Someone Can Sense Emotions No Matter How Far Away

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Long-Distance Empathic Abilities, Precognition, Aura Viewing, Superior Eyesight, Telepathy

I've always been really skeptical of this stuff, even when my friends started telling me I was a "psychic." I'm not so sure anymore. Ever since I was very young, I've been empathic. Maybe it's just me, but I've been able to perceive how others feel, even from a long distance. Actually...From any distance, depending on how close I am emotionally to that person. Beyond that, I had a "precog" spell when I was a child, and I guess I can see "auras." But, more than anything, they're halos around people that get bigger when they're excited. They don't have colors and I can't diagnose conditions. And, being a devout skeptic, despite my own abilities, I think the whole aura thing is hubbub anyways.

I haven't seen anyone with a particularly large aura, but I have seen people with very small ones. Sometimes, I can't see them at all. However, I do see "auras" around things other than people. The first time I saw one, I was probably 13, and they appeared as lines around a tree. They looked like lines of spider silk that were floating around its trunk, but in a vertical pattern. I knew it wasn't simply spiders or silkworms; I saw it from the inside of my van.

Update October 9, 2008

Recently, I have been subject to increasingly severe visions. I've been viewing the recent presidential debates, sitcoms, and current events- mostly things on TV. This contrasts my previous spell which was entirely happenings within my own life. These experiences have intensified dramatically over the past week, and while I am intrigued by this increase I am also frightened for what it may bring.

Also, my empathy now transcends emotion. I have been doing experiments with a friend I met over the summer where he visualizes a shape and I guess it. I am correct more than is statistically reasonable to call chance.

My ability to view 'auras' has not changed. My eyesight has been diagnosed as 15-20, which is considered 'super vision'.

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well, hello ; I had a art

well, hello ; I had a art teacher that was able to see auras in the 70's she had took a class or something.  she opened it and closed it like a book  i think because her's was learned . I  always was gifted and before she told me of what she could do I never new to try;however was able to do it automaticly ,and she learned through me that what she could see ,i also could see{she didn't realize that what she saw was out side of her own mind.

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My aura viewing

To use aura viewing I have to close my eyes, but when I use it my eyes get all watery.


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Trust your feelings

Believe what you want but it sounds like to me that your special. When you learn to accept yourself for who you are then you'll in return will be able to unlock your powers fully.

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You cant just unlock your

You cant just unlock your full powers just by accepting it. Maybe with some but with others It takes painful concentracion 

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about me

hi i often feel differently i went to different type i dont know what is it.

i want know about me