Telekinesis and Psychokinesis - Mind Over Matter

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Telekinesis is the ability to influence things using your mind and nothing else. You can use telekinesis to move objects, but you can also use it to manipulate time, space, and energy. Telekinesis can also be used to distort material items, and has been cited as the power used to manipulate random number generators.

The term telekinesis originated in 1890 with Alexander N. Aksakof, a Russian researcher who specialized in psychic phenomena. Telekinesis is also referred to as psychokinesis, which originated in 1914 with the book, On The Cosmic Relations, by Henry Holt, an American author. J. B. Rhine, the American parapsychologist, was a friend of Holt's, and began using the term in 1934.

Telekinesis was first used as a means to explain the movement of objects by ghosts, spirits, and the like. Later, when it was theorized that living human beings might actually be exerting the influence instead of deceased individuals, the term psychokinesis came into use. Psychokinesis differs from the original telekinesis in that telekinesis usually stipulated a spiritual setting or event, like the channeling of the dead, whereas psychokinesis could occur anywhere.

Other terms include:

  • anomalous perturbation
  • directed conscious intention
  • distant influencing
  • distant mental influence
  • remote influencing
  • remote mental influence
  • and mind over matter.

Professional parapsychologists prefer psychokinesis as a term, and some would like remove telekinesis from modern usage. However, popular culture has made telekinesis the more popular term to denote instances of mind over matter. Some cite its similarity to words like telepathy and teleportation.

Recently, telekinesis has again been established as one specific area of psychokinesis, and is used to cover only instances of moving stationary objects, as opposed to influencing time or causing spacial distortions. This was included as part of the Teleportation Physics Study done by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory in 2004.

For the most part, some would consider both telekinesis and psychokinesis interchangeable, but this recent development would mean that psychokinesis can be used as the more all-encompassing term, whereas telekinesis relates only to its pop culture usage (i.e., moving objects through no physical means).

Various people have claimed to possess telekinetic abilities, among them Nina Kulagina. Although there are videos showing her make use of her abilities, many remain skeptical.

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HELP US!!!!!!

i had just bin on a website that told me if i had super powers and it told me i hade super strengh, telekinesse and loads more but i thought it was jokeing and then my brother got invisabilty super strenght, electricaty shoke's, fire balls and more. then we went upstairs jokeing about powers and my bro used telekinese to pick up his action man and then i used super strenght. Help me i can not control telekinese.

lqwrsnfga's picture


...... Your such a freakin nerd.


Up u !!!!

anon1994's picture

dude wtf? whats with the

dude wtf? whats with the sylar comment, get a life you sad @#!....and mabe, you could live it.


when i get mad i call my fairy godmother :O

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Not sure

I don't know what I have but i hope it's something i'm not a teen yet but i have a set of drums, anyway I just finished tightening my chair then i went upstairs to got to the bathroom then when i came back down i went to lift my chair and the sitting part came off! What do I have?

imdabest453's picture

{~lil miz kutiee~} :-*.

{~lil miz kutiee~} :-*. You have a broken chair

Sini's picture


Sorry dude the chair just sucks.

Anonymous's picture

do i have precognition?

i think i may have some precognition.... sometimes i just have this feeling in the pit of my stomach and its like something is telling me to watchout. i was at a salon with my mom and my mom had just gotten her highlights. the hair dresser had a little stand with all of the like highlighting gunk and tinfoil and stuff. just before my mom turned while she was sitting in the chair something told me that the chair woul bump the stand and it would topple over! i reached for the stand and grabbed the tinfoil thing just as the entire stand fell to the floor!the hair dresser screamed out " you were so fast! my god i couldnt believe it! most people just think i have really fast reflexes, but i kno thats not it. the tinfoil was on a sort of tape dispenser kind of thing so you could tear it off easily. it was so heavy that if it had fallen it would have cracked a few tiles because it was big and made of metal. if i do not listen to whatever this is that just tells me what im supposed to do , bad things happen . like the tinfoil dispenser could have fallen and broken a tile ...or my foot. is this precognition?

Anonymous's picture

kind of....

you have an ability like that but also like clarevoyancy.... like a spider sence....

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Anonymous's picture


Help me! I have telekinetic powers. I know I sound fake, but i really do. I had a nightmare once, and when i woke up sweating, my side-table lightbulb exploded! (my mom was seriously pissed). And also, i was watching a video on youtube on how to control telekinetic powers, and I MADE A CD SLIDE ACROSS THE TABLE. i might also have precognition. I was watching a BELIEVE IT OR NOT video online about precognition, and this old guy was talking, and then i was thinking about something about titanic that had to do with precognition, and like 3 seconds later he mentioned it too. HOLY CRAP! seriously reply. luv ya, bye

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hey i think we have the same thing if you can give me some tips on how to use it better it will help alot i have moved a pin across the hard wood floors in my house and i made a toy car roll across the floor but i can't pick up stuff can you help my email is funny but its

Anonymous's picture


That's soo cool!  My friends have super powers.  One has super speed, only she doesn't realize she's going so fast! The other has like ULTRA hearing and she can hear whispers from REALLY far away. Once we were talking about our favorite foods  and i said 'i like mac&cheese" LOL.  I couldn't even see her and i heard her shout "ME TOO!" anyay about you that is SWEET I wish we could be friends!P.S. UR LIGTBULB SERIOUSLY EXPLODED? 

spiritualspeaker54's picture

powers rule

Dude can any of your friends control animals

Anonymous's picture

I can't control it


every time I get mad I use my powers to cut off the foreheads, then teal the powers, also I can't control the hunger inside of me.

PsychicDreamingKid190's picture

Wow. you just made me hate Syler even more

DUDE!!!!! you are a phony! Syler isnt real! although, now tht I think about it I have somewhat of the same power as Mrs. Petrelli.

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whats the point in having a

whats the point in having a go at a post two years ago? read the date

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I have seen that on heroes!

Anonymous's picture

ok stop

firstly you need to stop ever making comments like that ever again because their are people on this site wiht abilities and you with your @#! @#! sylar heroes comment (heroes rocks by the way) are making look a like a fake site for 6 year olds such as your self to come and make up stuff

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this guy is nuts

your not sylar dude give it up

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i always have these feeling that i should have a power of some kind, but i can never manage to make it, you know wat i mean, i believe this website and most of the people and what there saying, i just want to know is there a way to like find out what power i have like some tests or something that i can do at home to find out what i have or if i even have anything? would be great if someone could help me.THERE ARE 2 THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED TO ME all about 3 or 4 months ago  I used to get dreams of things like a certain bus going past me whilst i was in my mums car, i could remember the angle i was looking at and the position of the bus, and then 2 weeks later i would see it, but sort of recently i day dreamed about something and like the bus i could remember everything about it, but i then saw the exact same thing i was day dreaming about 3 seconds later, but that was about 3 months ago, nothing has happened since.also another thing that happened to me is i was walking down a street with my friend and i was pissed off wid my gf, (you dont need to know why lol) so i sat down with my mate and i just yelled at the floor and then the lampost light burst next to me. Im not lying about this stuff if you think i am go `**&*#*self nah im joking you dont have to believe me its your choice, but i would appreciate it if someone could help me. 

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I can move things with my mind even the cursor on my computer screen without touching it i can move bowling balls when they are rolling on the ground i can move bouncy balls and i can feel what other people are feeling if somebody is angry and i touch them i istantly get angry if somebody is sad i get sad its not a gift to be a feeler because you dont have feelings only other peoples and being gifted with elekenisis is always a gift i can mov ethings with my mind with the flick of a finger now that isnt bad but being a feeler is always a curse.

Anonymous's picture

how to control it

you just need to control the anger inside your body.but if you push powers to the limit you might mess with time in space and the atmosphere and something might happen.