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A clairvoyant man seemed to know everything -- when he was asleep.

A 7-year-old prodigy performed surgery and now seeks to cure cancer.

We also have information on a woman with documented psychokinetic abilities. Watch the videos and be amazed.

Don't forget to check out our section on people like you. Search different powers such as chlorokinesis, not just the well known ones, to get a better understanding of the unique powers.

Akrit Jaswal - Born in 1993, this child prodigy was performing surgery when he was 7.

Edgar Cayce - 20th century clairvoyant who could diagnose and treat illnesses in his sleep.

Nina Kulagina -- A Russian woman, now deceased, who could, among other things, move objects without touching them.

Qigong Master Jo -- A modern man who can channel heat through his hands and make himself lighter. He demonstrates this on video.

People Like You -- Friends of the site, who told us their story.

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