Shannon Can See The Future, Sense danger And Can feel Others Emotions.

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Precognition and Empathy

Hey my name is Shannon and I have the ability to predict the future. I have dreams that come true and I can sense when danger is near or is coming... This all started when I was in 6th grade. I had a dream about the 9/11 events... it was scary cause it woke me up in the middle of the night, I just sat there in my bed and then just shook it off as a nightmare... But then the next morning I was in my room getting dressed and I heard my mom yell out we're being attacked. I ran out of my room and I saw one the TV that my dream was coming true... I literally almost cried at the sight of it... I've never told any one about what I can do, not even my mom... I mean this ability some times scare me ‘cause I see people die or I'll sense danger and I immediately start withdrawing from everything and everybody... So those of you that have experienced what I have I would really appreciate your input on this...

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Same here

i have stuff just like that, and your right it is kind of scary some times

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i see the things that happen the next day but it never gets that bad. but i am a shark so i have stuff bad anef i keep my powers a secret too.

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Jennifer Croff plz if u guys

Jennifer Croff plz if u guys need help message me i can and will help

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wow...i have the same thing

i went to bed one time and i had a friend and me were riding bikes and there was part of a tree laying down......the last thing i heard was look out....then i saw the tree limb and woke up right when it hit my face.....the next day....i was riding down the hill and i dodged the limb by literally an inch......another dream was that i was walking and i slipped and fell at that moment i fell and my head was crushed by the tire......the next day it happened, i was walking to my friends house and i sliped on gravel and was 2 inches from dying..... 

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Well iam sorta unique

Hey Im Aj Parker.
And me and my friend are unique I can manipulate electricity and also emotion but only to small extents.
And my friend i call him ghost cause he has the ability to as far as we can tell speed up particles of stuff so he can go through or make them go through and also can manipulate emotion but his is a physical manner just saying hey to all you other unique people. 

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his power

dear aj i think it's awsome u can do these things i wish i can see it 4 myself but i totally belive u i wish i had a special ability keep do'in what u do NERISSA

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Shannon, the very same thing happened to me. The week before 9.11 I had reoccuring dreams about me in a city, planes flew overhead and the buildings collapsed in front of me, a huge cloud of dust rushed towards me and as soon as it hit me I woke up.

Years later I had a dream my friend Josh died in his sleep, only to be found by his parents the next morning, I saw the EMTs come and pronounce him dead. I woke up in tears and shrugged it off. The next day my mother came to me, with a phonecall from another friend's mom that Josh had suddenly died in his sleep.

 I haven't had too much of other dreams than that. But it was scary, and the dreams I do have scare me because I don't know if they'll happen or not.

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i have the same kinda thing,

i have the same kinda thing, except its when i just randomly day dream. im in a room, normally i've already been in that room before, like a classroom, but i can look around the room and see whats goin to happen when i next go there...

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Need Help!!

I'm pretty sure I can see into the future. Sometimes, I'll just think of an episode of

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to Anonymous

thats how my power started off... but i shrugged it off like it was a normal everday thing... until i had my very first vision in my sleep...

but that was about 7 years ago... and now my power has advance to me being empathic...

all i can say is embrass ur power and let nature take its course... it will eventually get stronger...

and since ur young, ur power has only jus begun...

i remember when i was 14 i was able to know whos calling b4 the fone rings, hear a song on in my head and as soon as my mom turned the dial on the radio id hear the exact song, or have a dream come true...

i think we were given these powers for a purpose... only because i could never get a dream about the answers for the test the next day or i have dreams that have a purpose, means somthing, or is trying to tell me somthing...

u know?

but over all, jus embrass it and trust me... ur power will get stronger... jus like mine...

also being an empath helped me out on alot of things... just last year my hear was starting to hurt for some reason and i had this strong will to go into my moms room and to check up on her... she was in a tremendous pain... i should noe... i felt it...

well i called the cops, they took her to the hospital and the doctors told me if i hadn't called the police in time my mom would have died...

so i see having these powers as a gift... if i didn't have them my mom wouldn't be here...

u kno?


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Re: to Anonymous

thanks! this helped me out. i just don't really want to embrace it, cuz i'm a catholic and i don't want to get into anything creepy, you know?

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i really dont know what to do...

okay, i think i have a slight problem.

when i started middle school, a bunch of freaky things started happening to me.

for example: when i got mad, and i mean really mad, the lights around me would start flickering. whenever we were watching some movie in class and i really didnt want to watch it, it stopped, and the dvd player started steaming, and it broke. whenever i would go on the computer and i would get frustrated, the mouse lost control and started shooting all over the screen, pulling up things that i didnt even knew existed on there.

and just a while ago, something, i dont know what...

it looked like a dark shadow, but it was in the shape of a body, tried to attack me. it was at school, but i was asked to go get something from the office. so i was alone.

i got rid of the thing, and right when it disappeared and my adrenaline rush started fading away, all the lights in the hallway just turned off. everything that was electrical in that area just switched off, for some reason.

now im getting this reoccuring dream where the world breaks into chaos, and everyone's fighting, and its like a huge war... but everyone's fighting, even seven year old kids.

well, im only 13 years old.. and this is not good for me. i honestly dont know what to do.. can you guys help me? or can you explain all this freaky stuff? because its really scaring the crap out of me.

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i need u on my team

Jennifer Croff wat ur seeing is 2012 wat ill be fighting in message me back and forth and ill explain

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I need your help

I've been told by several people who believe they have precognition that i'm a significant part of whats to happen in the future.

personally i'm scared.

They've told me things i haven't told anyone. they've seen me doing things i would never do, heroic things. They've told me about my telekinesis before i even realized i could do anything of the sorts. I'm a normal guy, nothing extrordinary has ever happened to me, just bad stuff. I find it hard to believe that i can control this to the degree they talk about. I hardly even have a grasp on it as it is. I can barely control it, let alone even know if it is me doing these things.

what i want is for you to help me get an idea of what i need to do. I know, i can feel something is gonna happen real soon thats gonna change the world. I believe you can help me. I believe i can help you.

If these abilities are real, they weren't ment to get rich off of or exploit to grow financially or socially. I believe we can change the future, and it starts with people like you. The precogs. Your the messengers, so please don't disregard this.

IF you need anything from me that will help, let me know. IF you need a picture of what i look like, ask.

I'll let you know alittle about me:

I'm a normal guy, I live in North Dakota, I have brown hair, and my name is oliver. I'm 20 but I look like i'm maybe 15 or 16.

help me.

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well i really don't know how

well i really don't know how to help u on that... i mean i do feel somthing coming is about to happen i think it might b somthing bad... when ever i get a feeling like i am now somthing bad allways happen, i can't really explain it... but i usuallly have the dream that i feel is about to happen either a day or the night b4 it happens... i can't controll it, it comes at random... its like im being forced to see somthing i don't want to... but if i do have a vision of what ur saying, which idk i probably might, i'll let u know...

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i have felt this as well.

i have felt this as well. apparantly i am powerful and very much a part of what is to happen. is this true? i cannot be sure. what i am sure of is i can do things that others can't or choose not to do and i will use my abilites to protect those i care about. once i accepted the possibility that am this person that i am supposed to be, i found strength in me i never realized i had. i am going to take things as they come and just try to be as prepared as i can be. i guess the biggest thing that helped me was acceptance in the entire situation, the fact that i am diiferent and my life will be too, i am not alone and figuring out what matters most too me. i hope that helps at all.

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I was wondering if you can assist me?

I need your help I am wondering if you can use your powers to see what a guy named "Drake" will do next he is dressed in complete black to compliment his ability's. If there is anything you can do I will greatly appreciate it! And so you know Drake is someone I must stop he is dangerous and the police can't stop him and from what I believe me and my friend may be the only ones who can. This may sound like a story or some video game but trust me it is very real. But he somewhere in California and if you happen to have a vision of him it will really help me.

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has drake happend to have

has drake happend to have killed some one? cause about acouple of weeks ago i had a dream of a guy wearing black killing some one... i couldn't see his face cuase it was blurry...  but there were mountains in the back round... so when u said california that triggered the memory that i had in a dream...

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He has from what "Maria" has told me he has killed about 5 people all with 'gifts".

Anonymous's picture

does he go to different

does he go to different states? how does he track people with abilities?

Shannon's picture

well all i remember from my

well all i remember from my dream is that he stays in a little white house there was a tree in front of it, and its not to far from where he killed the person that i dreamt. Does this drake guy somtimes wear a black hoodie? And does he use a knife when he kills these people? cause in my dream thats what i saw him wear and i saw him stab the person numerous times.

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need help

i need help... i keep having dreams about skeleatons in black cloaks. they wake me up at night... they are always are smileing like they just did something evil and i cant do anything about it... this is the second time i've seen it. please i need help.

i wish the world would just accept us for who we are.

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Don't rule out recurring

Don't rule out recurring nightmares.

It may not be supernatural. Look at a few Dream interpretation sites in case they can help.


Although, when I get a precognitive dream, it usually wakes me up at night.

Your best bet though, is going to a dream interpretation site to see what you can find.

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they arent really dreams, more like visions... they happen after i wake up in the middle of the night, i wake up close my eyes and see it. plus i've never had a recurring dream.

i wish the world would just accept us for who we are.