Nina Kulagina - A Russian Woman With Apparent Psychokinetic Abilities

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Full Name: Ninel Sergeyevna Kulagina

Possible Powers: Magnetism; Telekinesis/Psychokinesis; Fingertip Vision

Alias: Nelya Mikhailova

Nationality: Soviet

Born: 1926

Died: 1990

Found to have an intense magnetic field surrounding her, as well as powerful brain waves, Nina Kulagina spent a good amount of time under close observation, as she is reported to have been able to move small objects without touching them. She also demonstrated the power to manipulate cells and organs. During one observation, she was able to alter the beating of a frog's heart, first increasing the heart rate, then slowing it, and finally stopping it.

The following video is only one selection from the many, many studies done to try to define and explore Kulagina's abilities and sources thereof.

Below is a video showing mostly the same footage, but with some extra shots, and narration focusing on psychokinesis (PK). Although the narrator communicates support and acceptance of Kulagina's talents, there are many skeptics who refuse to believe there was not some sort of trickery involved. You be the judge.

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ok thats bollocks cose i

ok thats bollocks cose i have telekinessis and i dont have to use my hands like that for it to work

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ok thats bollocks cose i

so you have telekinisses??



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dude they are dead

Danny's picture

Most of the people that are

Most of the people that are open with this sort of stuff are most likely just wanting attention. I bet everyone on this board hasn't told anymore than about 5 people about their abilities.

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I disagree

Though in your defense I was not yet on this board. I have told quite a few people of mine, not only do I have most of the abilities listed here...I have been seeking help in a world wide...lets call it a quest for lack of a better term. I aim to open schools to train people to use the powers that are yet to be unlocked in most people...but alot of people know about me. Surprisingly I have yet to be tracked down though some have found me to tell me they will help.


~The rules of the world were meant to be broken. The rules of physics are simply guidelines. Every astronomer untill the most recent has been proved wrong. We once thought the world was flat...whats to say a human can't achieve unimaginable potential.~

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-*superdude*- i will help  

-*superdude*- i will help


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mucho stupido

these people probably took several step-by-step photos and then tried to smoothly piece them together.......obviously it didn't work.......

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She is a fraud

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I agree Nina is a fraud:

The film shows her using the typical magician gesture of hand motion

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yes it true

what she did is a fake.

why not plastic and something apart from metal, mean it could be that she is using a magnet.

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Why only metal

From what i know some people can only do it with metal and only small metal objects . I found it easier at first with plastic now i find , metal , plastic , any biological matter just as easy as the rest and weight no object . If she is a fake or not over time she should have been able to manage a whole lot better than what is evident from the video .

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is there a way to gain telekenesis or completely master powers cause i control wind and only in a wide area like 5 miles i can cause wind storm i cant do wind blasts plz help me with my powers