Merchant Care Plus : What we Provide

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Merchant Care Plus provides consulting for your small businesses and decrease your overhead costs and increase your bottom line profits. One of their services theyprovide is eC Cash Advance where a business could receive an upfront lump sum cash advance up to $300,000. Another of their services is Electronic Check Services - Electronic Check Conversion reduce bad checks with verification and guarantee options. eC Medical Advance - Solution designed for the medical professional. Free Merchant Account Services - Business solutions to help you process cash without having to deposit large sums to get started. Card Processing - Retail, Mobile and Online Card Processing eCommerce Gateway - Accept Cards Online from your Web site. Starting as low as FREE. Smart Payments - Payment Processing Plug-In for Quickbooks. Starting as low as FREE! RoamPay - Process Cards from Your iPhone, Blackberry or Droid Wireless Phone. Starting as low as FREE! Merchant Services - Merchant Services for businesses who Accept Cards Face-to-Face. Non-Profit Merchant Services - Merchant Services for Charitable Organizations. To apply or getmore info go to

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