Dream Shapeshifting.

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I keep having a dream, not always the same, that i shapeshift into animals. I'm 13, and i am pretty sure i have weather manipulation, and maybe future telling. But do you think there could be a chance i could shapeshift? There not always the same dream, but always the same animals, i think one of them is some sort of smallish animal Fox/Wolf/Dog/Cat, and another is a bird, i think its a peragrine falcon or somthing and the last one is a water mammel an otter or somthing.

What do you think?


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Not all dreams have a

Not all dreams have a meaning to them. Infact, most don't, not even reoccuring ones. Shape Shifting is a really big stretch, and the dreams are most likely a subconscious way for your mind to express your want to be able to shape shift.

Follow your bliss, and the world will open doors where only walls were.
- Joseph Campbell

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Shape Shifting

Shape Shifting is simialr to invisibily because it has the same rules to it. Invisibility is where you mirror all the light coming to towards you to create a camoflage. Shapeshifting is changing the light in different ways to make you appear as someone or something else.

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That's a negative, Kristian.

It is not like Invisibility at all. If a person can do that, then they're not a Shape Shifter, rather they're an Illusionist. The ability to Shape Shift is said to be possible for for those that have been bitten by certain creatures, thoroughly known today as the "Were Wolf". The ability was said to be developed by the Devil himself, a real evil work of art. Shape Shifting allows the user to alter the user's body to their choosing, but unlike Illusions, these alteration should be in fact real. So Kristian. Please do some research before you start on a Ranting Rampage. At this rate people will start thinking you're pulling this out of your @#!. ;)

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Heyy, WOAH. We (Lycans/Werewolves) are NOT evil at all! Plus, shapeshifting is impossible.

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Shape Shifting

Sorry. What I meant was sort of bending the light to create a certain appearance.

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Kind of

Kind of confusing maybe its because you've been seeing a lot of animals lately?

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weather manipulation


me and my friend have been expirencing weather manipulation powers. i control the winds and she controls the rain and snow.  i knew we werent alone

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YESSSSSSSSSSS im not alone i have the ability to heal my body from cuts

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i can also heal only i've been around for over 500 years.

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wow living for 500 years...

wow living for 500 years... i can change my powers based on mood...but healling WOW

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dude really?? well i can change my powers depending by mood but LIVING FOR 500 YEARS!!! wow