Oliver Senses How Others Are Feeling

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Intuitive Empathy, Telekinesis

I can tell what people are feeling, by this sense I get inside my head. It's not by simply looking at the body language or any of that. It feels almost like an intuitive understanding of others around me, that clouds my own mind sometimes. Recently I've noticed a lot of movement around me that has no reason. I've seen my pencil move without any wind or breeze, and other small objects. I've noticed it's when I think of one of my friends that this usually happens. I've been able to slightly move objects without thinking of that person, but found it's easier to do when I do think of that person. I've tried to do other things such as lift objects, but nothing yet, just slight movements. The most disturbing occurrence was last night when I was trying to move a cigarette cellophane. Instead of focusing on the movement out, I was feeling the pressure inside, and just like that the middle of the plastic bent inward.

I've recently found the intricacy of the whole human nature and how it intertwines with the universe. It's almost like i've intuitively understood the many layers of variables and how the they react and respond. When we move, the air moves around us, in turn that effects another and another object or individual. I'm finding usually intricate patterns are easily manipulated and understood. Coupled with my ability to sense others feelings, i'm finding my thoughts have a small influence on the other individuals. Is this a sort of intuitive aptitude that's just manifesting into many other abilities the more I research the human mind. I believe we all can do these, if we only believed and had more knowledge of the human psyche and how we ticked.

We are essentially all one organism, that collectively builds on the whole. What I know, someone found out hundreds of years ago. We are the same. But i'm special...

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Your special? What makes you special? What about those of us who really have gifts, or abilities, aren't they special?

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I agree with some of these perspectives.
But one things is why would you be wanting to trian for a war that if it came would not even reach us that hide in the back ground.

Why fight?


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Mirror Neurons

Okay this is like the third time I've mentioned this on this website
but the moderators seem to be censoring it for some reason. Mirror
neurons, discovered in like 2005, scientific proof that human beings
have on some level at least the innate ability to sense each others
emotions and possibly thoughts. Meditation is a possible way of
training the abilities.

One other thing, don't go hailing someone as a possible
leader...leader to what? A revolution? An uprising? A God? The last thing we need is another war, some people on this site have been watching too much Heroes, I'm a huge fan myself but come on, intelligence will prevail over violence.

We are not
as individual as we have been lead to believe, we are only as special
as each other. The future will be leaderless, equilibrium. Making
decisions together, not one person making decisions for the masses. I'm
my own leader, and I'm the only leader I will accept.

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What is hero's about?



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my name is oliver too, the only other one in the website. its funny how the only two olivers seem to be empathetic, except if i am i havent learned to correctly control it. right now all i can do is manipulate energy or emotions in me, like the comment above me says. I imagine these energies as colours, yellow for luck, pink for strength, red for love, and so on. Maybe you can sense whats in me and tell me exactly what I have. I would very much appreciate that.


You have an amazing gift and I believe you will possibly be our leader when the next step comes and humanity becomes one collective thought.

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Sounds Like Empathy

I do agree that that could be empathy. It will help if you keep trying to understand. Try finding other people with these abilities.

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You seem to understand the things unseen by normal human eyes, something i thought i only could see.

To me there are so many blind people in this world.
But there are indeed good things and bad things we cannot see.

Sometimes it frightens me.

I have a strong leaning to telekinesis also, i've always been fascinated with it, along with the processes of energy in general, particularly electricity but i've never accomplished anything like that.
Being the type of empath i am, i'm aware of the processes of energy too, the theory that emotion is actually a type of energy that propagates us to accomplish certain seemingly impossible things.

You ever felt stronger when mad? Feel lighter when in love? Fell invisible when you're sad or alone?

It's all related.

Its just nice to know there's someone else out there with similar understandings.

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whats up, guys. i am an

whats up, guys. i am an empath and its like seeing my own experiences with you oliver. have to be responsible with ability. all the empaths might need to converse. we can learn so much and gain so much. this ability is actually a gateway to other abilities through understanding.

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ive noticed that i ve been abel to guess wat people are about to say rather often nd its usualy a # but sometimes i get like a feeling nd i kinda no wat people feel with out talkin 2 them

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My name is Dylan, I also have Empathy and Understanding. Its nice to know thier are others out there with similar ways of seeing things. It can be quite breath takeing, seeing how all the diffrent parts of the world effect and revolve around one another, and understanding how it all works. 

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It seems when you search for the unknown, you realize your not as alone as you thought. I have many of the things Oliver and the others have mentioned. I do not want be special nor would I risk wishing that type of narcissism upon myself or anyone. If you have "abilities" your best bet is to always concentrate on them, sharpen your skills, train yourself in the dark to see what you see in the light. Premonitions, I get these all the time, my dreams seem to be doors, leading me to decisions I will make the following morning, I have dreamt scenes from my life days before I lived them, I feel as If  I may have more than one, not that I brag or am cocky, I constantly struggle to ignore certain signs to live a normal life. If you knew you could do something different, why be like everyone else, why not help the ones who can't help themselves, stand up for the silent ones, the ones who were not fortunate enough to survive the next step in evolution.....2012 is coming-one way or another-Only the Strong will Survive. 

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yall rnt alone but am i? i have 3 powers does any1 else have more than 1? y r we different? y us?

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i have premonitions i ccan

i have premonitions i ccan communicate with the dead and i can ontrol ice water earth fire and air ( i count the elements as 1) does any1 else have more than 1???