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Precognition Defined
Precognition Fiction
Precognition Non-Fiction
Steps You Can Take
Test Yourself
Enhancing Your Powers

Precognition Defined

Precognition can be described as knowledge of events before they transpire.

Precognition Fiction

There have been many fictional instances of precognition in which a character has the burden of --

   psychically knowing the future while helpless to change it;

   psychically knowing the future and being able to change it, while each slight alteration creates a new obstacle;

   knowing the future due to travel from the future.

Knowing the future doesn't necessarily have to be a burden, but is often described as such. These stories are intriguing, but what is more intriguing is that precognition has also been reported as fact.

Precognition Non-Fiction

There are a variety of ways in which people could possibly gather future knowledge. One important way is through dreams. Dreams foreshadowing future events, and later, the occurrences of the events themselves, have prompted many to wonder at the powers of the mind. Abraham Lincoln was reported to have experienced a dream shortly before his assassination in which he was attending a funeral. Later in the dream, he discovered that the funeral was his own.

Old writings, particularly those of Nostradamus, have been shown to contain details regarding events far off in the future. Many believe the Bible truly foreshadows the destiny of mankind.

Many athletes have used the technique of visualization to enhance their performances. Studies have shown that those who visualize performing a technique or maneuver or experiencing a certain situation before actually doing so typically outperform those who did not use visualization. Some athletes have reported times when, during a game, everything seemed to occur exactly as they had imagined it.

A more down to earth example has to do with receiving a call on the telephone. Most people can recall a time when for whatever reason, they knew exactly who was calling, without any outside information whatsoever.

All of this relates to the utilization of deeper levels of the mind. When we are awake, our brains output electricity in the form of Beta waves. These can appear on readouts to be sharp and arrhythmic. However, when we daydream, we usually sink into a slightly lower level known as Alpha. These waves appear rhythmic and smooth. At lower-energy levels, the brain is thought to actually be more powerful. People who have repeatedly practiced going to Alpha or beyond have reported distinct occurrences of precognition. If this is true, then precognition can both be learned and taught.

Steps You Can Take

One step that might inch you closer to being precognition-capable is daily meditation.

For the logic-inclined, practicing logical thinking, and simply learning, can greatly improve your prediction rates regarding the future. When you are in a situation that has to do with something you are an expert on, it can almost seem too easy to predict the likely outcome. George Santayana said, "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it." The more you know, the greater your chances of knowing what will be.

Test Yourself

You can take our Zener Card Test for precognitive abilities and find out about your psychic potential!

Enhancing Your Powers

Learn how to enhance your precognition here:

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matthew9913's picture


Matthew. D~ i might have expericend this befor i dont know though...

Anonymous's picture

one day I had 2 deja vu's in a minute

Iam not quite sure I have a super power maybe its dormant and just showing?

anyway I have de ja vu's quite often and one day I had 2 deja vu's in a minute
I think my large number of deja vu's are connected to my dreams but I can never
remember them

example one day after I woke up I had a flash from a dream 1 millisecond
flash and by the time I had finished breakfast it had gone few weeks later I
was at the pool at the swimming carnival swimming with friends in free swim and
bam I have a deja vu its the only one were I can remember were it originated
from but I had another deja vu yesterday

In short how can I learn to channel the power (if it exists) so I can
remember my dreams?

Also quite often such as playing paper scissors rock I know what they are
going to play 85% of the time iam right

I do this by concentrating or maybe iam just think of there play moves and
calculate what they are likely to do next iam still in my early teens and maybe
it will become more obvious

Wow big post!  Thanks in advance

Anonymous's picture



I'm not sure if you would consider it Clairvoyance. The only odd thing is, most of my dreams I do not remember. But this has happened to me at least a thousand times. I believe my dreams are the future, but since I don't remember them until what I saw in my dream comes to life. When what ever happens in life, I feel an extreme urge that it has happened before, though it never has. So it's sort of, I dream the future, but I don't "Know" what's going to happen, until it does & knowing that I've at least dreamed it since I had never experienced it in real life. Which directs the whole thing to pointless. :\

Anonymous's picture


Alright well im 18 iv had this power where i dream and it could be a month or mahbey the day after and i dream about images just quick ones of the future ....For example .. my friend standing by his locker and then turns to my other friend and gets punched and then i go ahead and say deja vu and iv bin doing this for roughly 10 years ...and beleave it or not i can no what people will say even before they say it so i end up saying yea we should go to the game and there like how did u no i was going to ask that?? my reply i dont no but im right arent i and they go yes almost 75 to 80 % time i did a chart on it

Anonymous's picture

I dont know

I have so many deja vu's, and I kinda know what ppl r thinking, i'm 13 and am in 8th grade.

Anonymous's picture



I can tell the future by dreamig and thinking. I am only 11 years old and I want to control my powers, but how?

Anonymous's picture

Super- static- precog?

Ok. Heres the thing with me. I seem to have  many things going on. One day, a Tuesday, I was in school, I couldn't concentrate so I stared blankly out the window, not really thinking about anything. Kinda like I was in a trance or something. Then all of a sudden this feeling surged through me, I couldn't tell what it was, but I knew it was bad. About 15 seconds later a red cardinal came crashing into the window and just dropped dead. For some reason I looked at the time. It was exacly 3 o'clock p.m. I gathered my things and rushed home. My mother, Uncle and girlfriend were not in good health at the time, so I had plenty of worries. I get home and My mom and my uncle are sitting at the kitchen table just fine. I told them bout the bird and the feeling that I got. So I tried calling my girlfriend. No answer. Now I was really worried. I kept trying to call for the next couple days. It really bothered me. So finally I get a call from her Thursday night. She explained to me why She was outta touch. Her Grandfather died Tuesday at 3 o'clock p.m. What I don't understand is why did I get such an intense Premonition over her Grandfather?

Just last week I had a dream that some guy robbed a gas stationand shot the clerk. I called my mom the next day and she was telling me about a shooting at a gas station on the other side of town.

 Now here is, to me the most unbelievable thing aboout me. I sometimes since or even see a certain type of presence. I don't want to called it a ghost because I'm not sure if I believe in an actual ghost. I was talking to a lady friend of mine over webcam and then I noticed what appeared to be a woman standing behind her in the doorway of her room in a white gown with her hands held together rested againsted herself.

Now heres another thing. It seems to me and people who have been lucky enough to catch it, that I am super-statically charged. I don't know if that is the term but it probably should be. Most people when they rubb their feet on the floor will get a bit of a shock. Well, I get a screamworthy shock, and also create a bit of blue lightning. Also, one time I was takin off my hoody, and it was all staticy, and as I took it off I could just feel the sparks shooting through my back, abd the crackling was extremely loud. I stopped for a minute to recooperate. I had a friend with me so I do have a witness to this incident. As I began to take my hoody the rest of the way off, he says, "Dude! There are actually sparks! Holy Sh*T!" And I'm tellin ya it hurt.

I've had similar cases without pain too though. Like one time I went to play with my dog, and I slowly moved my hand toward him in a playful way and the closer I got the more sparks there were. I moved my hand from his head down to his tail the whole time never touching him just watching the sparks. Now, also, I have gotten out of my truck and upon closing the door I have felt a constant buzzing type of shock, not too intense, but still kinda painful. I took it into the shop thinking there may have been a loose wire touching metal, or shorting out somewhere but they could find nothing wrong. The last thing I have to mention is everytime I pass a streetlight, or a parkinglot light, and the lights in the warehouse at work either turn on or off. So, what would my super-powers label be?

Scott S's picture

me too

i have the same exact thing as you, literally hah. but sometimes i can predict things before they happen. i wake up in the middle of the night and see these shadows in the shapes of people moving around my room and staring at me. i create static whenever i touch something most of the time. its really weird. read my story thing. and if someone knows how to control this please tell me

Anonymous's picture


i dont know if i have powers but these are 2 things i can do

if i have three cards such as ace, 10, king you can pick one u dont tell me and a certain part of my head will feel weird such as the left side would be king middle 10 and right ace and whatever side feels weird thats the card you chose i tested it on people and i never get it wrong and i sometimes have dreams about the future and i can change things in it.

one time i had a dream that i was walking with a friend and a bird lets say pooped on him and about a month later it was gonna happen so i pushed him out of the way and then he had a clean shirt.

any help on how to controll dreams or anything at all my email is

Anonymous's picture


i can dream stuff, and then it would happen. But somtimes my dreams dont always  give me full deail.... I can also think stuff up and it would happen! I once had a dream that my bestfriend boyfriend broke up w/ her. I forgot about the dream. Once it actully happened, my friend got mad at me for not telling her. I also dreamed that her x-boyfriend got a new girl friend. It happened.... You see, when I dream about stuff, If I tell someone the dream it wont happen. I dont know what to do and I am really confused!

Anonymous's picture

Deja Vu or.....

Sometimes, I have these really "ordinary" dreams instead of my usual bizarre and surrealistic dreams. Normal day situations that I cannot forget and usually have sounds and scents. Then later on, whether days have passed or months, I find myself dealing with the exact images in real life. I wondered if it was deja vu or simply my own wish to have a "super power", but on one occation I was in class for a test and I was doing a true or false question, when I remembered a dream I had in which I received the marked test and some of the questions were incorrect. I changed the answers and when the test came back a week later, all my answers were correct....


--Andrew, 20--

I cannot control my dreams, but boy it would be awesome if I could!!

Anonymous's picture

deja vu or.....

the same thing happens to me all the time but i have no controll if we could man wed own lol

email is:

Anonymous's picture


w/ me I CAN control my power! If I dream or think any thing most of it will come true unless I tell some one!!!! I am scared and only 11!

If you no how to help me w/ mypower email me at:

Anonymous's picture


Dude, Andrew, I'm the exact same way! Normally I have the weirdest, most surreal dreams, then every once in a while I get the most randomly mundane ones about sitting around with family or having a conversation with some friends; just ordinary crap, usually just a few seconds long--just enough for me to get a good view and a few words to be exchanged--and usually right before I wake up then weeks or months later it happens identically to the dream.

The weird thing is I guess they're pretty common, I know a few people that get them, my mom gets them, etc. I'm really curious about the cause behind them and also how if you're dreaming and someone, let's say, walks up and slaps you in the face, most of the time, right before that your dream puts you in a situation that ends with you getting hit in the face with something. It's mad fascinating!

I never meditate or any of that though, I've noticed the writers of this website are into that sort of thing and don't seem to be too scientifically based...I do have "lucid dreams" pretty often though...if you want to call them that...I just call them "dreams" I don't know if that's related; I never thought of them as anything special but people, on the internet at least, and the ones into "spirituality" and all that, seem to disagree with me.

I hope somebody finds some kind of explanation or figures out the mechanism of how it works, it could be pretty useful.

Jack Jealousy's picture

Me too,

I've had very similar instances, where I have a dream  of a specific scene, and then it happens! If you want more details message back or whatever

Anonymous's picture

Reply to Deja Vu or...

I'ld hate to sound like a 14-year-old girl, but Oh My God. I am new to
this website, found it 5 minutes ago. But as I was reading all the
different stories I started to think about what power I might have. And
basically, it's the same exact thing.

I've had numerous dreams where I see a certain scene. Something
unusual, not just an everyday thing. Like this one time I had a dream
where I saw my school cafeteria with red table clothes and center
pieces. I had forgotten about it until months, when, before our
Christmas concert, we had a special dinner thing, and we were setting
the tables. Now when I had the dream, I did NOT know about the dinner
thing ahead of time, I did NOT know about the red table cloths. And
when it came to me, it was the same angle I saw it and someone said
something the same way it happenned in the dream. And it was someone
that is not usually at our school

I have had this happen several times with different situations,
again all non-typical situations. It's usually months in advace too. I
used to think it was just Deja Vu too...

Other instances outside of the dreams have happenned too. The pick-3
lottery would come on T.V. and I would guess all the numbers before
they were drawn. Maybe just luck? Who knows.

Another time, years ago. A squirrell ended up dead floating in our
pool. About a week later we were driving home from church, and I joked,
what if there's another squirrell. What do you know, another squirrell.

You see, my dad owns his own buisness and works a lot, even on
Saturdays.  And we were coming home from school once, and I asked, I
wonder if dad will be home. My mom said he wouldn't be, it was too
early. But when we pulled in the drive way, there he was.

I used to think they were all coincidences, but now that I put them all together, OMG.

Thanks for reading; what do you think?

-Jack Jealousy   

Anonymous's picture


I've just posted on another part of this site regarding empathy or sixth sense and I raised the point of mirror neurons. I don't know if they are significant in this section, but  given what you said about your dad, it's possible that you were able to sense he was home because he is your dad, therefore you spend alot of time with him and the mirror neurons in your brain may have been to an extent mimicking his thoughts, which would explain that.

As for the dreams, I have experienced this on countless occasions with great detail since an early age. Only thing is that it is hard to distinguish from the actual dreams and the premonitions, but like one commenter said, if you do realise then you can change the outcome. Honestly, I was able to do this only once...Meditation perhaps in one way of trying to hone this skill, but for me it's a work in progress.