My abilities - How do I work em'?

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For a few years, I have been aware of a number of abilities I have. Though do not know how to focus/develop them.

My abilities are: aquakenesis((Requires breathing and deep concentration)) Flame control((Not known if I certainly can do this, it requires breathing)) mimicry((Can be done with ease. Controlled by will power. If you have traces of any phsychic abilities, attempt to absorb emotions))

Please. If you can, help me develop these

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  I have the answers you


I have the answers you are looking for.


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Reality changeing with thought!

I need help!!!! Me and my family and friends can change reality with our minds! its a hit and miss thing though! when we think hard enough and have alot of faith in what our thought is it and have a clear mind

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We're each responsible for everything that happens to us but try not to let your mind go wild, cross-referencing everything that ever happened to you. You'll go nuts. We are a magnet for what we think about the most—this includes negative things. This includes subconcious thoughts but the subconcious can be made concious through Yoga and other training. Also, there are books on how to change your fortune by changing your thoughts but you'll still face challenges in your life.

Be mindful of the present moment. This is worth doing. If something bad is happening to you, don't worry, it will pass. 

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I respect you all.

I do not have supernatural abilities, but I wish I did. I respect and accept you. I think the rest of the world is just jealous. Keep strong, guys!

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me too.

I'm not sure if I do have these supernatural abilities. But, I think I'm psychic. My dad doesn't believe me because he's a scientist and he needs proof. I've predicted many things before. They're a bit fuzzy but they happen. I'm not sure if it's a gift or if it's just a coincidence. =]

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me too. i want to know them

me too. i want to know them but i dont know how

this time, we are not giving up. blessing