Rapid Learning And Advanced Intelligence - At And Beyond The Level Of Einstein

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Rapid learning already exists in society, but only rarely does it occur to such an extent that it might be considered a super power. Gifted children learn more quickly, more broadly, and more deeply than non-gifted children. However, there are variances among gifted children as well, although standardized tests have difficulty separating a super genius from a "plain" genius.

Many people have sought and continue to seek ways to increase and surpass the current levels of intelligence present in society. One proposed method is a brain-machine interface, which would allow a human to access data stored electronically, rather than biologically. We are currently in the early steps toward achieving this goal, though much progress remains to be made.

Another proposed method of enhancing individual intelligence deals with our genes. If you're born a genius, then you're set. If you're born of average intelligence, then you still have a ways to go. So why not start off a genius? In order to achieve this on more than just a random basis, genetic manipulation has been proposed. If we could tweak the genes of our children, we could theoretically make them smarter. However, many ethical issues arise when dealing with genetic manipulation, and invariably one must question whether humanity was "meant" to pursue that field of inquiry. Perhaps to do so would be dangerously close to playing God.

A less scientifically-demanding, and yet still effective method of increasing the collective intelligence of future generations is the use of eugenics, or selective breeding. This too has many ethical considerations that must be weighed, as it involves controlling reproduction and dictating who is fit to have children. Under the strictest guidelines, humans would be bred like racehorses, with the best and brightest mated to each other, and the average folks not permitted to have children. However, there is a great shortcoming to this method, in addition to removing fundamental human freedoms. When you pick and choose the traits you "need" and discard those you don't, you might leave yourself unprepared to handle a sudden plague or other threat, which could have been otherwise counteracted by a certain trait that went overlooked. The eugenics method is far more complex than it would seem at first glance.

One theory of intelligence sees the brain as a sort of grouping of components, which separately perform independent functions, and together create a conscious, thinking individual. If you were able to connect your brain to someone else's, your thinking power would more than double. Each of you could draw on the unused brain power of the other to solve problems that individually you could not. You could also share memories and ideas, and think more quickly than usual. Imagine if you added a third person to your group. With all three minds connected, your collective intelligence would be phenomenal! What if you could make a group with more than three people? How about three hundred? How about three billion?

Believe it or not, some people believe humanity is collectively evolving into a higher state of being, in which we are all interconnected mentally. If that were the case, and intelligence truly is additive, the collective intelligence of the entire planet would be unimaginable. It is theorized that if we ever do reach this state, which is called a noosphere, our individual personalities would not be lost, but rather heightened. At the same time, we could each draw on all information known to everyone on earth, meaning we'd all know everything!

Another idea concerning making people smarter deals with artificial intelligence. If a computer were to become self-aware, it could theoretically reprogram itself to continually upgrade its own intelligence, until it reached a point where it would be so smart it could be called ultraintelligent. At this point it could invent technologies that we at present can only dream of. This point in time is called the "technological singularity." After this moment, humans will apparently not be able to adequately contribute to the development of new technologies, as the new intelligence will far surpass our ideas and speed of thought. Many people believe a technological singularity is fast approaching, and so are taking steps toward preparation. If this ultraintelligence were benevolent, perhaps it could develop human-machine interfaces and allow us to share its intellectual capacities. Then we, too, would become ultraintelligent. Hopefully it wouldn't enslave all of mankind…

It's also possible that a computer could never outthink a human, simply due to some overlooked biological quality we possess. If that were the case, perhaps a conscious computer could exist, but we'd always be one step ahead. Or maybe ultraintelligent computers are on the horizon, but a separate form of ultraintelligence will be discovered in humanity, which will allow us equal or greater footing and control.

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Me too!


I make A's all the time, and i don't know why, I can remember page#'s after seeing them once, and if I do a 50 question test and my friend asks me if her answer is right, I can tell her without looking at my paper becuase I just remmeber all my answers! I can learn an entire dance in one sitting and remember all the moves the cheer leaders make at pep rallys! Wow.

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Re:Me Too!

you might just have photographic memory

Anonymous's picture

rapid learning

i think i have rapid learning. i can adapt to any weapon and master it in the first few seconds of holding it. for example, the first time i ever held an airsoft gun, i beat all my friends who are the best in my nieghborhood. also, i can aim abnormally good with any weapon. 

Anonymous's picture

that is so cool!!!

this is awesome now i know im not the only one like that. when i went to the first day of band they were trying to figure out what instrument we were best at, and i just picked up a oboe and started playing beethoven!!! it was so weird but so cool! also since im so good i can play with the high school band ( they're not that good :), im alot better than them) also i can play the clarinet, the trumpet, the cello, the viola, the violin, the french horn, the alto sax, and the double bass :)      thank you for listening- JDS     p.s. im in 6th grade and im eleven

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Rapid Learning And Advanced Intelligence

Well I for one belive that "Rapid Learnering" is something that is trigered during your shildhood years.

I am not hear to boast about how intlligent I am. I am far from it. But there are many many ways in which a human can be intelligent.

I for on have been gifted with "Problem Solving". Not in a sense as if you give me a problem and I must solve it. As in I lay in bed and hundreds and hundreds of ideas just stream through my head. Ideas to fix problems we all face. As in cars needing fuel, well I have figured out how to make cars never need feul ever again and no need to recharge them either.

At this moment in time, I am busy putting the final touches to it. So yeah.

I have had many other ideas and thought of many other ways to fix and do certain things.

As a kid, I have always learned a lot faster than any of my friends and even more so than anyone else I have met.

I have tought myself how to speak different langauges, how to create generators, how to develope things.

And lately, I have been losing sleep over these "thoughts" of mine. So yes, Rapid Learner is possible.

Einstien is a fine example of it. He was a dumb kid when he was young. But as I said. It is something that is triggered during your youth that just pushes you to learn, that just allows you theorise just about anything you like.

I am not saying I am as smart as he was. But it s possible that someone can be and go beyond his understand of the universe and things around us.

The only problem with humanity today is that we have a set standerd of learning that limits us. Like we are all forced to learn within the box and not try look whats outside of it.

I have tought my friend a few of my tricks and tried to open his mind to my way of thinking.

And his doing quite well. His learnering a lot faster and picking things up quicker than he ever thought he would.

 I might not be good at spelling, but tough.

I'm only 21 and langauge is just a past time hobby for when I am bored.

Anyway, before I get off topic.

We are all capable of "Rapid Learning". Us as humanity must just learn to think out the box. Become more logical. And not get stuck in the rut of leaning that we most of us is stuck in.

For example, photographic memory. Tho some are born with it. You can also teach yourself how to do it. Many may think its hard. But truely, its not. Its just taking in your surroundings, all at once.

When I was small. I used to take a flash and place a few things around the room or just go to random room. And put off all the lights in room and "flash" it. See whats around me and go to another room and just write down everything that I saw and where it was.

You can train yourself to do anything.

The sky really is the limit.

Eistien just opened his mind to his surroundings and just wanted to know how it all worked. And he did it.

You put your mind to it. And you can do it.

It happens everyday. There is no need for an "Ultraintelligent" computer. Although it would make life easier.


Thanks, Caven.