More Stuff - Delving Deeper Into Real Super Powers

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From aliens, to government programs, to special societies, there's a lot going on in the area of real super powers.

Trials are being conducted to test the limits of human ability.

We've got one such test for you to try. It's to see whether you can predict the future.

You can also learn a trick that mimics telepathy, and a way to get super powers in your dreams!

Learn What Seems Like Telepathy -- A neat trick you can use to solve problems and answer questions.
Zener Cards - A tool used in psychic experiments.
Zener Card Test - Take the test and challenge your precognitive abilities!
Dreamed I Had A Super Power - Learn two ways to get super powers in your dreams!
Encounters With Real Super Powers -- They saw and heard, and spread the word.
Extraterrestrial Super Powers -- Maybe ET can teach us a thing or two.
Getting What You Want -- Super powers help, but they're not required.
How To Get Rich Quick With Time Travel -- Whether it's a power you were born with or a technology you invented, you can use time travel to become richer than you are -- very richer.
Man Lifts Car To Save Baby Girl -- A tale of spontaneous heroic strength.
Photographic Memory -- Only some people have it, and it's a pretty powerful ability.
Ten Ways To Get Kicked Out Of Class For Using Your Super Powers -- How to defeat the drudgery of an ordinary day at school.
The Government Wants You To Get Super Powers -- Let's find out why.
The Society For Psychical Research -- Founded in England in 1882.
The Stargate Program -- From the 1970's through the mid-1990's, the U.S. goverment searched for psychic powers.
World Records -- The upper limits of human potential -- for now.

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