A Few Powers - Some Of The More Well-Known Ones

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Being impervious to gravity is pretty cool, but what's cooler than a super power that you can really use, like a psychic ability or super smarts?

If you could fully absorb the knowledge contained in a volume of the encyclopedia in less than a minute, what would you do?

If you could read anyone's mind, would you?

What if you could see the future? How about the past?

If you could move things with your mind...how would your life be different?

Clairvoyance - Knowing through unknown means.
Precognition - An exploration of knowing the future.
Regeneration - Healing and Immortality in a nutshell.
Retrocognition - An exploration of knowing the past.
Super Speed - An investigation of speed - the really, really fast kind.
Telekinesis and Psychokinesis - Look Ma, no hands!
Telepathy - Communication without words, signals, or gestures -- only thoughts.
Rapid Learning And Advanced Intelligence - Brilliance in a bottle?

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