Amrita The Precognitive Dreamer

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Dream Precognition

I see the future in my dreams, 'precognition.' I've seen many things that came true.

I saw a dream about a guy named Andrew Alexandra. In my dream he was a professor, with girls all around him. He had dark hair, he looked middle aged, and had slight hair on his cheeks. He doesn't shave or something. I found him on Google after this dream. His name is Andrew Alexandra. He's a professor for University of Melbourne. He's a doctor. He researches.

He teaches in the philosophy department. I saw the dream on June 8 2005. He joined teaching staff in 2003.

His picture looks exactly like the man in my dream. I've never seen this man in my entire life. I don't know what to make out of this.

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thats realy cool my i believe u cause i had it to

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When you said that the professor was from Melbourne, did you mean Melbourne, Australia or Melbourne, Florida, U.S.?

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I dont know what to make of that either. You are very lucky.

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That's kind of freaky, but

That's kind of freaky, but to be honest, the same things happen to me.  I dream about people or events that I often see the very next day!  The weird thing is, I have NEVER seen or heard of any of these things.

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Hi. You can see in your dream from in the future or what?

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Don't know what it is but i looked up the guy you were talking about... and its weird but i might have found something that i'm suppose to do.. to help someone. If u did some checking up on him let me know because i have the strangest feeling he could be a petafile or somethin like that

Let me know if u wanna talk...


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I have this power

I once had a dream that one of my closest friends would sprain/break her wrist. The next day she cam to school with a cast on her wrist. Another time I was dreaming about a man he had been looping a rope around his neck and about to kill himself. The next day on the news there was a story about a hanging suicide the night before. It freaked me out.

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I would suggest you should

I would suggest you should check up on this man, remember his name. I dont know if you should contact him or not, but this is entirely up to you.

Maybe he was trying to contact you through Lucid Dreaming.

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its common

I have found quite a few people on this with that power. i have it too but the events in my dreams happen to me.