Nicholas Can See The Future

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Precognition, Wind Manipulation

Well I'm 13 and recently every now and again a picture flashes in my mind and then like a minute later that picture happens. Like one time I was on the computer and an image of my uncle standing in the door way flashed into my head. Then, seconds later, he was standing in the door way in the exact position I had thought, but the strange thing is I didn't even know he was in my house. This is only one of the many times this has happened to me. Also lately when I calm myself and focus I have been able to make the wind speed rise and make trees and paper blow around. By the way I don't care what people want to say about me I think I can do these things and that's all that really matters.

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im on chat

im on chat

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omg same name as nicholas and smae power weird but my power isnt advanced as him

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spiritualspeaker54:Wow you

spiritualspeaker54:Wow you all have amazing powers mine is almost use-less 

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spiritualspeaker54:Wow you

spiritualspeaker54:Wow you all have amazing powers mine is almost use-less 

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im 11 and....

hi im 11 and i tink i might have progopsumtin and i  was wondering how do u consintrate it

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ME 2 (kinda)

I get visions but not that rapidly. Sometimes there so far apart i forget i've had them. Also i can see through walls and such. My bff gets visions and controls wind

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Your power


sorry, but i dont think you have precognitions, i think in your story, you actually either summond your uncle or conjured something that looked like him, because i dont think he just walked into your house, i think you have a bigger power than precognitions on your hands.

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Theres others?

I do believe you, I am also 13 (A pretty odd pattern), I have my times where an Image pops into my head, for a split second (I remember it to read it) and then it happens straight after, or like after a day. When i was Seven i was with my father getting the Lottery and he let me pick the numbers, If this was pure luck i don't know, but as a blinked numbers appeared in my head, so i put them down. At home I had Four balls ;]

This is quite odd because I have experienced the same thing, and if a Random "Bad" thought pops into your head, you don't know what to do. I think I have a more developed ability though, because my most common Precognitive ability is Dreaming, I at least dream the future, once a week and unfortunatly I cannot target what i'm going to dream about (Otherwise I'd get the lottery Numbers), I fell asleep after school and my mum went out to work, my dad was in the bath and i had a dream that my Mum would have an Accedent, and she did, this is no lie. It wasn't a bad one though, her car randomly toppled over.

And to the other commenter, Summoning 'fake' objects its a bit farfetched, this has happened to a couple of people.

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yes yes yes

me too but i cannot seem to do everything you can but. i can predict the future in my dreams im trying to meditate and relax its actually working pls add me im rlly looking forward to you and btw im 12 turning 13 

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In doubt

I found this site when i was looking for ideas to use in a story i'm writing. I am also 13 and i find it hard to believe someone my age can do things as amazing as this. I'm afraid that i am in doubt of all these powers. I am the sort of girl that needs to see it up close in front of my eyes to believe it. If you could show me proof & open my eyes that would be greatly appreiciated. Until then i'm not sure what to believe.  xxx

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Close but no cigar

I have nearly the same thing as you, but my precognition only happens in my sleep. I can easily control wind, although I have not been able to reach wind gusts over 15 mph. I'm 16. I first noticed the precognition when I was 8 and the wind control when i was 13.


You are not alone...

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im also 13 with those powers

im also 13 with those powers

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people with multiple abilities might have a rare extension of empathy known as empathic mimicry. you might be able to copy the abilities of those around you.

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if you can control the wind

if you can control the wind you might be able to control the tempature since wind is caused by the uneven heating of the earth's tempature

try it lol

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me 2!

i can see the future 2 exept not that close 2 the present time sadly

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i think i can too

when i see something happen some time, like riding home from the store, for a couple seconds i get this feeling like, somewhere, ive seen this before, i asked my friends mom about it, and she called it dream flashes, and it happened to ppl born in certain months, and one was febuaray, thats my month, and my frend said that she never had one before, but she was born in january, also, i have another power, if i think about something hard enough, i can make it happen, i one two cakes in a cake walk this way, made my dad let me stay exactly a half hour more at a friends house, and got my name called first to pick a character in our class reading

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i really belive you i see visons to,but my parents don't.when i was small i saw dead people,now i see visons to.i have a friend that sees what i see she said i have to get use to it.i think i have one more power though i can move things with my mind.

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Ishbel Brunnel, that happens

Ishbel Brunnel, that happens to me.......