Introduction - Super Powers And You

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Part of what is so intriguing about super powers has to do with the consequences of suddenly coming to possess them. Whatever the power might be, it most definitely has the potential to unleash a whirlwind of change that could completely alter your life, and perhaps the world as well.

Just imagine if you awoke one morning to find that you suddenly could do something you could never do before -- something you never even dreamed of being able to do -- something no one else on earth can do.

Let's say, for example, that you just somehow attained super speed. That's like winning the lottery. You could do anything! If you had some responsibility that you weren't really looking forward to, you could accomplish it in the blink of an eye. Bam! Done. You'd have so much more free time! Not only that, but wouldn't you feel safer knowing that if you had to, you could just zip right out of a bad scene? No one could touch you. And along with super speed comes -- a super metabolism! No calorie counting -- ever. No trouble losing weight. It would be keeping it on that would be difficult.

But enough of this pleasant dream. Many of us have thought about it. It's also true we didn't touch upon the potential downsides. But how realistic is this scenario, really?

Given our current knowledge, the answer is, "Not very." However, there are other super abilities that are not so difficult to imagine being real. Telekinesis, telepathy, rapid learning... These are only a few of the many advanced human capabilities that have yet to achieve standardized use. But just because something doesn't come standard, doesn't mean it isn't available...

Learn A Few Super Power Basics

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