Study Difficult and Ace Your Test Taking. Nevertheless Think that Rubbish?

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Study Tough and Ace Your Test Taking. Nonetheless Think that Rubbish?


You Certainly Never Think You Can Pass Exams With out Test Taking Approaches


Test Taking is Unfair. Make the unfairness operate for you.


"...the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the robust, neither yet bread to the smart, nor however riches to guys of understanding, nor yet sat grammar favour to males of ability, but time and chance take place to them all." (Ecclesiastes 9:11)


When Life Hands You A Lemon


Sell lemonade. Life is unfair, so test taking techniques are a excellent introduction to life. You could organise student marches to protest against test taking, but no one would take any notice. So take benefit of test taking strategies.

Think about it. The alternative could be even more unfair. Think about what it would be like if your teacher could just pick which students would pass, and which ones would fail with out any test taking strategies to assist you. I know that I would have passed fewer exams that way!

Do you bear in mind when you had been a kid playing games? Did you maintain altering the rules to suit you? When you uncover a program that victimises group A and favours group B, you must twist the guidelines so that you fit into group B. Absolutely nothing has actually changed for test taking approaches.


Trivia Quiz


Have you ever watched a quiz on Tv and thought "Who cares? - What has that got to do with real life?" That is how I see test taking strategies more information. You aim to win with test taking methods regardless of the triviality of the exams.

If you are finding out to create pc applications your exams will ask you for the dates of the very first laptop, or when various personal computer languages have been invented. Does that show that you are a much better programmer? Of course not.

It is unfair. Just learn the dates and other trivia to benefit from the unfairness with your test taking approaches.


Essay Test Taking


Most exams include essay questions. These are heavily biased in favour of journalists. So what should you do? All with each other now... Become a journalist!

You can know ten occasions as much about your topic as the winner of the exams. But he knew all the journalistic tricks for test taking approaches.

Slow handwriting can severely handicap you. Pick an efficient style of handwriting as described in my book about exams. Then practice taking dictation from the radio. Think about the words as you create - not about the letters. Rapidly writing helps with your test taking techniques.

Misleading questions: examine every question completely for double meanings, or specialist language. I when failed an essay query that asked me to write about the mechanics of a plant. I wrote an excellent essay on the topic, but got only 2 marks out of 20. When I complained, the professor explained that he wanted me to create about the mechanical strengthening of the xylem and phloem. He admitted that I had answered the question as he had written it, but would not adjust his marks for it.

My book about test taking approaches offers you two examples of how to answer an essay question when you don't know something about the answer.


A number of Selection


Trick Queries: MC exams are as well easy. You never have to believe of the appropriate answer - only recognise it when you see it. So examiners often incorporate a number of trick questions to avert you acquiring 100% with your test taking methods.

Photographic memory for test taking: you can pass if you remember well, with out understanding something. Your understanding will be entirely useless, but you will have passed.

Chance: if there are four alternatives for every single answer, you have a 25% chance of passing the paper by answering at random.

Making use of test taking strategies you can push this likelihood away up. Keep in mind, you currently know at least one thing about the topic. Use the unfairness in your favour.


I've passed the exam - you haven't


My university classmates utilized to adore more information creating lecturers admit that they didn't know some thing. Then they would ask "Are not you supposed to know?" The lecturer would constantly answer "I've passed the exams - you haven't."

That is the glaring unfairness in test taking. You will most likely never ever use your information again. I passed my calculus test taking. Ten years later I needed to use calculus for the very first time. I had forgotten how, so got a student to do the job for me. His test taking was ahead of him!

Yes. Exams are unfair. They are very unfair. But I like it that way. I've passed my exams (which includes ones I didn't deserve to pass) and you have not yet.

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