Copper Roof Shingles

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The planet is full of copper lovers, and lovers of the copper roof are by no signifies an exception. There are basically two different forms of copper roof you can buy, there is the solid copper roof that consists solely of sheet copper on your roof. It is incredibly resilient to weathering and will protect your property for decades but it is incredibly costly, as you can think about. On the other hand, copper roof shingles are produced by attached sheets of copper around normal asphalt shingles. All in all, the price is likely to perform out much less than a slate roof but once the copper roof shingles have aged and been weathered they will take on the magnificent green appear that only copper can create.

Can gutters I use copper roof shingles?

1 of the positive aspects that copper roof shingles offer more than other forms of long lasting roofs, especially the solid copper roof, is that the shingles are basically surprisingly light and most roofs and structures can typically cope with the load admirably. As lengthy as you are prepared to spend around $4 per square foot (compared to $1 for normal asphalt but up to $15 for strong copper) there is unlikely to be any very good explanation why you can not use copper roof shingles on your roof.

What sort of life can I expect from copper roof shingles? This is a thing of a confusing problem. Asphalt roof shingles will ordinarily only last 20 years, but covered in copper sheeting the life of the asphalt shingles can quickly be extended to amongst 30 and 40 years. In spite of this, the copper sheet itself will last an typical of about 150 years. Undoubtedly the copper roof shingles themselves will only last as extended as the asphalt roof shingles that are discovered underneath the copper.

The price of copper roof shingles.

Copper roof shingles are by no gutters means a low cost alternative to other types of roofing but if you like the appear of copper and you want a longer life than asphalt shingles can offer then copper roof shingles are an exceptional choice. The copper sheet doesnt an excellent job of safeguarding the asphalt shingles underneath proficiently giving them an extended life of about 30 to 40 years. The copper sheeting also protects the shingles from most general put on and tear which means that with good, normal maintenance you wont need to have to have repairs completed too commonly. On a yearly basis copper roof shingles do function out affordable but not general and not for the initial installation.

homepage Standard asphalt roof shingles typically cost around $1 per square foot, whereas solid copper roofing will set you back about $15 per square foot. Copper roof shingles are available at roughly $4 to $five per square foot so they are 4 times significantly more high-priced than asphalt but significantly less costly than a full strong copper roof. Yet, you are undoubtedly paying for the eye-catching looks of a copper roof but for less money than covering the entire roof in an high-priced metal.

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