Anonymous Visitor From Spain, The Speed Learner And Behavior Predictor

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Speed Learning, Interpersonal Behavior Prediction

Hello. I am from Spain. This is the first time I call it "superpowers", because I never called "that" with this name. There is something about me that marked all my life: fast learning of anything. I mean REALLY fast.

I use it a lot, because in my job I often act as a teacher for specialists in different disciplines... Disciplines that I learn the day before.

It's something weird about it... I learn anything very fast because it's as if I already knew it. It's like if learning it I was just like remembering it.

There are other things I do. I can predict the behavior or thoughts of most of the people (not everyone). It's like I can examine a mind and extrapolate its reactions. Like if you can read a pattern and use it to calculate a person's mind. This works with some people, and with some others it doesn't.

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not Intuitive aptitude

!what !you !have !is !that !you're !copying !the !abilty !to !learn !a !skill !from !those !around !you !not !the !skill !itself !but !the !capacity !to !be !natrual !at !the !skil !you !are !getting !inside !their !head !a !bit !allowing !you !to !better !predict !their !next !move

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I seem to have this power

I seem to have this power also.

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That is very interesting, you and i share the same ability.

How can i get in contact with you?

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Not quite so advanced

I do learn rather quickly but I'm not so sure its...'speed learning'. I dont feel like I have already learned something before...supposedly in all of my past lives I have been a tyrant...a king or revolution leader of some sort. The last one was a mob boss. I do often know parts of languages and I cant remember where I learned them from. Is there a good way to increase this ability if I have it at all?

~The rules of the world were meant to be broken. The rules of physics are simply guidelines. Every astronomer untill the most recent has been proved wrong. We once thought the world was flat...whats to say a human can't achieve unimaginable potential.~

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Intuitive Aptitude.

Same ability as me. I can understand loads of complex things, can remember loads of distant memories, that were quite insignificant. It's also connected to Empathy (feeling other's emotions), Pretty good ability.

If you think everything's possible, I invite you to try slamming a revolving door.

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speed learning?

what i think is: people who say they learn really fast or already know things without learning them are those who were reincarnated (sorry if i spelled that wrong). "...its as if i already knew it." yeah- you already learned a lot in your past life. i feel this way sometimes myself. i dont know if everyone is reincarnated... but it makes sense doesnt it? you learned a lot in your past life... and your super smart in this one.


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I have the exact same thing. I tend to repeat entire conversations from years ago, very helpful in arguements. I do get frustrated with the feeling of not really learning anything new, the excitement of new discoverys evades me.

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do u ever feel as though ur brain is working differently?

sometime i do, because ill try to explain somthing to someone but they don't know what i am saying

i remember lots of things that i herd from places along time ago

and if i smell a familiar sent i know exactlly where i remember it from and the surroundings in the memory at the blint of an eye

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Me Too

i think i get the same thing, i was looking all over the internet to find out i anyone was experiencing the same things. it is so kool i found u. at fist i thought it was clairvoyance. if im talking to someone on the internet i can some what put together a picture of what they look like just by the way they type and talk. if u know what this is called or more info PLEASE! let me know, thanx


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id call it having an

id call it having an intuitive understanding of things. intuition is defined as knowldge acquired without concsious just know. that is very useful and can be applied to learn anything. think about that one. is knowledge is power then....