Akrit Jaswal -- Child Prodigy, Child Surgeon

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Name: Akrit Jaswal

Super Power: Advance Intelligence

Nationality: Indian

Born April 23, 1993, Jaswal never attended medical school, and yet in his native country of India, he is widely known as a physician. When he was very young, instead of starting with crawling, he skipped right to learning how to walk. At the age of 10 months, he said his first words. By age 4 he was reading Shakespeare. When he was 7, he met an 8-year-old girl whose fingers had been burnt as a baby and fused together. He performed an operation to separate her fingers -- that same year. Today he pursues degrees in botany, chemistry and zoology at Punjab University, Chandigarh, India, making him India's youngest university student. He hopes to one day attend Harvard.

Jaswal's main field of emphasis is medicine, and he has mastered many disciplines through his practice of studying for one hour each day. He says concentration is successful to success in any endeavor, no matter what type. An IQ test he took yielded a score of 146. The top bar is usually set (nowadays) at 200.

Not everything is golden for Jaswal, however. He has said being so intellectually gifted and so young in India has been cause for his future plans to bear an incredible weight of responsibility. He has been told that he must do something great with his life, and has made it known that he doesn't always feel positive about having his life predetermined in such a way.

One of Jaswal's goals is a cure for cancer. His current path toward that end deals with oral gene therapy.

The following videos are parts 1 - 5 of a program called "Extraordinary People" featuring Akrit Jaswal:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Part Five:

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Request for Contact details of Akrit

Hi, can you please help me out with the contact details of akrit. You can mail it to me on yasminetaj@gmail.com. It's quite urgent. Wud really appreciate your help.

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the cure!

i history there was only one cure ,,, the alkiline theory... 1 quarter teaspoon bakin soda 2 times a day makes the body alkiline ... cancer cannot survive in a alkiline enviroment thus the cure

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not really...

It's good of you to suggest alternative therapies, but think about it:

1 - Stomach acids would neutralize the alkalinity.
2 - The body keeps blood at a precise pH, regardless of what you ingest.
3 - Baking Soda is high in sodium salts. This would be very dangerous to people with high blood pressure.

Maybe cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment, but that is only practical in a lab outside the body.

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Message for Akrit

I recently watched a tv documentary about this young man, and felt I had to pass a message on to him..

Message for Akrit Jaswal


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Letter to Akrit

Mango, Your letter to Akrit is self-defeating rhetoric. You obviously have a limited knowledge of cellular biology, and should not be giving medical advise to anyone. The harm you could do to the future of cancer research is devastating.
Why would you be so concerned that he "not waste his time" in trying to find a cure for cancer unless you had some sort of ulterior agenda? Are you one of those people who benefits from cancer research funding?

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no he is a man with a

no he is a man with a broken brain who thinks eating nothing but fruit cures cancer

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cant wait for his achievements