Random Occurance

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Weird things happen
everyday. Whether it is unexplained or unbelievable, the fact that it
happened doesn't change. Today I had what I believe to be precognition.
I was pulling out of McDonalds for lunch, at 8 in the evening, it was
dark and all and one of the street lamps was out, I look to my left to
see if any oncoming cars were coming. To my right was one of those big
trailers that the big rigs pull around and I couldn't see around it. I
had the strange feeling that there would be someone J walking on the
other side of that trailer, just out of site of where I was. Sure
enough, there was and if I did not have that precognition I probably
would have hit him and be in jail right now, not to mention I would
lose my job.

isn't the first time something strange has happened to me. I find
myself in positions where I come to realize that there is a feeling or
a sense of something I would normally disregard in my mind. Another
time, me and my friend were talking on the phone. He was telling me a
story about something that I am not willing to discuss here, but during
his story I started picturing the situation he was describing and then
I realized that the picture in my head was much more descriptive than
what he was telling me. So I thought I'd try and see if these details
were correct, like the color of the girl's hair and eyes of a girl I've
never seen before or the contents of the room she was in and so on.
Turns out that all the details I visualized were dead on. My friend was
freaked out by my accuracy but still thought it fascinating. So later
on we keep talking and I got another picture in my head, I tried my
luck on this one which was the contents of his room which I've never
seen, again I was dead on to the very last detail. Needless to say the
conversation ended shortly after, mostly because he felt that I was
reading his mind and thought it as invasion of privacy.

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i have that tooo!!

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I've been able to do that too, it basically is mind reading, your were basically seeing their own memorys. And the whole car thing is a vision they come like that too. On me random and sometimes I can chose them, but they usual change and sometimes the whole seeing the memorys thing is used with sense's as well...well mine is, but it is basically mind reading except it's sort of called "memory reading" really has no name I guess....so yeah =^_^=

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RE: Random Occurance

I feel the same way

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hey i'm Megan. you know the wind controler. that is pretty cool. sometimes i have slight visions of the future. I think everyone does whether they accept them as visions or not.

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hi im tron and i have the same can u add me so we can get to no more about eachother

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that is sooo

that is sooo true! it doesn't matter how much in depth it goes but it's still a vision!