How To Develop My Power?

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I need some ways to develop my power! My ability is Aerokinesis... Plz HELP!!!!?!?!?

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Here's help

Now this is one of my strong areas, i have had previous aerokinetic experience mostly during my adolescent years...The key to aerokinesis is to feel freedom...extreme concentration will not work in aerokinesis...the only thing really needed is consciousness and intent. Because the wind is such a "fluid" (and i use the term loosely) element like water, being harsh or strict would only break the wind up, you would not build up a steady flow, nor would you be able to accomplish any other energetic feats due to disappointment that would come of failure to acheive your goal...But like i said before feel the freedom of the wind,also spend some time outside in the breeze, become accustomed to experiencing what it feels like, let the wind flow with you acting merely as a firm yet gentle and you will be well on your way to developing your aerokinetic abilities. Also dont forget to meditate and use visualization...see yourself using aerokinesis when you visualize and do it often...

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Pretty much everything nicotheempath said is a good idea, but instead of just seeing yourself useing the wind and the air become the wind and the air.  Become the element you seek to control.


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just a side note

Nameless i meant that along with attuning himself to the wind element and practicing aerokinesis, Windy should visualize himself using it. It has been proven that visualization of a skill aids in training the skill.