Real Life Examples - Super Powers In Action

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There are many examples of real life super powers in action. Usually the situations in which super abilities manifest themselves include extraordinary circumstances. This is why you don't hear people casually talking about how their eight-year-old lifted a car the other day for no special reason. However, you do hear about the time the eight-year-old was trapped under a car, and his mother was able to lift it high enough that he could escape. Tales like these are real, and are more common than you might think.

To Lift A Car

The story of a protective family member suddenly wielding incredible strength in an emergency situation is nothing new. Throughout history, human beings have always been able to call upon reserves of super human strength in the direst of situations. Adrenaline and desire combine to produce incredible results, using regular muscles that ordinarily don't perform quite so remarkably. The human body, mind, and spirit are amazingly resilient, and can unlock tremendous hidden potential in the midst of disaster.

The Psychic Bonds Of Family

Psychic phenomena have also been reported to occur in connection with tragedy. Maybe you've heard a story similar to this one: There were two sisters, twins, and one was in a car accident. Can you guess what happened? Miles away, safe at home, the other twin "knew" something had happened to her sister. This too isn't unusual, as close family members seem to share a psychic bond. A mother and her child can sometimes experience this connection, and so can a husband and wife. Bonds forged between people have the potential to be far greater than just skin-deep.

I Know Who's There

Maybe you've personally experienced a common phenomenon that many others have. Can you remember a time when you knew who was calling or who was at the door, not by using caller I.D., logic, or memory, but through some other means? Sure! Many of us have done that. While clairvoyant abilities remain to be completely verified, definite possibility exists that we all have them. We just haven't mastered them yet.

What Comes Next

You've probably heard this story. Before Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, he had dreamed that he was attending someone's funeral. He wandered around and tried to find out who had died. Finally, he found out. It was him. In the context of history, we can see that Lincoln's dream foreshadowed his death. There have been many other accounts throughout history in which someone feels a tremendous sense of dread just before the death of a loved one, or before their own loss of life.


Obviously, all these abilities have the potential to help us communicate and survive, and it makes perfect sense that helpful abilities will be lasting ones. Perhaps we are still evolving, and ahead of us lies an incredible future packed with fantastic feats and amazing talents. Let's hope.

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family connection

wen i was about 12, my grandad was very near death. i was staying in my frends house while my parents helped take care of him. one night at my frends house, i woke up at roughly 4:15, and couldnt sleep for a while. the next day, my grandad was dead. i asked my mum when he had died, and she said 4:15. coincidence? probably not