Ask Nostradamus

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Me:are you that stupid ?
him:very doubtful
me:very doubtful of what ?

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emma frost

Am i emma frost?

defintely yes.

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N€w@g£. I asked nos' if

N€w@g£. I asked nos' if he's dead. He said "it has been decided in your favour." lolz, confused dude.

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I aksed if he was @#!

I aksed if he was @#!

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i asked if he was gay

i asked him if he was @#! and he said yes 

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I asked him if it was July 28 2011 and he said "yes, it is certain". Today I'd July 28 2011. Freeeeeky!

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Me: Do you like pussies?

Nos: You may rely on it.

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Me: Are you a peanut? Nos:

Me: Are you a peanut?

Nos: My reply is no

Doesn't get any realer than that my friends, xD


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me: iz my name bob?

nos: yes-definatly

pah dis dudes a lier, my name iz rose xD


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{~lil miz kutiee~} :-* Lol.!

{~lil miz kutiee~} :-*

Lol.! :D

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Me:Will i survive 2012?                                                            Him:My sources say No                                                            Me:Is your prediction in 2012 real?                                          Him: My reply is no  

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Me: Did you poop yourself?
Him: Yes
Me: Really?
Him: Better not tell you now
Me: Ha, you did poop yourself, right?
Him: No.
Me: Pooper pants
Him: My sources say no.
Me: Lier!
Him: Yes, definetly


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me: if a tree falls in the

me: if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does 1it 1make 1a 1sound?

1Nos.: 1sources 1say 1yes


1this 1man 1is 1a 1genius.

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Me:Are You An Idiot

Him: Yes

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Me:Are You An Idiot

Him: Yes

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Me:do you sometimes wonder who the hell you pissed off to land you this boring and stupid job?Him:without a doubt.Me:I thought so

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Haha! You guys make me crack up!

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I love you guys.  You're all crazy.  lol.

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Me: Am I dumb?

Him: Do you dare finding out?

Me: No

Him: My sources say no

Me: But that's what I said

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i asked 'r u a perv' .... he said ur chances are are good

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he stuttered?

he stuttered?

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whell yea

but its 2 b expected from a simple program

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i asked

do you eat little girls and he said "it is decidedly so"

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i hope

he knew what i actually meant

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1I 1ask,"1can 1I 1use

1I 1ask,"1can 1I 1use 1magic? 1and 1he 1says 1yes, 1I 1ask 1if 1I 1have 1a 1spirt 1powr, 1again, 1yes, 1then 1I 1ask 1if 1he 1is 1just 1saying 1that 1to 1get 1in 1my 1pants,1 he 1says, "1cann't 1predict 1now

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funnier than mine

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i asked if he will suck my

i asked if he will suck my d***

he say my sorces say no

then i asked will u suck my friends d***

he say most deffinatly

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I asked him, "Do I exist?"...

and he said, "Outlook not so good".

I think he means "no".


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This guy is hilarious

My friend and I have been asking him all the unappropiate questions and he was in favor of all of them! Nostradamus is a perv!

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i asked "are you @#!?"and said "it has been decided in your favor"..........

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hes a LIAR!!

I asked: "do you always tell the truth?" and he answered: "no"... lol

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What a Perv!!!

I asked him if
When he got married did he suck his @#!?
he said
if thats what u really want
@#! assed pervert!

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i asked will i help the world

he said we may never know

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Oh, how magical!

"Are you a paedophile?"

"that makes a good deal of sense."

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I asked him "will people with gifts will form a legion" he said "yes" hmmm

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That was my questions

I have powers? (obviamente creo)

*Me dijo que la respuesta a esa pregunta era obvia*

My powers change the world?

That makes a good deal of sense


Pregunté de nuevo

I have powers?

It has already been taken care of 


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I asked him if he was horny for an orgasm with a boy and he said "if you move soon." Nostradamus you perv! LOL.

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I asked him if he was embaressed that he pooed his pants last night, and he said "do you dare risk finding out?" LOL

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i ask him if anyone in the world had super powers he said very doubtful.

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i wonder if hes just being sarcastic

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You Anonymous guys are funny.


Mankind doesn't fear us because we are different. They fear us because we are the ones who shall change the world. ~Primal

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I said "are you just another program with automated responses?"


He said

"Without a doubt"

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same here:))

same here:))

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He's still alive!!

I said "How do you work? You are dead."

He said "Don't count on it."


He said "Without a Doubt."

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I asked 'are you wrong'

I asked 'are you wrong'

answer; yes definately.

 that pretty much ends it lol

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i had a whole conversation with this dude, including NON Yes or No questions and he answered accurately!!!

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i asked if i were a guy and

i asked if i were a guy and it said yes... I AM FEMALE

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uh no...

dude! i asked him if i was a guy and he said "Most likely." IM A GIRL!!!

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this thing

this thing doesn't tell you anything

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Oh wow. A digital magic 8

Oh wow. A digital magic 8 ball. Hooray.