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ConnorPersonal Energy Manipulation, Energy Gathering from Organics
NateDream Linking and (Subconscious) Persuasion
David(Conscious) Persuasion
ChrisEnergy Gathering from Power Cells And The Sun
AmritaDream Precognition
JimmyPossible Thermal Absorption
Alexander (a.k.a. Zealiot)Jinx Effect, Pyrokinesis, Possible Telekinesis
HaydenConsious Precognition, Global Awareness
JordanTelepathy, Energy Absorption, Object Charging And Teleportation
Guy, Abel, Dana and CedricHealing Factor, Energy Gathering And Manipulation, Super Strength, Manipulation of Wind, Water and Earth, Visions, Cryptography
AnonymousSpeed Learning, Interpersonal Behavior Prediction
Jacques (a.k.a. Jugan)Precognition, Energy Summoning
AnonymousWeather Manipulation
Aj (a.k.a. ajs84)Absorbing Other People's Feelings and Thoughts
Seth (a.k.a. Sethey)Precognition
MattEmpath Abilities, Power Mimicry
Xangi ZangiaiBone Hardening, Healing, Rage, Gravity Displacement, Strength, Mental Rapidity, Speed, Psionics, Flexibility, Endurance, Bio-Electric Energy Absorption, Super Senses, Resistance To Fire/Electricity/Lasers
Evan (a.k.a. Unknown)Precognition, Super Strength, Super Durability, Muscle Mimicry, Possible Pyrokinesis, Healing
BrendanComprehensive Extrasensory Perception (ESP): (Telepathy, Precognition, Retrocognition, Mind Control, Clairvoyance [incl. the power to find anyone], Empath Abilities), Thermal Control, Rapid Learning, Super High Jumps, Solar Absorption, Heat Sensing, Possible Time Travel, Potential Midas Touch, Technopathy, Super Strength, Super Speed, Jinx
IanSuper Strength
NicholasPrecognition, Wind Manipulation
BradInterpersonal Telekinesis/Physical Manipulation
MitkoSuper Speed
LeonardPossible Precognition
LeonPrecognition (Dreaming/Waking), Foretelling of Illness
T.R.Telekinesis, Teleportation, Possible Technopathy, Precognition, Weather Manipulation, Telepathy, Communicating With The Dead, Visits With Aliens
Firestarter1, "Maria," DrakePyrokinesis / Summoning Electricity / Making Nightmares Real
AnonymousLong-Distance Empathic Abilities, Precognition, Aura Viewing
MetaliraxSonic Scream, Clairvoyance
Puzzles84 and a FriendIntuitive Understanding / Biological Manipulation
CarlExpanded Reach
Bad Wolf (a.k.a. Slechte Wolf) and FamilyDream Precognition, Channeling Heat Into The Hands, Absorbing The Pain Of Others, Feeling Things From A Distance / Killing Plants (Without Touching Them) / Locating Any Item / Gaining Trust
JohnTriggering Love, Directing An Inanimate Object Through Space
ConlinIntuitive Understanding
JynxJinx Effect, Intuitive Reading of People, Strong Hearing, Battery Manipulation, Viewing Auras, Odd Effect On Machines, Intuitive Sense of Danger, Empathic Abilities, General "Knowing," Precognition
OliverIntuitive Empathy, Telekinesis
Jack (and his friend Jagnethist93)Duplication of Inanimate Objects, Energy In Hands
MeganControl Over The Wind
AnonymousEmpath Abilities, Imposing Emotions On Others
LodeaneControl Over The Wind
Christian (a.k.a. Crimzon1324)Absorbing Sunlight, Energy Healing, Hearing Electricity
PeterPrecognition While In Trance

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Anonymous's picture


idk wat's wrong with me :( and trust me im not lying but i honestly think something is wrong with me if anyone thinks im lyin then im sorry that u dont believe me but anyway it all started in the 4th grade i would start seeing ghosts in my house but i never communicated them but as i got older that stopped and now i hear voices i noe when someone is in my houses driveway before they open the door i noe when the phone is gunna ring before it actually rings and only when either i concentrate or am very angry the wind blows like crazy. i also find stuff that doesnt belong in my house or that was never there before like one of those very old time like the 19th century keys i found one in my room and obviously i was scared i also noe how someone is feeling and they dont have to tell me and idk wat to do or wat it is

Anonymous's picture

I've noticed things happening to me.

My first experience was when I was 5, I had the same dream as my sister (And we're not twins), A form of Telepathy maybe?

Then at the age of 7 i was playing with my fountain in the back garden, a small amount of wind was emmiting from my hands, the water Seperated when it was near my hands (Not Touching).

At the age of 11, I was walking past the road with my friend and.. a Lorry Soaked us (Via running through a puddle), We were thinking we was going to get in trouble, so i sat on the Slide and Willed it to rain, Like a Desire, not only did it start raining, thunder came with it.

As i age it becomes more frequent.

When I was 11, i started to Have Precognitive Dreams, and from 11 I've dreamt the future many times, Like when my mum was going to crash, me being told off in school by a teacher I've never even seen, Etc. This progressed into me having the odd occasion of blinking and seeing an image that means something (Usually its going to happen), I was in the garage with my dad doing the lottery numbers (He let me pick) And i saw some numbers in my head when i Blinked, i wrote them down. And i got Four Balls on the Lottery ^-^, I have willed myself to have a Precognitive dream once, 5 months ago.  I have a Precognitive dream regularly, like Once a Fortnight/Week. This might be something Genetic because my father has mentioned about dreaming the future when we was watching some random tv show about dreams.

Now I was Twelve, my parents Divorced - Stressfull times,  My sister and I was going in the Car up my Dads and It broke down, after half an hour, i placed my hand onto the dashboard and mentally Willed it to start, And it did? So i mentally said for it to Stop, and it broke again! so then i started it again, Recently I've noticed that this technopathy is progressing, Last week i placed my hand onto the computer screen because the internet wasn't responding (And its a new Laptop), mentally told it to go, and it did? I was getting Very angry earlier over an Arguement with a friend, As he blocked me, I filled up with rage the houses technology died, My TV's went off and wouldn't come back on, the light bulbs died in my room, out of the Three, one still works (One of them Lightbulbs pointing in three direction Lights ;]), The Internet died at the Same time, my computer Screen turned black, with Green flashes and a messed up View of my screen, I placed my hand onto my Laptop once more (I found this works now) And everything started working again (Except the two lightbulbs).

I'd like to get onto the Electrokinesis Faction, Maybe some of the things above (Technopathy) could be related to this, I can generate static when under stress, In the Hospital when my oldest sister was having her baby, i Couldn't touch no-one, not only would they recieve the shock, so would I, my sister thought it was funny and kept prodding me, when she prodded my sisters boyfriend, he didn't even feel anything, nor did she? In the Shop the other day, i was told off because my Older sister (Not the one who had the baby) Punched me, so i punched her back, So i started creating Static, I couldn't touch any Liquids, Metals or anything that Conducts electricity, I was happy holding the Rubber croc Shoes but thats about it.

So Please Reply, I have multiple Abilities as you can see.

Granty's picture

Make plants grow faster and super jump

I used to believe that super powers were made up and websites like this silly. But now i know better.

I woke up one morning a week ago and suddenly i felt light, like half my weight and i knew that i had a power, i could sneak so lightly that i couldn't be heard by anyone, and i could walk without leaving an imprint. Then later that day when i went to gym class i jumped 2 metres in the air. Luckily no one saw because they would call me a freak. I've always known I was Special, but this proves it.

Anonymous's picture

uuhhmm.. i think i need some help..

okay, it all happened in middle schooll..

whenever i would get really mad, the lights would start flickering.

i thought it was a coincidence.. but then it got worse.

when we were watching a really boring movie in class and i didnt want to watch it, the dvd player started steaming and it broke.

whenever i had a boyfriend or something and he would kiss me, almost every one of them said that when they kissed me, they felt this weird electrical current.

one day i had to go give something to the office and i was going alone. when i was going down the hallway, something like a dark shadowy figure tried to totally kill me. i swear im not lying. and when i got rid of it, and my adrenaline rush slowly faded away, all the lights and electrical things in the hallway shut off.

when i would get frustrated on the computer, the mouse would go crazy and start pulling up crap that i didnt even know existed on there.

you know whats happening now? whenever i stick my hand in water for a long time, it starts burning me.

look. im still really young, and i do not like whats happening. i seriously need help. please. if anyone can explain whats going on, please say something. because i dont think i can take this paranormal stuff anymore.



Anonymous's picture

RE: Sat, 05/17/2008 - 5:29pm — Anonymous uuhhmm.. i think i need

when you are using, make sure to try to keep it in check. the reason the dark shadowy figure tried to kill you was because it was a demon.


you, and many other people, have abilities. I cant really say much but if you believe in God, there is a holy war going on between good and evil. yours and others powers are used to fight against evil. but everyone has a choice. some people use their abilities to fight against good. angels, vs demons.




sorry i cant really go into this but if you look at jesus, moses, all the prophets they all had abilities. i have a lot of abilities myself. i hoped this help. be careful.

Kinshi's picture


You're an idiot. Total fool.

Robin_energyandaircontroller's picture


Your just ignorant.

Kinshi's picture


I'm not gonna argue with you about this... been there, won that... but your world is a fantasy.

Anonymous's picture

hope it helps

the whole killing you thing is scary man.

but no one has come for me yet.

i can do some of that @#! to.. but when i get angry the light bulbs all blow out..

the first time it happend i freaked but now i learn to keep my temper under control.

my mum says that its my aura or some [bleep] thats expanding so far to cover all my anger that iut eached the lights and they just couldnt hack the strengh of the anger..


so ye i dunno if that helps u or anything..

but my boyf says he feels it to when i kiss him. but also when im happy and hes holding my hand ihe says i feel magnetic.

auraboi13's picture

aura is real every one has

aura is real every one has it in fact it is the only reason people can control thair powers

IAMAT's picture

You're half right.

!Everybody !has !an !aura, !however !there !is !little !correlation !between !auras !and !psychic !powers. !An !aura !is !created !when !radiation !from !our !bodies (produced !as !a !side-effect !of !cell !activity) ionises !the !water !vapour !around !us. !While !the !amount !of !radiation !produced !could !reflect !the !person's !overall !health, it indicates !nothing !about !how !well !we !control !our !mental !abilities. !Also, !reading !auras is !bogus, !as !the information !obtained !would !be !vague !and !no indication !of !anything.

Anonymous's picture

Again really weird lol

ok i thought boutn wht u said and decided to test it so i had a bowl of water in front of me and i was sitting on concreat (again cnt spell) and me and my friend put our fingers in the waqter at seperate ends i didnt try anything and nofin happened. the next time we did it i tryed really hard to visulise the electricty coming out of my hands and a blue spark went through the water and spread and my friend got a really bad shock and i cracked his fingernail and his finger hurt for like 5 min i'll try the other circumstances when i get the chance but yer its kinda weird

Anonymous's picture

really weird

i can conduct electricty and realise it whenever i want its really weird it comes out as

Anonymous's picture

is any of this fake i need

is any of this fake i need to know!please tell me the truth


Darius's picture

Generating Electricity vs. Static Buildup

You can build up static by walking on a carpet or rug without shoes. Or by moving against a couch or chair with upholstery. And then when you tap someone on the shoulder, or reach for a doorknob, the electricity zaps the object you touch.

Static can build up in the clothes dryer and cause a sock to stick to the back of a shirt. Maybe it's building up because of where you are and what you interact with.

There's a rule, also, when dealing with computers that you should discharge any static in your body by first touching the metal case of the computer before handling the circuitry or other internal parts. This rule was made and spread, I would imagine, because other people have accidentally shorted out their hardware, too.

But since you wrote you can realise electricity whenever you want, does that mean you can generate a shock underwater, or standing on concrete, and holding a wooden stick?

If you could produce electricity no matter what the circumstances, I'd say that's exceptional.

Anonymous's picture

Generating Electricity

i decided to take what u said and try it out

i had a friend over today who also reads stuff like this

and i got a bowl of water and we put our fingers in seprate ends and i foiucused really hard to image electricty flowing through me and into the water (searched up some stuff about electrokinesis) and we saw a quick bolt of blue electricty go into the water

Darius's picture

Spontaneous Electric Shock

Wow! That's amazing.

Anonymous's picture

managed to break my ipod

thanks srry bout the dubble post it took so long for the first 1 to come through i didnt think it worked lol yer its pritty awsome although my friend wisely stated dnt go out in a lighting storm without rubber lol. I managed to break my ipod as well i touched the screen to get rid of dust and stuff like that and bang blue spark ipd fried i really gotta learn how to control it.

Darius's picture

Level Of Electric Current

Wow, yeah that makes sense about the lighting storm. Sorry about your ipod, that's a shame.

You could try measuring your voltage output with an electric multimeter.

Anonymous's picture

A Team

I think we should form a sorts super team for those who really have powers. email me at Christianhoisington@yahoo.com if interested in joining and ill give you a Myspace URL to keep in touch on.

Anonymous's picture


You know i agree with some guy who mentioned that it's irritating, useless, crappy beyond belief that people say "i'm only 12, please believe me", that ain't enough. Then fakers, dear,dear fakers, quit trying to look for attention because you can see that you don't get any. (Brendan, first of all i don't believe you, second technopathy is the manipulation of electronic devices, Elektrokinesis is the manipulation of electricity). I think only those with solid proof or believable stories have the right to stay here.


Firestarter1's picture

Meeting people.

As some of you may know that I have the power to summon/manipulate fire. I just want to talk to any one who can explain how I got these powers. I am also posting a blog on how my life is going with these powers. Any one wanting to contact me well I don't if I should give my e-mail so just post comments on my blogs if you have somethign you want to tell me.

Anonymous's picture

My power is goin down....

my super power is going down now......i dont know how....but its realy low....no energy now...i think im back to normal....but it was great that superspeedtimes.....

andy alexander......

ps- if no one believes my dads lab......just forget that part...its not nessesery to know about that...but it is nessesery to kno about the Containermachine thingy....damn i forget the name.....its in project : Health boost or something..i dont kno

Anonymous's picture

Your'e just trying to copy

Your'e just trying to copy zealiots power loss story...

Anonymous's picture

my girlfriend is an empath

I am Jacob Buffett i come form England.None of you know me but i have been looking around the web lately looking for a web like this , i belive my girlfriend is an empath ,at first i though i was crazy but now looking at webs like this it seems like this is happening around the globe and there more than expectied.
I am looking for answers and hope this is were to get them.I am seraching for these people and found 82 so any one who sees this and wants to help Please reply ...

Thermoman's picture


I'm looking to talk to people who REALLY have the following abilities:
weather manipulation
ability to breathe underwater
echokinesis (sound wave manipulation)
elemental control
communication with insects and/or animals
seismic wave generation
and MAYBE anyone with really strong psychic abilities.


Opposition's picture

Ha. Hi. Just replying to your comment. A little late but anyways

I have weather manipulation, and I'm extremly strong at it, but it reacts to my emotions more than I intend to so like ya.
I'm Opposition.
I have more powers but to didn't ask for them so ya. :)
I'm pretty young too
Comment back please.

Anonymous's picture

No offence

Hi, No offence but i don't think that is the wisest thing to do, you know other people around us might think we're freaks or something.


Anonymous's picture

Looking to talk to people with powers

Hi there, very interested in this page, I am a journalism student and writing a feature on people who believe that they have certain magical powers. I would be grateful for anyone who could contact me, my address is s0504998@glos.ac.uk. Thanks guys

Anonymous's picture

I'd like to know

Hello Amrita, Hayden!

I'd like to know how you discovered your powers, and how many times you've been right about what you saw in your dreams, If you don't mind sharing that with me of course!

Anonymous's picture


Hey guys,
I just wanted to get in touch with Connor so he could help me control my powers seeing the similarities (you'd understand if you read the list of our powers) Darius already sent him an e-mail but so far, no reply. I'm writing this here in case he comes back here again, I'd also like to get in touch with Zealiot just to get to know him more. Anyway about the dream precognition and global awareness, Hayden, if your'e freaked out then don't be, you have no reason to, the fact that you're different doesn't make you a freak.

P.S to Darius, do you think that once enough heat has been accumulated in me i'll be able to expell that and maybe fly or scorch enemies (not that i'll actually hurt anyone)?

Jimmy (Thermoman)

Zealiot's picture

'Ello, 'Ello

Gave my new email address to Darius and asked him to pass it along to you. Be looking forward to hearing from you, Thermoman.
~ Zealiot

Darius's picture

Heat Accumulation And The Use Of Energy

I don't know. My best guess would initially be that whatever energy you absorb is used to warm you, freeing up other energy already present in your body to be put to use in other areas, like physical endurance and stamina, or even digestion.

Or, to take things one step further from the "conventional," you may absorb the energy in such away that you immediately feel energized. I think flying and scorching enemies is at least another step beyond that. But you never know. There might be more to your ability that can be known presently.

Here's an idea: If it was cold outside, and raining, could you go out and somehow absorb enough heat to both keep you warm and make it snow in your immediate surroundings?

Anonymous's picture


I to dream the future like Amrita i would like to talk to Amrita and to get in touch

Anonymous's picture

Hello - I don't know your

Hello -

I don't know your name, but if you'd like to talk let me know where to reach you.


Darius's picture

Dreaming The Future

I've sent Amrita an email about you wanting to get in touch.

Have your dreams ever allowed you to change the future they predicted?

Anonymous's picture

You know, I'm trying

You know, I'm trying desperately to seek out help dealing with my abilities, but I'm very skeptical about all of this. If any of these people were serious and could really do these things, it would be public knowledge by now. And their lives would be made very difficult.

I won't even say what my abilities are. They are honestly a curse. But if anyone knows of a place that could seriously give help and guidance to someone with abilities, without them being locked away and stuck with needles, please pass that on.

persuasion's picture


You say that if any of these people were serious and could really do these things, it would be public knowledge by now. However, its really not that simple, for I am very reluctant to tell those around me about my ability in case they feel threatened by it or in case it affects our relationship. To be honest with you i think this is the case with many of the people on this site who manifest physical powers (as opposed to mental like precognition).
Although this goes against some of my moral principles, i too am skeptical about some of the cases on this site, and i think it is terrible that some people choose to abuse it when others have desperate need for it.

Jugan's picture

I agree.

I totaly agree with what David was saying, I to am cautious to talk to others around me of fear of their reaction to what I tell them (people around me).
I also think there are fakers on this site but I think you can't keep them out.

Darius's picture

I've Referred Others To The Society for Psychical Research

The SPR has been around since 1882, and has branches in the U.S., the U.K., and France. It is a nonprofit organization with the mission of understanding and researching psychic and paranormal events without bias. The main office is in London, and they maintain an extensive archive. This is their website: http://www.spr.ac.uk

Anonymous's picture

Oh for the love of...

You all need girlfriends. You have way too much time on your hands. None of this is real. Prove it scientifically and you've just made headline news. Either you're lying and you just want something to talk about to other lonely people or you really believe something is actually happening to you.

persuasion's picture

Who cares what you think

Excuse me but who cares what you think. You have no idea about some of the stuff that some of us can do and how weird and insecure it makes us feel. Imagine you are Jimmy and all your water turns to ice all the time, imagine how frustrating that must feel. Or imagine you put your dog in a coma like Connor. Whether these people are exaggerating or not at least they have the courage to step forward and admit they are different, which is more than can be said for some cynical people who have no imagination and probably no friends like you.

Anonymous's picture


Hey man, thanks for sorting that fool out, i totally agree with that (about how annoying it can get with our powers, just think that the two times when i froze my water i was really thirsty) or even about Connor and his poor dog. Even through all this i would never give my powers up for nothing in the world! How about you? have you got any powers? what are they like?


persuasion's picture

No problem

Hey sorry its been a while since i was last on cos i've had a lot of stuff on my plate recently. Its no problem defending our rights against those who are sceptical. btw i'm David and i have the power of vocal persuasion. Basically i dont do telepathy or anyfing but when i give spoken commands to people they seem to automatically obey. This probably sounds a bit rubbish to you but its very handy if im in tight spots or in trouble. The coolest time i used it was quite recently when me and my friend were almost mugged by this gang. They were basically just about to beat the hell out of us when i told them very clearly to let us go and forget they saw us. They all suddenly stoppd and they all looked like theyd jus been slappd or sumthing. Me and my friend ran off before they snappd out of it.

Thermoman's picture

No dude!

No dude!
I totally believe you!your gift is pretty cool. I back up what you said, I hate it when people abuse this site by faking powers, I even have a few names down but I don't want to judge people...

Anonymous's picture

I Too have a new Super Power!

You are not going to beleive this!i couldnt even believe my self!

I Have the ability to acclerate more than anyother human or Jet plane could!

heres how it happened:-

I was in my Dads working place during the vacation just for a peek!

it was realy cool!well i dont wanna wat hes got in the lab!

There was some machine in the lab! it was for an experiment ! inside my dad kept an apple and pressed the green button!
All Light and stuff came flashing out!

when he opened it , the apple had turned Big and Pure Pink!

well as we all know every super hero got his powers by a mistake!

Well, mine was a mistake!

i opened to see what was in and got in the machine !

at the same time ,the machine had been in auto-work mode!or something .

the door closed and heck the machine started ! i Tried to kick out!

the flashing lights came Up!

too bright nothing i could see!

then the machine opened again!

my dad called me,"Son, dont play with the machine"

well when i like felt i was running ,i didnt feel so tired at all and it was a quatre of a second i could say ,,,,,,

i just was like next to my dad the same second!

it was like i was teleported or something!

I always had kept this a secret until i came here! now i see im not the only one with super powers!

Now i got a Great Reason to live; to save the world !

-Andy Alexander

ajs84's picture

Sounds very familiar.

There was a TV show ages ago with Jerry O'Connell in it called "My Secret Identity". http://imdb.com/title/tt0094516/. So either your been watching too much TV or your poking fun at us. Which is it loser?

Anonymous's picture

Dude..u think i lie...caus i don wen im serious

DUde...i havent watched that movie or even heard of it...until now.....my secret idenity sounds like a stupid movie to me.......it sucks....

Anonymous's picture


That is weird. The same happened to me. In fact I have all the powers listed on this site. Super strength, telepathy, you name it!

Anonymous's picture

Sorry Guys

Hate to ruin the party but its is obvious Andy is a liar. I am willing to listen to most people and give them a chance, but his story is totally unbeleivable, and I am surprised you beleive it. It is a joke, that is all