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I had a dream about the 9/11 events... it was scary cause it woke me up in the middle of the night, I just sat there in my bed and then just shook it off as a nightmare... But then the next morning I was in my room getting dressed and I heard my mom yell out we're being attacked. I ran out of my room and I saw on the TV that my dream was coming true...

-- Shannon
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Welcome to! This is a site where you can learn about real, documented cases of legitimate super abilities in humans.

Most of us are familiar with super powers as elements of fiction, as in Heroes, The 4400, and Superman. However, there are real super powers out there too, and we aim to find them all!

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Our Mission: To seek out the truth of superpowers, encompassing both those currently in existence, and those on the horizon. It shall be the business of to discover and share meaningful information related to the development and use of legitimate super abilities in human beings.

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I'm trying to decide if you are trying to be funny,or you are just messed up in the head.........It is kind of funny but still not appropriate.We do have actual "powers" and it is not something to be made a mockery of.

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Listen i wanted to know more

i'm a young guy trying to get around in the world.... i feel like i can tap into my brain... i don't really know how to describe it but it's like i can learn if trained how 2 harnest ability's.... please if u can giude me to somebody or if u know of something that i could do 2 further my knowledge that would be great... all jokes aside .. please

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rogue people with abilities

i had been informed that they had been sigthing of a person who has the ability of copy and  absorb abilities
that has gone informant especificly told me that it has already attack two states virginia and washintong alarmed and alert...i was told that the person goes tracking down people and then releasing them of their ability he may be united with an organization i still don't know im keepin my eye open anything new i'll post here any info contact me

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I know who that is!

Dude anonomys was talkin about him thats Code.

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I appreciate your inability to spell the word rouge properly.

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umm, he spelt rogue

umm, he spelt rogue correctly...your spelling (rouge) makes it sound like he is talking about people in red running around.

"Remember my name, for I will change the world."

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I live near dc. It hasn't occured to me. I be looking though.

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oh yeah

i live just outside of dc and i have heard this too

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Questionable Power

Do you consider being empathetic a super power? I can allow myself to feel the emotions of those around me despite my own feelings on the subject. I can influence people who one might consider weak willed to the emotion of my choosing, also.

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omg i think this is almost exactly what i can do you just simplified it for me if thats possible thanks

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Memory and Will

I have 2 things I think may be "super" abilities.  The first is to do with my memory.  I can remember every little detail of everything that has happened in my life.  It's like I have recorded it in my mind and can play it back whenever I want.  I remember noises, smells, sights and feelings.  I can remember what people were wearing, what they have said, what the surroundings were like, etc.  It isn't the best thing as it also means I remember every little detail of bad things I have seen, and the worst part about this bit is if it is something I have seen on the TV or read in the newspaper, I remember it as though I was there.

My second ability is to do with will.  I always get what I want (not in a spoilt brat way).  If I really don't want to go to work one day, then when I get there we will have had a power cut or something so I can't use my computer.  If I really want something like a new phone, I will find one or win one and it will be the model I wanted.  I can also use this to make people forget things I don't want them to remember.  I just really concentrate on them not remembering and when I see them, they will have no recollection of it even if someone else tells them about it.

Do you thinks these are powers or not?

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that second one can be

that second one can be probability manipulation...ever heard of the law of attraction...lets say that ppl like you are able to influence the probability of an unlikely event to occur....very cool...also dangerous if you arent careful...making ppl forget....that might be somethin on its own...some type of telepathic memory wipe, maybe....also cool...and equally dangerous.

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hey guys im back long time since i got on..

iwas on my own journey on how to use my powers , for those who dont know i can control static electricit and create little static surroundings....still having problems with electroincs stuff like watches and bulbs yeah the burned out or just anger kind of restrains it powers to my hand dont know why and when iget a lot of static accomulated on hands my hands get all stiff like rocks.....i kinded now feel now when peoples near beacuse i can feel like some kind of static or energy arriving when theyre thats whats new so far....i''ve hearing these rumor of people with unusual talents gone rogue...would love to hear if that were true...

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you could be sensing the bio

you could be sensing the bio electrical field that surrounds ppl...

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how can i train yang!!!!!!

I need to learn yang Help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!

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Help please

i have no idea wat my power is and if i can get someone to help me i see the future and a day ago i think i did something to our town now everything isnt right i was trying to move a pencil and then for some reason thought "better not distort reality"and i think i did just that! PLEASE HELP ME OUT

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I am not lying I have seen the future in my dreams, I have manipulated computers and technology (not to the extreme), and have read minds but theres one thing I havent understood. Everytime I drink a soda, I have long lasting stamina and my reflects increase and the ability to heal. Theres this 15 foot drop near my house and one time I accidentaly got pushed off and fell in awkward way and my body was in aching pain. I felt like i broke something an hour later after drinking Cherry Coke I was fine, I felt no pain at all. Now heres my question though. When I was at a paintball arena with my friends I got shot at and for some reason time felt like it stop and i just kind of did a matrix and dodge it. I only got hit 3 times and there were 15 people total. Do I have like extreme reflects or like super speed?

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me and you r kinda the same

i Have Dreams of  the future i see things happen in my dreams and they actually happen. i also see things that no one else can see. and somtimes i can repeat the day. I heal fast as well. I dont do anything about my powers i just try to be normal like evryone else. some people call me Angel so call me that if ur interested in talking 

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i know what you have

ok frist is the time slowing down it is called zoneing.

i can do the same thing. it was sweet in high school i could run through a crowed hall and go in the right way in the blink of a eye.

2nd on your healing thing it is probabliy a superfast cell rebuilding thing you have

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I think I also have a super power

Ever since I was little I could feel colors around people, animals, and
sometimes objects. At first I thought it was just my amagination, but i
kept trying to figure out what it was. Now I think I can feel emotions
and at one poit read minds a little. I'm freeked out by this and if
anyone has this same email be at

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you read auras of people,

you read auras of people, and that gives insight to their emotions and thoughts. i dont have any real powers, but i love researching them.

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I am a telepath and can use telekinesis and can increase the heat of my body temperature when ever i want and when i'm focused.

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I am a telepath (srry if i spell the names wrong, their werid names) can use Telekinesis and can make my body heat rise and lower by focusing. If you have any of these powers or have any maybe we can chat about it?



Email:          :)

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Yes, I Can Also Control My Body Temperature.

It's weird because when it was in the Summer, I was with my friends, and I was focused on cooling off, and then, when my friend tagged me (we were playing tag at the time) She said that I felt Cold as Ice.


I think I also can read minds, because sometimes, I Just answer questions that my friends are Thinking.. then they think I'm Crazy.

I'm Twelve and this has been happenig a lot.

Someone Please Help Me, I Dont know What to Do.

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well ?

Well that might be so just dont stress about this and remember to focass on life. If you dont like this then simply try not to use your powers if it were me i would not let anyone know!!! JUST BECAUSE

from: ??????

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I can control technology to a certain extent.

Anybody else?

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hey, i read you post, about

hey, i read you post, about controlling tecnology. im the same but at a wide exent. i can manipulate electricy. but not at my will!! :(

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I can

I can levitate birds.....



But nobody cares.

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no one has powers  

no one has powers


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thank you finally someone

thank you finally someone not living in a fantasy world

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Not quite but close

I have a close friend who can not controll technology but rather he tends to rapidly kill any electronic equipment which he is around. He has to type all of his papers for school on a typewriter because he bought a brand new Mac and within 2 months he caused the thing to have fatal system errors on 6 seperate occasions. Each time he would take the computer in to the Mac-Store and they would take it for a few days before deciding that there was nothing wrong with the thing, but everytime when he got it back within a few days it would happen again. If you know anything about the Mac OS this is a very rare occurance. 

Push ... no I mean really push... Now transfer that up to your hands.... you are close.

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More than just "corner of the eye"

This may sounds daft, but I have a lot of expieriences where I see people in the corner of my eye.


It's not just people, it's animals too.

 And it's not just seeing them stand there, it's seeing them actually do things. For example, I thought I saw a cat jump up onto the kitchen work surface, but then there's nothing there.


This usually happens when I'm not really concentrating, slightly day-dreaming and in a "world of my own". Whenever I try to concentrate or focus on somthing I've seen, I have no chance of seeing it.


Does this sound daft?

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do yall know anyone?

Ok this is kinda weird but i can communicate with animals. Well it's not just that, i feel their emotions and hear their thoughts. I haven't told anybody in my family yet because they'll be like look another one and be all happy. By the way everyone in my family has an abilitie(im not aloud to say power my dad gets mad). My sister taryn can teleport she's 15, my sister sierra can control weather and she's 14, my mom can make people do anything, and my dad can freeze time. Look at all those amazing abilities and all i can do is talk to animals. Well if anyone has answers please tell me please. Im only 11 years old and im in 6th grade. SO if ya want to message me please do. I really don't know what to do right now. should i tell them or should i not tell them? my head is about to explode. 

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heres a solution

well i think your power is GREAT i would love to talk to animals, an i can controle weather and water YAY me

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Tell them you can controll animals

think about it your not excactly lying. Just tell an animal to do something amazing and have him do it and say that you controled him. Simple right.

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a reply

you shoulcnt it would put a lot of pressure on you i know people like you.

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u need to c a shrink

u need to c a shrink

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Im speedy i can run fast im 8 and im in 3rd grade. i belong to a team called the? they have power too.

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I have an ability to.

I can tell when people lie, like you are.  If your family could do these things you wouldnt say their names, not to sound rude of course.  Everyone may have gifts, abilities, curses, call them what you will.  But most of the people who can really do them, would not say a thing.

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At least you know. I am still trying to figure out what I can do, If i can do anything. Inside, I don't know who i am. i fell like i lost a part of me. Something important.

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Well, IDK...

Don't get me wrong. It's not like i have a super power or anything. But sometimes i think it would be really cool. i think about how many people, extraordinary people, throughout the world and history. and i think "what makes me think i should be so special as to have a power?" but sometimes i think...there must be something. SOMETHING i have, and i just haven't found it...idk...

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The feelings mutual

I too am powerless. But what I learned long ago was that You can make a big diffrence powers or no powers and you don't have to be rich or sometype of mutant just be the best you can be. And be thankful for who you are you don't have to be a super powered hero you can just be yourself.

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you can do it

anybody can have super powers you must just have faith and you be able to consentrate very hard !!!!!!! Im learning to contol energy and its woking!!So just believe

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how can you do it, meaning how am i supposed to concetrate?? it sounds weird but its hard like what am i supposed to think do u have or know steps i can take into developing a power?


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this is weird sometimes i will act like a dog like biting or barking at people but i always black out when i do it if anyone can e-mail plz do here it is

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Or medium-ship.

I can see the dead and the jinn and all other aspects of the supernatural. What's even more interesting is that I can predict the future either through day dreams or actual dreams. Most of everything has come true. Also, I just seem to tune into other people's thoughts quite a lot.

Just a few days ago at the work place it was just my friend and I going over a few papers when I heard her say she thought her boyfriend was being unfaithful. I asked her why would she think that but she replied saying why would I think what? I told her about what she said about her boyfriend and she was kinda spooked out; apparently she was thinking it. It's such a normal happenstance in my life.

Anybody else like this too? It can be pretty fun. I wanna know how to hone this skill just for the sake of gambling a little, heh. Need to pay off a few debts.

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I have the same thing as you! My friend and I both get visions. I could see the day my grandfather died, the day I met a girl at school... Also my mom has it! But it is nice to have it... it makes me feel unique! Questions? Aura Questions... i am a yellow/ magenta... I am rare... but shoot me an e-mail...

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or you know

or she simply could have been thinking outloud and not realized it,  i mean thats logical and realistic and a rather common situation ive been a part of or witnessed but lets just forget that i congradulate you on your super powers

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Me too.

I am not sure if it's the dead but i call them shadow people. It's like an outline of a person but then there are all black and disappear. Sometimes i can talk to them but other times i can't.

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I see and speak to the dead as well.

Wow we are so smiliar! I see and speak to the dead as well and I sometimes have visions. I am currently learning how to summon spirits because I cannot do so at this time.

 "Anything can be achieved, all you have to do is believe."