Lodeane Can Make The Wind Blow

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Control Over The Wind

I can control the wind. If I concentrate on a tree the wind blows.

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I seem to be on the threshold of many abilities.

I can do a number of things.

1. I can sense where someone or something is as long as I've seen them before. I can't tell their exact location, but I can tell what direction they're in.

2. I can expel all cold from my body , but it only lasts as long as my eyes are closed. It's like the cold is around me, but not in me.

3. I can focus the wind in certain ways. This may sound strange, but if I'm humming music it works better.

4. Sometimes I just know something without being told.

5. I can make technology work better by focusing on it.

6. Not sure if this counts, but I can hear really well. I can tell when someone's walking in a certain direction and even who they are just by the sound of their footsteps.

These abilities are off-and-on, so I can't always use them when I want to and they aren't very powerful. If you have any tips on using them, please tell me.

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Alright lets take these one

Alright lets take these one by one.

1. Most aerokinetics have a heigtened awareness and extrasensory perception, an instintual feeling of things.

2. Most likely when this is happening you are actually manipulating air molecules around you, changing the area from warmer to cold. It isn't normally heard of in aerokinestics but is possible.

3. Some people have certain triggers to their abilities, most are usually emotional but some can be a physical act.

4. Once again, the heightened awareness.

5. Truthfully on this one i'm not sure, it seems to be a secondary ability, electrokinesis but it doesn't seem to advanced.

6. When you are able to control wind, you can also affect your ability to hear by manipulating the air to focus the soundwaves towards you. This is usually done consciously but can sometimes happen without the user knowing it.

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The wind

I think i can help u but i must know exactly what happens when u get the wind to blow


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My powers

I've learned a lot about my powers since my last post. I don't control the wind, I control momentum. I can absorb and transfer kinetic energy from any moving source. I also seem to be able to shoot a moving target easily, but not one that's sitting still.