Judgment Collection Services

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If you've won a judgment in civil court but have not been able to collect, you might be able to file a lien against the defendant's property. This is a tricky procedure that doesn't generate immediate cash, but it might be your only option. Unfortunately, the law doesn't provide many legal remedies to winners of civil court judgments, and demands only go so far - even when they come from a judge.

Civil Judgment

Once you have enforced your judgment, you will then be ready to begin proceeding to collect. You will need to get a Writ of Execution from a Maine court in order to begin the enforcement process. Once you have received the document from the courts, you will then need to take this to the county clerk's office and fill out the form you require for the state of Maine.

The creditor may have the legal right to advertise that the judgment debtor owes him/her money. Since the judgment is a public record, there may be no privacy issues involved. As per the first amendment, the creditor may be allowed to picket the property. However, he/she needs to ensure that this is done peacefully. However, there could be restrictions on how, when and where the person may add the picket. For instance, the creditor may not be allowed to picket the front of the debtor’s property in some cases. One may find out from the local municipality if there are any rules that he/she needs to follow.

Paul Schurick, the Ehrlich campaign manager, was found guilty on all four charges brought against him in December 2011, yet Henson was recently acquitted of three of the four charges brought against him by a Baltimore City jury. After speaking with Julius by phone, he contends that he could not have been deposed for this civil case, as it was being conducted while he still faced criminal charges; therefore, he invoked his fifth amendment rights against self-incrimination, yet was still found guilty as all of his lawyer's motions and objections were dismissed by Judge Blake. 'I'm dumbfounded as to how the legal process and these procedures were conducted in getting this conviction, but am confident it will not stand,' says Henson, who has said he plans to appeal the measure, eventually having it heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Judgment Enforcement

Sometimes it can go further than real estate. You can find judgements that may be put against bank accounts and even your pay. It's a nasty thing but the law is the law. Personal property can also be taken away to pay off creditors. Usually, the company that is owed income will have the local sheriff involved to collect and sell the personal property. This is often vehicles, boats, trailers, furniture, and so on.

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Sacramento County - has a very quick and efficient Civil Sheriff department.



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