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"Kenesis" is the ability to move matter or objects through non-physical means, otherwise brain power. This ability, when obtained, allows a person to move certain types of matter at their own will. Several types of Kenesis' are known, such as:
Telekinesis - The ability to move objects with the mind.
Geokinesis - The ability to move earth and minerals with the mind.
Pyrokinesis - The ability to control thermal energy (fire) with the mind.
Cryokinesis - The ability to control the molecular energy of matter around you (thus generating ice) with the mind.
Electrokinesis - The ability to control electrical energy with the mind. This can occasionally inhibit small forms of technopathy.
Chronokinesis - The ability to control the fourth dimention of space with the mind. (time).
Magnokinesis - The ability to generate and control electromagnetic fields and pulses with the mind.

These abilities all have in common a few traits. They all control natural forms and forces of matter, and they're all done with certain centers of the brain that we inexplicably have access to.

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