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I had a "precog" spell when I was a child, and I guess I can see "auras." But, more than anything, they're halos around people that get bigger when they're excited. They don't have colors and I can't diagnose conditions. And, being a devout skeptic, despite my own abilities, I think the whole aura thing is hubbub anyways.

-- Friend of the site
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Welcome to! This is a site where you can learn about real, documented cases of legitimate super abilities in humans.

Most of us are familiar with super powers as elements of fiction, as in Heroes, The 4400, and Superman. However, there are real super powers out there too, and we aim to find them all!

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Our Mission: To seek out the truth of superpowers, encompassing both those currently in existence, and those on the horizon. It shall be the business of to discover and share meaningful information related to the development and use of legitimate super abilities in human beings.

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thats technopathy not

thats technopathy not electric manipulation

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seeing into the future

awkwardok so i can like see into the future like one time my eyes went blurry and my first thought was it's going to snow and five minutes later it did.  i don't really understand though and sometimes i can control the future like when my eyes go blurry and i can think the first thought and it comes true.oh yeah and......... i think i see things but they aren't there    and i have a question when you see things do you see little dots that like make up the material??? cuz i do 

Anonymous's picture

same thing!

i had some crazy vision where i would wake up today and  go on some crazy web site where people believed they are pshycic and look where i am!!!!


Sean's picture

Precognition - IDEA!?

I have a different form of Precognition that you have, I can Dream the Future and Picture/Visualise it. It usually revolves around things in my life, Recently my Technopathy decided to go crazy and my Laptop broke, two lights broke, the rest went off and all the TV's turned off within an Instant (Because i was Stressed), So while my laptop had been off I had a couple of Precognitive dreams, which have happened. (They aren't always precise) My dream was about the Television Series Heroes and I dreamt that Molly Walker would guest star in an Episode, the next day I looked on a user posted comment and they said about her and that she would be in the next episode (So thats proboably what I dreamed, because honestly i don't think she will). I also dreamt of a cat being hit by a Car, the next day i was walking with my cousin, There was a dead cat on the Side of the Road (The place where i dreamt) the owners son came and picked it up, It was dead.

I tend to have Precognitive Dreams when I go to sleep comfortable. My precognitive Visions/Picturing are completely Random, they happen when my mind is blank and whenever i try to blank my mind, it usually works.

The problem with Precognition is that I had a dream my Mother and I were in a car and it crashed, The next day we was driving in the car and I saw the spot where i dreamed we crashed, this made me very nervous, but Hopefully it won't happen.

intotheunknown1's picture

Power over quantum mechanics

THE MOST CRAZIEST THING HAPPENED TO ME. I JUST FOUND OUT(kind of)HOW TO CONTROL MY POWER(Quantum mechanics manipulation). THIS IS THE BEST LIFE EVER!!!!!! I FEEL SO UNIQUE!!!!!!!i wish i had telepathy too though :(

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tell me.....(a guy in need of help)

how did you master,control it,tap into it please tell me please 

i_am_making_a_team's picture

You manipulate quantum mechanics?

A.k.a. You're omnipotent... slash God Almighty.

Um... you kind of seem like a role-player to me. And I'm getting that weird hollow feeling that means somebody's lying to me.

intotheunknown1's picture


if you think im lying, im not. i was just overexcited. i mean, who wouldn't be if they found out they had powers!!!

Alpha's picture


so you can talk to animals AND control quantum mechanics?

Anonymous's picture

someone help me

good evening i need help with some of my powers my powers are incredible defense, regeneration, aura see, chi ball and animal instinct can some one help me with my powers my e-mail is

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You can do all of that? Your cool!

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Is it gone?

when I was like around 5 my mom took me to a new years party at her work. they had a raffle drawing and each employee received a prize. well when they were calling out prizes, I said in my mind don't let this be my moms prize because the prize was sort of crappy. but then when it came to a radio I thought that was good I said in my mind let this be her and she won it. soon after I found out they were giving a tv lol which I should of gotten instead. but anyways I think I had some kind of power. but I never tried it again until I hit my teenage years and it doesn't seem to work any more. is the power gone forever? how do I get it back? or was it just luck?

Anonymous's picture


I think you were five and took coincidence way to seriously.

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it gets Weirder and weirder

have you ever had that feeling where you feel like you know everything? Well it's happened to me but with computers and stuff. Two weeks ago i didn't know anything about technology but now it's like i am a computer. If something isn't working i just put my hand to the monitor and it atomatically starts working again. if anyone knows whats going on please tell me

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That's called Google. Google

That's called Google. Google knows all. 

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I am "special".

I wasn't sure if I had powers before. I am now. Lately, I've been able to predict and guess things more accurately than should be possible. When my computer is running slowly, I can make it work. I can figure out how things work faster than anyone else. When I'm talking to people, I can predict what they're going to say. I can remember, word for word, lines from a song or movie I've only heard once. And- this one really got me- just a few minutes ago I was listening to the radio and I knew with absolute certainty what song was going to come on. This wasn't a lucky guess, I could almost hear the notes at the beginning of the song start to play. I knew in perfect detail what I was about to hear.

 I think I have something I call "empathic telepathy". My mind changes to fit the thoughts of people I talk to. Not only do I know people's thoughts, I think them. I also seem to be a slight technopath, enough to get the computer to do what I want and learn how to use it quickly. The memory thing I can't explain. I might just have a good memory for those things, I don't know. I just know that these powers are real, and I want to learn how to use them.

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this is exactally what ive been dealing with




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PLZ help me!

ok my cuz has super powers he can control water and i really want one so if any of you have advice, PLZ HELP ME!

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Hello, superhumans.

I have a proposition for you. I intend to form an organization of individuals, like you, with abilities beyond those of normal humans. This is not an unnecesary cause. I recieved a message yesterday coded in binary. Once I translated it, I found a rather disturbing warning from someone calling himself "The Code". Today I recieved another such message. It went as follows. I have translated it into English.

I know about your abilities, *real name removed*. And soon I'll know them so much better. I won't stop. I won't hesitate. I will use any means necessary. I'm more than prepared for your so-called powers. Bide your time. You don't have much left. Ready for a challenge?

Salutations and devastations,
The Code

As you can see, this person is serious about their threat. I do have abilities as he claims, but they are not suited for battle. I need the help of someone with real power. My own abilities are insufficient. I am willing to meet with whoever will help. However, I need a secure method of communication. Something the Code can't intercept. I have learned the hard way that they can pick up on e-mail and telephone conversations, as well as text and instant messages. Does anyone know how we can get in contact without the Code finding us? Please help. Just for reference, I'm calling myself Cerebro.

Windcontroller3's picture


Id love to help to challenge powers.

Foreseer's picture

hello Cerebro


Alpha's picture

"Cerebro", thats cute.

Im in.

anon1994's picture

ok @#!... youve been

ok @#!... youve been watching WAAAAAY too much heroes for your own good....if you replace the code with rebel you wil see what i mean:P


drakko615's picture

Contact me privately if you wouldnt mind. laughable. He cant take the powers from you. He cant take them from anyone...and if he wants to try send him to me. I have discovered that I not only have rapid healing but am nearly indestructible. We shall see whose powers he ends up with...perhaps I can send you a gift from him once I finish playing with the poor soul. We shall speak further...I have no problem if he finds me.


The rules of the world were meant to be broken. The rules of physics are simply guidelines. Every astronomer untill the most recent has been proved wrong. We once thought the world was flat...whats to say a human can't achieve unimaginable

Anonymous's picture

i am willing to help

hello i am a phsycic i can also talk to animals. dont worry about the code finding us.i think i can help.i have been getting messages from someone also.where do you live?i am ready. do you want anyone of any age?

Anonymous's picture

tell the code that i don't think he can take me or my powers

hi my names ghost and im want you to send this to code 8 9   3 15 4 5   21  18 5 4 25   20 15   4 9 5 

Anonymous's picture

static help

i m game i would like to help out...idont have a problem with rouges....let's see what this guy can do...anyway pm me dont worry he wont harm i can asurre u that

Windcontroller3's picture


We will stop this guy his code was meant to be cracked! Dont worry about him he cant take my wind powers. Pm me anonymys we are like an unstoppable allyance!

xThexFantasyx's picture

Snail Mail?If you don't want

Snail Mail?If you don't want people to know your real address, get a P.O. Box.I don't have powers that would help...I'm sorry. 

Anonymous's picture


I.......can teleport. This is no joke. It hapened for the first time when I was 13 years old. I was in my livingroom watching the news. And they were showing photos and interiews of people in accidents. Then I started wondering if they were okay. I looked at the bottom of the screen and it said, "Akron, Ohio." All of a sudden I was in the middle of a street where reporters and a car wreckage was. I just wanted to know if there were others like me. I've learned to control my ability. I can go anywhere with either a photo or name and it happens instantly. I can also teleport in threes. My family knows about it. I just wanted to put that out there.

Foreseer's picture


Hi, could you get an account? I would like to talk to you by private message.

Anonymous's picture


contact me on


Anonymous's picture


I need your help contact me at

Anonymous's picture


you can teleport? Cool So Can i but i can only Teleport like 3 miles away from where i was before

Anonymous's picture

I'm trying so hard!

I'm trying so hard to suppress my powers.I've posted this as a sort of release. I can't control it for much longer. I have the power to control water. That allows me to control or manipulate anything with water-like properties. It's getting so hard to just be normal. I almost went to school and rampaged. (i can control people) (human body is 70 percent water) But I managed to hold myself together. Can someone help me!! Please. I don't know if I will be able to hold this ability much longer.

yowyowyowza's picture


cool your a waterbender. what i would do (if you believe in ki ) is to stop it form coming up your arms


somethin's gonna change my world...jai guru deva

Anonymous's picture

Ready to prove your power?

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Anonymous's picture

Sorry Cerebro

I meant to say that you were code. Sorry about the mistake Cerebro.

Anonymous's picture


Dude are you cerebro because  your so spittin stuff out like him.

DarKnight's picture


for those of you that don't speak binary here's what he said:


Hello, superhuman fools. You think you're so powerful? I don't. I don't think you're powerful at all. Let's see what you do when a real enemy shows up. If you're serious about this superhero business, look for my symbol throughout Washington. It'll make more than enough appearances.


He's just another poser that thinks he's cool for playing stupid games like this. Dude this isn't a site for superheros, this is a site for people with superabilities and if your just too stupid to tell the difference then maybe you should go back to the 3rd grade and learn your stuff all over again.


Fiction is obligated to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't.
- Mark Twain
Let your heart guide you through the Darkness

Anonymous's picture


You think you all are special? Think again. Because my friend and i are the only two with actuall abilities! Screw binary! We speak the ancient language of the old ones. We are the elementals. My friend can control shadows move them travel through them and even use them as weapons. And i can turn into a raging inferno. I can use fire from anything. Make fire from nothing and explode anything with my mind

Anonymous's picture


i posted a comment on here, maybe a different page, about my empathy or whatever (about not wanting to accept that it might be a 'power') but i've been reading this site and i've been making a lot of connections... what i mean is- i was reading a story about a person saying they're a 'good guesser'... well a couple days ago i was taking an algebra quiz and i didnt know how to solve any of the problems... so i guessed. i got a 94% on it. i've always been a really good guesser- i just never thought about it much, never thought of it as a power. as long as i pass algebra! haha (im 14 by the way) well it wasnt just that one time either. i love watching that show- Who Wants to be a Millionare- and i always shout out my guesses. im right almost all the time!

the best way i can explain this (if your dieing to know) is: i look at the options, relax and concentrate. and usually one of the options glows a yellow color. i swear! i dont actuall see the color yellow... its just bright. and the other not-right options glow a darker color, usually blue or green, sometimes red... i've tried games/quizes on the computer on how pyschic you might be- like with Zener cards- and i can never guess the colors right. i do good with the cards... but if it says 'guess the next color to appear' i never get it!

if anyone has any thoughts plz reply. thanx


Anonymous's picture

am i weird or what

i have litterlyevery manipulation im the smartest in my whole school i can read any tipe of languge even computer language .i know the words to the song even ifi havent herd it. im psychic im telpathical doctor says that i have billions of telekentik energy what ever that is.and lots more powers but i didnt understand them so i didnt write it.

but any way can u tell me what ive got

Anonymous's picture

please consider this

"T'isnt life that matters ,but the courage you bring to it."

Power Guy

Steph94's picture

Im just a kid lookin for some help

Idk weather im haveing luck or maybe something more. since i was like 11-12 i could daydream about something and it would happin. This has happind to me accouple times like the other day i was sitting at lunch and all of a sudden i started day dreaming about boxing and ninjas breaking boards( stupid right). But its not like you stare out the windoe day dream its more of stop everything your doing like if you had food in your mouth youd stop chewwing with you tounge have out staring off like an idiot. and after words i get ectremly bad headakes but anyway after i finished day dreaming. I turned and told my friends i think somethings going to happin idk what but something i think we should leave this table.We did and sure enough a fight broke out and 1 kid slammed another one into our table and cause it to collapse. Or one time when my friend touched me on the shoulder and i day dreamed about myself falling down the stairs. So after it was over i was walking with my friend an she fell down the stairs exactly how i imagend it. Idk if its luck

Anonymous's picture


how can you get it like in your blood or what

watergirl7's picture

I'll help you!

As you can tell by my username I have water abilities! Not everyone has powers, but most people in the world probably do! How you find them is a very difficult part! I found mine going swimming and I breathed underwater! Also once there was water dripping from my fingers at school! Oh yea school as in I'm only 11! Anyway, you find your powers by adventure and trying everything! So be active and go on adventures!    Good Luck!  -watergirl7

Anonymous's picture

to water girl

holy crap! I have that power too! u sware your telling the truth?!

Anonymous's picture


hi,i'm 13 my name is ....well you really don't need to know.i need your help to help me find my power.          p.s. e-mail me back!

Anonymous's picture

hi there everyone my name is dominika

i think i've got the ability of speaking with a telephone. sometimes, when it rings, i pick it up and then i hear this voice talking to me. when i concentrate, like, really hard, i can even have a little conversation.

i've had this power since i was a kid, but i'm afraid to tell anyone. i' suspect they'll be laughing at me and won't believe.

i feel rather alienated and frightened and i really need to share it with someone.