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This page features a searchable list of the all the stories users have submitted regarding their personal experiences with super powers.

You can search for an entry by power, user name, title of story, and story content.

The original version of the People Like You page still works. However, newer stories will only be linked to from this current version.

Power(s)User NameTitleContent
TitlePower(s)UserTotal Hits
αηgєℓ .Weather Manipulation.StormAngel20208
InsanitariumFeral MindInstinct/Feral16838
Brendan The Psychic GeniusComprehensive Extrasensory Perception (ESP): (Telepathy, Precognition, Retrocognition, Mind Control, Clairvoyance [incl. the power to find anyone], Empath Abilities), Thermal Control, Rapid Learning, Super High Jumps, Solar Absorption, Heat Sensing, Possible Time Travel, Potential Midas Touch, Technopathy, Super Strength, Super Speed, Jinx, Static ManipulationBrendan13849
Connor The Energy GathererPersonal Energy Manipulation, Energy Gathering from OrganicsConnor13252
Ian The StrongSuper StrengthIan12637
Shannon Can See The Future, Sense danger And Can feel Others Emotions.Precognition and EmpathyShannon12239
Unknown: The Precognitive Muscle MimicPrecognition, Super Strength, Super Durability, Muscle Mimicry, Possible Pyrokinesis, HealingEvan (a.k.a. Unkown)12125
Nicholas Can See The FuturePrecognition, Wind ManipulationNicholas12123
Someone Can Sense Emotions No Matter How Far AwayLong-Distance Empathic Abilities, Precognition, Aura Viewing, Superior Eyesight, TelepathyAnonymous11469