you were tired and think you may have saw something. It could be you did see negs or what are vampires in the spirit world who feed off of your energy or also feed on negativity. It could be demons or fallen angels. It may be ghosts, but ghost usually have a form or are like a ball of light. Shadows generally are of the dark side and lights are of the good side. I wouldn't communicate with shadows, especially if you aren't a medium who knows how to handle such stuff. It would be best to protect yourself in the spirit world. There are many ways to do this. You might find books on psychic shields or psychic defense. Several good book are out there, look on Amazon. Don't allow any fear to come. If it is negs, they feed off of your fear, instead know you are in charge and let it be known so. You might ask for angels or spirit guides to come to your aid and protect you, wear a metal cross, keep a light on at night, keep salt out in your room in a bowl, changing it often and get a water fountain going in your room to keep fresh chi or energy flowing in your room.  Also if you believe in God, ask your God for protection too.

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i believe i may have both types of telepathy, but, unfortunatly, it only works if i have been talking to the person for a while, like 10-20 minutes, then i know what they are thinking, and what they are gonna think before they say it. and also, from time to time, i get pictures from them, like i dont even know what the person looks like, i describe them to the person then they say, damn dude, ur good. and it happens at random, its been happening the past 3 months.  and at the same time, the more i know how they think, the more my head goes crazy.