Posting Guidelines

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You must be aware of the following guidelines when posting on Real Super Powers.

Post Types

There are a few different ways to post. This list will identify each one.

Type of Post Details
Blog Entry Each registered user has their own blog, in which they can post whatever they feel like (within reason). Update us on your life, things you've noticed or heard, or how you're feeling.
Book Page Real Super Powers uses Drupal Book Pages to mimic a Wiki-type environment. You can post new pages to the site to add information where it is lacking. To accomplish the same goal, you can also edit existing pages.
Forum Topic Our forums area is where you can exchange information directly with other users. If you've got an issue that you'd like to actively share, and there isn't already a topic dedicated to it, you can start one.

Please be aware that as this site is now open to user-generated content, we must all adhere to the same guidelines held by sites like Wikipedia. No information is to be copied directly unless being quoted and sourced. Please write things in your own words.

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