Alpha Thinking

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The beauty of this ability is that we all do it naturally, and with practice, we can learn to harness its awesome power.

Alpha Thinking is a technique that involves learning to reach a dreamlike state at will, while maintaining conscious direction over your thoughts. People who have mastered this report being able to remember things in far greater detail. Some go as far as to say they can remotely diagnose illnesses by "seeing" in their mind's eye affected regions of a friend or stranger's body. Others have claimed that use of Alpha Thinking allows them to spontaneously read minds. Another technique involves imagining a desired scenario and surrounding the situation (or a specific person) with white light. This may simply be a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) method that helps convince them and them alone that what they wish will come true. But it might also be a sort of energy transmission. Someone once described a young man they had meditated on. The guy was having a rough time, emotionally, so the Alpha Thinker remotely imagined a change in behavior. The results were so striking that the Alpha Thinker vowed never to do anything like that again. The guy's behavior did change, but so thoroughly as to make that specific Alpha Thinking method seem ethically questionable.

Alpha Thinking Books

The Silva Mind Control Method is pretty nearly pure instruction. Jose Silva basically came up with his techniques decades ago and taught neighborhood kids how to use Alpha Thinking to improve their grades. One girl is said to have spontaneously read his mind after receiving the training. At one point he describes how falling asleep he saw a brilliant glow surrounding some numbers. The next day he bought a lottery ticket and won $10,000, which he used to support his research and radio repair business.

The Power of Alpha Thinking: Miracle of the Mind is one guy's firsthand look at the former "craze" of meditation courses and training in Alpha Thinking. He starts out skeptical, then sees the power behind the systems. He does more research, and you follow along on his investigation. Then at the end I'm pretty sure there's a self-instruction guide. One entertaining part is when the author challenges a weightlifter at the beach to a contest to see who can hold weights with both their arms extended for the longest time. After the weightlifter goes and sets the time to beat, the author stands up, holds the weights in his arms, and then goes into his Alpha State. He was able to mentally disassociate from the strain, and ended up beating the younger, stronger guy.

Both of these books are a little old, but the information seems far from obsolete.

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