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I can predict the behavior or thoughts of most of the people (not everyone). It's like I can examine a mind and extrapolate its reactions. Like if you can read a pattern and use it to calculate a person's mind. This works with some people, and with some others it doesn't.

-- Friend of the site
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Welcome to! This is a site where you can learn about real, documented cases of legitimate super abilities in humans.

Most of us are familiar with super powers as elements of fiction, as in Heroes, The 4400, and Superman. However, there are real super powers out there too, and we aim to find them all!

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Our Mission: To seek out the truth of superpowers, encompassing both those currently in existence, and those on the horizon. It shall be the business of to discover and share meaningful information related to the development and use of legitimate super abilities in human beings.

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Medium ship would fall in the category of being psychic. Be careful to make sure that these comments you hear are spoken directly to you, to your face. You could end up a target if this person feels violated, even if the person is a long-time friend.

I'd also advise that you train in Yang energy. Being a medium (Yin energy) could cause you to be controled by other beings (and it causes other problems). This is just my opinion....I don't mean to preach or anything.

Also, attachment to money involves ego clinging. The less you cling to subject and object, the more accurate you will become. But, even if you become accurate this doesn't mean that you'll gain access seeing lotto numbers. You'll see what you need to see for your own personal growth.

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i think i have powers

Yesterday i was at my friends house and we talked about magic and powers and we tested ourselfs i closed my eyes and looked at their dog still with my eyes closed and in my mind i saw what he was doing i opend my eyes and that was what he was doing i did this alot and like 80 % of the time i was right!!!!!!!!Next me and my friend closed our eyes and he said im gonna take you to a place in my mind and that if i could see were that was and i was right again Can someone plzzzzzzzz let me Know what this is  

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me too

i hav pre cog all the time but i cant find my power becase i know every super person has it i just cant find mine yet can i have some help??????

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Ghost Watching

I can talk to animals..........................they just dont talk back lol. But on a serious note, I have had multiple occassions where I wound spaceout and find myself watching as if it were an out of body experience or if I was seeing things through someone elses eyes. I can watch over my body while out of it

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This Is Totally Legit.

Ok...where do I start? I can figure out what people will do before they do it. Kind of like excellerated probabilty. I have legitamate proof of this. On several occasions I have accurately known what someone was going to do ahead of time. I've made notes, made videos, and had witnesses. I once thought it was a sort of precog. ability. I'm not scared I just want to announce this ablilty (if it is one) to the world. If you have any questions or anything contact me at:

P.S. I might already know what your contacting me for.

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Ex...cuse me?

What's with the "Share your stories on the radio!" thing?

Really nothing is the present, because by the time you realize it is, it's the past.

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i live in the san fransisco bay area and i tried tuning in but there's nothing but static on that station. who actually called in?


Fiction is obligated to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't.
- Mark Twain
Let your heart guide you through the Darkness

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a guy in need of help

u seen to know what your talking about so tell me some things i need help.i have believed in this stuff since i was 6.i see things 2 days before they happen in dreams or 2 mins before they happen.i can fell so many other powers in side me i just dont know to to release them. i need to know. i recently read water.strange.but true i threw water on the mirrior and saw a picture a cannon firring a sort of nuke ray.then when i watched the news obama said things about stopping all nukes and i saw a square in the water and a mark on the pasific ocean(took the square as a world map)then n. korea fired a rocket in to the the pics were connected.but please tell me how o control them and master them i have waited a long time to know. 

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You have to

You have to go to and click "Listen In". It's a radio via the internet.

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Hey all! Just dropping by!

Hey all! Just dropping by!


I can manipulate bugs. Its pretty cool,though i can only do one at a time....


believe me or not,  X3

anyone wants to talk to me about it or have a question e-mail me at

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Im 14 and I have the same power as you, but I can also control spiders. Can you???

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That sounds pretty fancinating. It sounds kinda creepy though. Bug manipulation is new.

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Am I paranoid?

I know this will sound real crazy but...Everybody have heard about Deja vu, and time loop right? it goes...I think im living the same "Life" Over and over again...i cant explain to you but its something like...when i know somebody, when i do something, when buy something,  I have the feel that i already do that a thousands times...some times i already know what is going to happen...This is a kind of freak..

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logical responce

The best way to explain this feeling (i have it offten myself)  is not supernatual but subcontious,  life is lots of patterns repeating themselfs we do a lot of similar rutines over and over again until it becomes one oncontious blur.  how many times a day do you buy things or even meet people (most people use very similar introduction discutions and phrases)  usually after awile you dont think about it then one moment you stop and activly think about the event your takeing place in and it feel like youve been doing it over and over again because you have been doing a lot of the same actions repeatedly without realizeing the similarity, think of this have you ever seen two mirrors faceing eachother?  the reflections bounce back and forth into infinity,  the way your brain is processing these mundane and similar events is like a cognitive verstion of that it feels like youve done everything thousands of times because you have and when you ponder it you dont take into account how offten you didnt actively think about the events you took place in

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wow same thing has been happening to me...the older i get the more things keep rehappening i tried to tell my mom put the same thing happens to her she has dreams...only thing is things happen to me while i awake...i was just like wow Lord this is to kool

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Deja Vu

You're not crazy. This happens even to people who don't meditate. There are many different viewpoints about reality. These are conventional truth because ultimately thoughts (our viewpoints or collections of viewpoints) have no inherent existance; they aren't concrete things. If we cling to a certain point of view we can say all things arise simultaneously (every thought and action possible; like Buddha's talks about sand grains). But keep in mind, this view isn't absolute truth either.

A Zen Master once said something along the lines of "From the beginning, not a single this is."(Correct me if I'm wrong)

People who cling to viewpoints like Self and Other have a type of tunnel vision.


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For a while I've been having these really weird dreams and every day i feel like something has changed in me, and like something big is gonna happen. And my 16th birthday is getting nearer and i feel like me turning 16 has something to do with it. I just don't know.

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something to ponder

while something could be building to happen to you theres a good chance its simply anxiety about the unknown,  turning 16 recives a lot popular attention because so many groups of people see it as a important age for one reason or another,  takeing into account your choice of venues for posting your worries ill also supose you have a healthy belife in super human/supernatural occurances and if theres one thing comic books novels and various other media agree on its that the mid to late teenage years are prime times for the development of above human abilitys.  its not supriseing that you would develop a slight sence of anxiety or feel like some major event is going to happen around your birthday.  i hope this is something you will think about and heres the best advice i can give you, dont worry about what could happen think about what is happening,  if something ominous or special is going to occur on your 16th then it will or wont,  worrying about it will just set you up for posible disapointments

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you might end up in a very weird situation i lately have felt i have to help a certain person it may be you

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i have had these dots on my hands for about six years one time i remember that i woke up and then finding one on my hands help please because i think it has something to do with the weird things that happen to me

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Well sometimes at random

Well sometimes at random times at night, I have these black spots on my body, just like naruto if you've ever seen sasukes marks they look like that.

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i need answers again

along with my urging,de-gu-vu{forgot how 2 spell it],and the feeling someone is watching me i also feel like theres a big change coming that i won't really like i.e. a family member passing away.i listen to the slightly older songs that i liked just to have the feeling i had those few years ago.When i think about the change i feel could be coming i cry.can u help me?im a just paranoid? hear the other part of my story[urging,de-vu,feeling the presents of someone]its titled:'I need answers' Friday Jan.23.09 , im anoynomous.

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sometimes the mundane is the best explination

feeling de-ja-vu is does not nessistate something supernatural it is most likley because simply put the majority of our lifes involve some sort of rutine the more offten you follow even a loose routine the more likely you are to find yourself experienceing very similar events it feels like de-ja-vu because its not supriseing you dont pay as much contious attention to the actions and on the ocations you stop to think about what your doing you suddenly feel like youve done it all before. 

also feelings of impending doom are normal exspecially if you have had a long strech of uneventful times,  the lack of change or events builds up until you can feel like something just has to happen

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my thots.

personally i dont believe in past lives and things, b/c im a Christian. and yes i am the same person who replyed to "i need answers again" your answers --->. i do think that ur feeling that something is about to happen is legit. before my grandmother passed away my dad gave me a heads up about a month before. i had a feeling that it wouldnt be long, ithink, before he even told me. the knot in my gut got worse as time went on. i thnk that it was GOD trying to prepare me or warn me in the same way my dad did. all im saying is dont ignore it but dont make TOO much of it. i dnt know wat ur life is like so i cant judge or tell wat will happen. just keep an open mind. :)but it may be nothing so like i said dont make too much of it. u can email me at

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"i need answers again" --> your answer is here...

Its happen the same thing to me...calm are not paranaoide...I was a little scare and i was thinking About a come to my idea something like this-----> we live the same life over and over and over...thats why we know what its going to happen and thats why we have deja vus...its sound crazy i know but is the thing that make more sence...forget about religions and logical  stuff and think about it..its something like a time loop...and theres no way to stoop it...and what we can do is do diferent things in the "same life" ... i dont believe that i can see the future so i prefer to believe in my theory...its probably wrong....but its the better i can think...imagin that in another life i was told you the same :P ehehe

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REPLY TO: "i need answers again" --> your answer is here...

i know u said forget about religions and i dont know which one u r but im a christian and i dont believe in past lives etc. i thnk ppl would appreciate it if ppl put answers like that pls say that it is your religion, belief, theory, etc. not nessicarily the rite and true thing!

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there is a big change but it effect's us all

Search the internet mainly you tube but there is  alot out there. I recomend starting with ~Terror Storm ~ Yes it is off the wall but it is true and terrifying.

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Living the same over and over and over....

Its happen the same thing to me...calm are not paranaoide...I was a little scare and i was thinking About a come to my idea something like this-----> we live the same life over and over and over...thats why we know what its going to happen and thats why we have deja vus...its sound crazy i know but is the thing that make more sence...forget about religions and logical  stuff and think about it..its something like a time loop...and theres no way to stoop it...and what we can do is do diferent things in the "same life" ... i dont believe that i can see the future so i prefer to believe in my theory...its probably wrong....but its the better i can think...imagin that in another life i was told you the same :P ehehe

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i need an answer

Hi, i always have this very strong urging inside me and i feel like someone is watching me when im alone somewhere.i know this coming detail is very normal but i thouhgt i might add that i have been having lots of degu-vu latley[ i forgot how 2 spell de-gu-vu].the urging inside of me over powers me sometimes and i find myself in a different place,i.e,i was in class the other day and it was very noisy.i guess i went into a trance or something because 1 mins later i found myself putting my stuff in my back pack.i feel like i have this part of me i don't know some spirit in me. can u tell me if it's just normal and im paranoid or if it's something different.

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i know why

the government watches us especially they are planning something but i dont know what,to theother thing you might be 2 beings

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ive been through a lot and apparently the person behind my camera is my ghost.....not really hes like tha guy i fight in my mind but he usually comes back somehow and the de-ga-vu thing....yea ummmm..... well that happens whenever i fell sad....then i find out what i was gonna say at that very moment and try 2 repeat it bfore tha words go away.its kinda wierd but i no that i wont get superpowers unless my lord who is allah the great and almighty has wanted 2 get me powers or then im just not gonna get powers.but the trance yea dat i never heard of

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someone help i can't take this any more when i concentrate i feel this weird twitching in my eyes and my legs and i can talk really fast and eat vast quantities of food and not get full

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you might

you might have super speed like me


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Hey dude your superspeed is awesome. I'm 4-Leaf, and I can alter my luck. I was gonna ask if you wanna form a team in the future? Messege back.

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Why hello there, super men

Why hello there, super men and women. Super powers? I think not.  Coicidence and scientific underlayers are exactly what they are. Only I, the all powerful Demi-God, Jack Bauer, have super powers. Repent, all of you fakers! I will strike you down!


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wow to much greek mythology

wow to much greek mythology

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shut up

shut up we are all very concerned demi god or not that is rude we are very serious


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 I think that like alot of

 I think that like alot of people, i may have been born at a certain disposition in multiple ways. I can't handle pain but i try. I'm not fast or strong but all i can do is work on it. Although I've spent alot of my life overcoming my disposition and I could now count as normal, socially aside, I know that normal's as far as I'm gonna get, unless something exceptional happens. Ever since I was a kid, I've always tried to do exceptional things. I've always read comics and had an overactive imagination to the extent that even in my adulthood, I think that I've achieved extraordinary things. To be honest, the only things which I could report are often excluded due to coincidence e.g. the weather changing when i say its going to, getting places way too quick to be possible, de ja vu like sense of precognition etc... I just know that in a world as hectic as this, where the bad come first and its hard to be exceptional, the only way that i can think of to actually help the world would require extraordinary abilities and feits, I'll always try and do these things and I'll always try and be as much of a hero as possible. But without the things that I read of in the comicbooks or on science fiction, the only heroes that we have are the selfless and the brave- to me, thats not good enough, I'll never give up trying but until someone can do the incredible, there are none of those heroes that I look up to and god do I hope that one day superpowers come along, to give us hope, to save innocents and to advance the world. Only the worthy should have extraordinary abilities, I'm not saying that I'm worthy but I hope that what people are reporting is true and I hope that they can do good with what they have (I'm sure most superheroes were bad spellers) but for now, I'll stick to trying to both do good for those around me and gain one of the impossible abilities of which I've always looked up to.

 good luck, I hope someone here is capable of something to give me hope.


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Well if your looking for

Well if your looking for your start of power, then concentrate on smell. All you have to do is concentrate really hard on a smell then try to think of another smell and there you have it your first step to super power. The same thing happens when you want a different taste. Another thing is useing a thing called a ouija board. If you don't know that is then it's a thing with the alphabet a-z and numbers 0-9 and yes, no, hello, goodbye, and if you want maybe all on a piece rectangular of paper, cardboard, wood or anyhting else. And use anthing that you can see through or a hole through it.

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hey look your always worthy believe me JESUS loves you. having speacil-abilities or not dont conform to this world if you dont fit in so be it find a possitive way to make it fit you  feeling sorry for yourself wnt help...and forget about the people in the comic books heck while they're dreaming it we'rw living it =] heck yeah!!!

-begining of the end

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Appreciation to- I think that alot of

You know what? Thank you. Your paragraph here means alot to me. Thank you for always trying to be and do better. If anybody is derserving of the such you would be one of them. And thank you for believing and staying strong in your regularity.

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am i paranoid

i never think someone is out to get me but i think i see stuff that looks like a strike of lighting out of the corner of my eye when i am outside someone explain please

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help me

its weird i always thought that super powers where only something in movies but sometimes.......well for example-i am 13 years old and my mom said time for dinner and i thought spagettie and i ask what was for dinner and mom said spagettie and another time my brother can into my room and i though socks and he got socks out of my drawr and im not sure if its super powers or a quencidence but its just so weird cuz ill think of something and it will happen a few seconds later.please help me

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first was it a storming

first was it a storming day?were the clouds black?if not you have the power to tell the future.draw pictures of this because i do the same thing but all i know there will be big fire in New York!

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when my computer says cannot display page i keep pressing refresh like ten times i will put my hand on computer concentrate on screen as soon as i hit refresh then it shows webpage someone tell me what is going on please

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dont worry its just technopathy i have it too when i get anxious or mad all electronics turn off and i can give people a slight shock sometimes. If you learn to control it it can be very fun to mess around with. with me my electrolytes shoot out the roof and i can make things turn off. email me at for more questions.

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um can someone explain this to me i am always hyper active i can get a cut and two days later it heals please explain thanks:)

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yuo have the power to heal i

yuo have the power to heal i am a person who has the power to tell the future. i am here to help people with superpowers they don't think are know they have.

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 i need help i dont know if i have super powers can you tell me help me please

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mind power

I have the ability to control a game of simon says.with my mind.I could controll which light flashes by thinking about it.I make it go green green green green green green green green red red bs.