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imdabest453's picture

{~lil miz kutiee~} :-* OK I

{~lil miz kutiee~} :-* OK I NEED HELP TO FIND OUT IF I EVEN HAVE A POWER SOOO sumone email meh at plzzzzzz I NEED HELP ! :(

Electricman's picture


I have heard normal people can get powers...can some one teach me an element or time? Please.

coven2097's picture

If you want to get powers,

If you want to get powers, 1i 1suggest 1you 1go1to 1Malkiel 1will 1help 1you 1out.



Tra la la la la-la-la...

bright_ninja7531's picture

what powers do you want to learn

psychic,elemental,mind control,teleinesis

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CHUCKY GT's picture

cool comments


cool comments

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CHUCKY GT's picture




Anonymous's picture

Um confused do I have dormant powers?

Ok so I'm 14 and about 2 months ago I was having a swimming lesson and I was swimming frontcrawl and I had this sudden huge amount of energy ball up inside me. Literally I could all this energy inside my chest like a force and I felt so alive and infinetly strong it was amazing. The one thing I need to know is do I have some kind of dormant power and if so what could it be or am I crazy and that was nothing. I would really like to know, and if anyone does can they email me at

theowl520's picture


You would probably have hydrokinesis. 

theowl520's picture


you know, moving water. 

Divisionary's picture


you wont get a reply from that person, they left about 2 yrs ago



Ulric's picture


Ok i'll explain this the best i can. I am 16 years old i'm about 6'3 245. I think i have some rage thing i don't really don't know what to call it but i'll explain some events.

I have to older brothers one That is around 6'3 to and about my weight to. Me and him get in fights alot but therethere was this time where i was just sick of bein pushed arounds so we were fighting and he was on top of me and i don't really remember anything because my vision started to get hazy and then it goes black so i don't remember the fight till i snap back out of it and we are across the room and i am on top of him beating the crap out of him and then i freaked out and ran into the bathroom and locked the door because i was shaking horribley and my whole body was hot. After the fight my younger brother and mother told me how i pushed him off and i just started screaming and hitting him and then i pushed my younger brother out of the way and started attacking my brother again they didn't explain it much except like i was just crazy and yelling and wouldn't stop hitting my brother.

Then there was this time when me and my friend wur fighting and he got me in this wrestling move i couldn't get out of he's a little shorter than me and weighs about 170 well i did it again i went into that haze thing but that time i remember it and i just stood up with his body wrapped around my head then i ripped him off and threw him against the wall and then i just he just layed there and i snapped out of it.

there's been a couple more of these incidents just tell me if you wanna know more.

ok there's one more thing that happens to me.

I'll be doing things just going about my day and at the most randomest times out of the corner of my eye i see these people almost like a shadow of a person come in and out of the world like they're walking between places.

Example there was this one time where me and my friends wur driving around and infront of us out of no where this man i can describe him he was bald and wore a black button up shirt and blue jeans he was muscular but that's all i could see of him it happened so fast he looked right at me it seemed and he started running at the car and i freaked i screamed for my friend to watch out but it was to late i thought they hit him but a black flash kinda blinded me and then he was gone i freaked out my friend stopped the car and asked what was wrong they didn't see him.

Most of my expierences weren't as clear as that most of them are like shadows of people moving around me and when i make a move towards them or pay attention to them the disapear.

This rage thing and seeing things is about all but ever since i've been seeing these figures my deja vu has become more realistic and happens almost on a weekly basis its weird like sometimes when things happen to me i know what it is and what will happen shortly after.

don't know what all this is it might just be me bein stupid but i googled super powers and found this sight so i reall thought i could talk to someone i haven't told anyone cept my bestfriend but he doesn't know all my expierences just the ones i listed here so please help

My email is message me or comment this i need help and resources for ways to learn



Anonymous's picture

Do i have a power?

hi i am 14 and i am in highschool. Sometimes i feel like i notice things that nobody else does, like a curtain person in a crowd or someone staring at me and a lot of other things too. I dont know if this is a super power but if it is please reply.

Anonymous's picture

Me either

Me too. I don`t know what`s that and i`m confused. I see things that others see later and fell or see people who are staring at me and that`s creepy. From moments to moments i can see everything even a needle what`s going on someone please tell me!

Anonymous's picture


Gosh, I can't believe I'm gonna talk about this here, but okay.:I want to know if I have powers or something. Or maybe if I'm crazy. That might work too.Time Travel: My friend and I where sitting in the kitchen. (This was a long time ago, so I don't remember exact details.) And I went and looked at the clock. It said something like '4:35', 'course my friend is a stalker (j/k for you serious people!) she followed me. We sat back down. I got up a few minutes after getting my guest some food and KA-POW the clock says '4:32'. I freaked out and called over my friend, and she freaked out. We ended up running out of the house. :3Precognition: I had a dream when I was really little, and a few years after it was true! (Like a de-javu (sp?) feeling, but I remembered the dream) Plus lots-'o-de-javu.SCARINESS!: Okay, I am having a moment over here, but I swear this is true. I'm really freaked because I'm very paranoid and am not sure what might happen if I type this.: So my family and I are moving and I was going through my closet. I picked up a old TINY mirror from what I thought to be my old click-its set I got rid of. So, me being me I tried to see myself in it. I scrunched up one eye and peered through the other and eye. Then I saw 'my eye' blink. At first it didn't bother me because I didn't think about it. Then I did. How can I see myself blink if I have one eye scrunched up? Yeah, you can't. I threw the mirror in the trash pile. After sitting there in shock for a few seconds. And got outta there! PLEASE HELP ME! That eye thing is really scary and I'm only 13! 

Laurence-Thompson's picture


try to forget about it.

Anonymous's picture

Im scared out of my life help me!

I've been having some really strang stuff happen to me latley. Things that I can not explain. Yesterday I had a friend come over. She was hanging out in my room and I was grabbing something in the kitchen. About 10 minuets after I got back my friend asks me if a have a radio. I ask her why she wanted to know and she said that she wanted to listen to some music. I did to so just as I said 'Let me go turn the radio on' it turned on to my favorite station. I had never used the radio befre because I perfere to listen to my ipod.

Today another unusual event happened in school. It was after lunch and I had been sitting in my classroom for about ten or fifteen minuets. I suddenly begin to get really hot. I thought it might have just been me and I was just not used to the heat inside the room (it was a cold day).

When are teacher gave us the rest of the period to work on whatever we'd like one of m friends came to hang out with me. (A different one from the first) We were messing around and she tried to grab the pencil I was using. When she touched my hand she imediatly shrank away. I asked her what was wrong and she said I was urning up and that I should go to the nurses. I told her that I felt fine, but I had to go up there any way. They took my temperature and I was almost rushed to the hospital because my tempature was 119 f.

The last one is the creepiest. It was last week in Math class. I was really frustrated because my friends was being a totalt jerk to me latley. I had just finished unpacking and just put my back pack into the cubby. I was walking back to my desk and two of my classmate were messing around and wrestling. I was mildly annoyed and the fatter one was shoved into me. I pushed him off me and not knowing was happened next, but he was on the floor on the other side of the classroom.

Later on people told me that  I lifted him up and threw him across the class room. He had to go to the burses but luckily nothing was wrong, but he had a big bruise on his leg.

Any theries are anything?

yowyowyowza's picture


you probably have internal thermal powers (forget the name for that) and berserkang, or super strength, etc, released by adrenaline


somethin's gonna change my world...jai guru deva

Anonymous's picture

Really Confused

i was in my gf college dorm an i went to get somthin to drink an grabbed a bottle of water an it was frooze i jus thought she had maybe put it in the freezer an decided to place it in the refrigirator so i grab another an look to se if it was frooze an it wasnt so when i placed my hand around the body of the bottle the whole bottle froze but i felt warm so i grabbed another an it frose i saved the last bottle to show her an i told her to check an look it over to see if it was froze or had any ice in in it an she said no an threw it back an right as soon as i caught the bottle it froze the water inside an she freaked out askin me how i did it an tell me to show her cuz it was awesome but i scared an confused on how i did comes an goes really

Anonymous's picture


I am 17 years old, and I have lived a very strange life. The powers that I suspect I possess are nothing special (Sensing the feelings of others through touch, dampening psychic abillities, learning new things very quickly (Which may just be a side effect of my intelligence, but I will count it any way) lately I have been able to with stand frigid temperatures by thinking myself warm and I dream the future every once in a while.) but they are there none the less. I just wanted to add my voice to all those who welcome those that are just discovering their abillities. Know that you are not alone, there are many of us. I urge you all to seek ways to further yourself, I have used martial arts, chi-kung and the other kungs (Leaping, Iron forearm and running kung are the ones I have used.) and the most important of all, seek ways to improve your mind. For with out a stable mind to anchor them, your abillities will whither and be nothing but mild oddities. We are the children of a new age, and in the years to come more and more like you and I will surface. Our world is changing (I have dreamt it, and seen it in messages written in frost on the outside of my window (which is located on the second floor)) and we with it. A time of great change (Be it good, or be it bad) is here, and it is the task of all man kind to stand fast. But do not forget that the trees that bend, are the ones to survive the storm. Your friend, -IFS 

Nik462's picture


I have no idea wat my power is i don't know if i have one. i just don't understand.

My mom used to do black magic when she was a teenager. I don't know if it went in me or wat.

My roomis like 10 degrees and it is nice and warm to me. i love the cold.

I always have day ja vu. Almost everyday.

If anyone understands this out there message me at i'm so confused.

I want to know my power.

canttell's picture

maybe i can help

i do the same thing i went oujtside during the -20 degress celcius, i just take on the role of warm air or warm water and im not cold. i even had ice forming on my hands and i wasnt cold

Anonymous's picture

i think i have powers

Well Im not exactly sure what it is but i have flash

backs (and flash frounts all the time).    Not only that but when Im in a hurry and I concentrait  hard enough time seems to slow down   and I mean a lot.  Im not the only one i know like this myfriend cornilous is the same way. I started working on controling them.  I can (at times) move things with my mind. About a month ago i was working in my class room. There was an annoying kid next to me tapping his pencil i gave him a mean look and looked at the pencil then my brain was throbing suddenly the pencil flew from his han and hit a teacher ( this is one of many ,around 5, times this has happened Im just hopeing im not the only one out there. Write me back if you think you are.  

PlasticinePorters's picture

my power.

Um, hi. I think I've got a power, but I'm not really sure what you'd call it. My name is Portia, and I'm a 15-year-old female student. I've had a few run-ins with my power:

One time in school a student in my class had stolen a teacher's wallet. We were all forced to sit in our seats while she and another teacher inspected our bags. I was looking at everyone else, being bored, when my eyes went to this girl I know named Sarah, and suddenly my head started to hurt. I continued to stare, and the more I did the more it was painful. Finally Sarah turned to look me right in the eye, and my head really started throbbing. I said out loud, "Sarah, just tell them where it is". It turns out she'd been hiding it in her locker.

Another time was when my older cousin introduced me to her new boyfriend. He seemed pretty okay and was really friendly, though as the minutes passed as we hung around the house, I started to feel less comfortable around him. Soon, whenever he looked at me, I got fidgety and extremely anxious. I couldn't even look at him straight. I got the same headache. After he left, I told my cousin that he probably wasn't as good as he appeared, which of course she dismissed. Later on I found out that he already had another girlfriend while he was dating her.

Like I said, I don't know what to call this. I haven't really done much research, and I'd appreciate any help. Thanks.

Anonymous's picture

Your power

This sounds like a branch of empathy maybe something closly related. Empathy should allow you to feel the emotions of anouther person so its likely your feeling there guilty conscience. This if improved upon could be used in detective work etc. Try getting 2 friends to help practice. One to take something the other not taking anything. Then try to get the correct person, multiple times of course, if this doesnt work try  finding if its emotions your reading or just there conscience. Reaserch helps alot also! hope i also helped and good luck.

Anonymous's picture


i'm not completely sure if im gifted but sometimes in my sleep I'll see something and if something happens in real life I remember doing it before even if I know I havnt done it...this is weird and also If im in a graveyard or old house I feel something but cant explain it does anyone know how I can learn to control this gift? contact me at

Anonymous's picture

Please help

I will not reveil my name but i will tell you that I am gifted. Ever since i was a young child i felt different than my other friends. Things such as my deja-vu dreams where i have a dream about anything and sometime in the future it will come true. I have also been able to sense and sometimes see spirits maybe around my house or just outside and most times it scares the crap out of me. But my most recent occurence was when i was in my living room and I stretched out my arm and it felt different. It felt as if I was being electrocuted and when I looked down at my hand it was inflamed and some parts of my skin were lighter than others. I recognized this because when I was younger I stuck a key into an electrical socket and my hand looked the same way. Ever since that incident my phone and ipod have been dying extremely quick. I tested this just to make sure it wasn't a bad battery or anything so I left them in my room. My phone (which normaly dies in less than a day on me when not in use) stayed alive for 5 days. My Ipod stayed alive for 2 days longer than it  normally did when i didn't have it on me on sleep mode. So..... I say all this because I tried everything by myself and my parents don't believe me and I need help. I need to see if this is real or if it is just my over active imagination, but I do think that it is real and I feel it. To contact me send me an email at Please anyone if you think you can help me don't be afraid to contact me I won't shock you :) 

Anonymous's picture


listen ever since i was 6 i could do just about anything travel threw time,make electricity,firballs,water ,take in their life force, u  must  look within yourself u must learn kung fu and find iner peace if u dont u will ether never be able to use your gifts or die i sence the power in u dont fail me

Electricman's picture


Please teach me some powers I know it is possible for a normal person to attain them. Please teach me a power. :)

Anonymous's picture

guidance wanted

can anyone tell me the best way to develop my powers?

also, is there a way to test your powers to see if they're real, or how strong they are?

drop me a line at: i would love to talk to more people like me!


Anonymous's picture


well, you can take different tests, to see what your natural element is. Then after that, you can try to control or use the things that have to do with that element


J Bils's picture


I got earth.... what, Do I control earth now??

nuniboi225's picture


how and where can i take this test

someone_one25's picture


does anyone else here think they can do something with time but they're not sure??

mayhemkid's picture

i do

i always thought i could do somthing like that but im not sure

Anonymous's picture

time control

i think i can slow time down if you can to tell me

time stopper's picture


i can time stop u wont no it

time stopper's picture

i do

i have time control but i need to test them so please help find a test for me or something

Paradox's picture

Can you time travel?   If

Can you time travel?


If nothing is impossible then wouldn't finding something impossible be impossible. Think twice before you say 'Nothing is impossible'

Anonymous's picture


I have the ability to feel other peoples emotions and their five basic senses. Does anyone else have this ability? I feel like a loner amongst loners here.

cyprisdeath's picture

yea i sence others feelings too we are called empaths

yea i can feel others feelings and pain and i can sence death before it happens you and i are empaths

Anonymous's picture


this is the first time on this site i get wot most of u lot r saying and i also feel wot overs feeling i dnt like it coz most of the time i feel deprest coz i feel they pain in sme sence of the word but i try 2 change how they fill so sme thng good comes from it

Anonymous's picture

i dont I have super strength

i dont I have super strength even though im very small for my age. I always break everything doors,tvs,desks,whenever I get angry i always get carried away and break everything and everyone gets so scared because i throw desks huge dictionaries and stuff like that because i have anger issues. Im always an outsider i have friends but they don't understand me  like whenever i get mad the teachers call the cops and my class mates hide under desks. Also my  body is more develped for a kid my age i run faster i jump higher im stronger and smarter than a normal person. plz is there anyone out there like me?:(


Anonymous's picture

me to sorta

i also have anger issues and last time I got really mad i punched my locker and i didn't feel it and then i nailed a chair with my foot and it flew up in they air and i caught it then anther time my freind was beinging a jerk and he pushed me into a girl and i got furious and i pushed  him and he flew i am also more delvoped than kids my age im 11yrs and if u want to chat heres my yahoo see yah!!

Anonymous's picture

I use to be in witch craft.

I use to be in witch craft. I also had the same problem when I got mad I could throw things that were to heavy if I was not mad, I could not pick them up. After I became a christian the angr was less. I also was told I had bbd which is Border Line personality disorder. I also had an explosive disorder with thoes the body goes into survial mode because we feel lke were beging attacked and we want to defend ourselves. it sometimes is just us taping into or own hidden strength. When I started loving Christ he became my strength, I did not have to always try to be my own strengh. And sometimes it's demons using us and tacking over. Love God is a good cure.