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I had a dream about a professor. I found him on Google after this dream. He's a professor for University of Melbourne. His picture looks exactly like the man in my dream. I've never seen this man in my entire life.

-- Amrita
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Welcome to! This is a site where you can learn about real, documented cases of legitimate super abilities in humans.

Most of us are familiar with super powers as elements of fiction, as in Heroes, The 4400, and Superman. However, there are real super powers out there too, and we aim to find them all!

The majority of our pages can now be updated by registered users!

Our Mission: To seek out the truth of superpowers, encompassing both those currently in existence, and those on the horizon. It shall be the business of to discover and share meaningful information related to the development and use of legitimate super abilities in human beings.

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i see ghosts

 i see ghosts and i can talk to them

 i dont bite

hazelperry's picture


idk but i have those abilities too but i've had mine since i was 6 months

i dont bite



if you believe god is real y dont u believe powes are real?



if you believe god is real y dont u believe powes are real?

Anonymous's picture

plate movement

i can make dishes fly with my superpower, so yeah. i can lift things with my mind.

Anonymous's picture

my powers

i look and act like a wolf i have large amounts of facial hair and im 12 i feel like a monster....

lots's picture


but ur not unless u want to be bad.

grayecastle's picture


its called puberty

Nightingail's picture

Your not a monster.

Your not a monster.

Anonymous's picture


i just pulled a dr. manhattan. but im purple??

can someone help me turn blue??

Pandaaa_'s picture


Hahaa, this made me laugh :) Whats a Dr. Manhattan?

The Flash Wannabe's picture


its a character from watchmen, from marvel

Nightingail's picture


Stick with purple. Its your power, your signature.

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TheLostOne's picture

ok well dont let me find out

ok well dont let me find out were you live or you might have more proof then you know how to deal with

Anonymous's picture


why cant anyone look at the videos like sane people they are there for a purpose watch them!

Mr. Primal's picture


Is that guy allowed to advertise his site on here? I was just wondering, because it's kinda lame making another account just to advertise a site. Must be a good site to go through all that trouble though.


I wear my mask not to protect my identity, but to hide my scars from the rest of the world. ~Primal

Anonymous's picture

u no i have the powers of

u no i have the powers of the storms. no joke! i keep it a secret. everytime i say it will rain or something somewhere it happens. once i was so mad at camp the lights started to flicker. SO ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS I HAVE A STORMIEN ARMY WE TYR TO STRIKE FEAR INTO ALL ENIMIES. SERIOUSLY I HAVE STORM POWERS.

Anonymous's picture

Im scared

Hey I knw this sounds crazy but the other day I was on the roof trying to get a ball but I slipped and when I fell off the roof I floated down instead of falling!

I really dont know what happened, but now I seem to be able to lift myself off the ground. Its scary cause I have hurt myself a few times.

Please help me?

Anonymous's picture

wow...... seriously? -_-

*sigh* u guys are just like the normal everyday people who don't believe in powers. to tell u the truth, there are powers, it's just that each of them are never really gonna be as powerful as people lie about in here. the universe is a mystery so u can't be 100% sure. i mean, what created the universe, and what created the thing that created the universe and so on. it's all a mystery. but i think probably in the future, humans might evolve to an even higher being an therefore there powers are strong enough to be noticed, like u can shoot fire out of ur hands or something like that.

Anonymous's picture


So let me get this straight, anyone can get on this site, anyone can write on this site, anyone can come up with a power that they want to pretend to have, and people believe that the other people on this site have powers? I'll be honest I have always wanted to have super powers but that fact is they aren't real, and trying to convince yourself that you do since other people on this site are pretending to have powers is just pathetic. Sure you can go ahead and say that I am just saying this cause I am jealous of your guys' powers, and yes, if you really do have powers than I will be slightly jealous of you. But only for a second cuz than I will realize that since I don't have powers, I don't hide behind them as an excuse to not have a social life, saying that I would risk being discovered instead of just going out and doing your thing. But whatever, happy delusions everybody.

mayhemkid's picture


lmao, that is soo true i think im one of many that are not lieing though (:


Windcontroller3's picture

Im not lying either i can

Im not lying either i can actually control the wind yeah it sounds crazy but its true it dosent always work but it mostly does i swear im not lying ive done it before many times actually

Anonymous's picture

we do have powers

how do you explain that most people use only 60% of their brain? we use about 30% more than most people. (but some people here are faking)

emanresU's picture

Hi everyone!

Nice to meet you...

magicwithinme's picture

Maybe you do!

Most people only use 10% percent of their brain not 60%.magicwithinme

Ken's picture

its 10%

Hey, um, I dont mean to be a wise-@$$ but, Average humans use on 10% of their brains, we Use More...

Anonymous's picture

oh my bad

i didnt know that

Instinct's picture

Front Page News (was that a play on words?)

Meh, he's kinda right >.< I'm betting 90% of peple here (if not more) are lieing. But hey if they wanna kill some time by pretending to be something they're not they hell they're not hurting anyone right? Not really anyways. Well once they start having sex they'll go away anyways. (OH NO HE DIDNT!!!) oh yes...yes he did -.-

~Suicide is man's way of telling God, "You can't fire me - I quit."~

iwaslikewhat's picture


i dont say i have powers my strength is caused by medical problems and working out. me causing fear is just a pyscology thing i do to people when i look at them. i dont believe in powers but physical feats such as strength and speed. pyschics well they have been around for thousands of years theyres a possibility there everything else sounds impossible.

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... idk

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my abilities are supposedly hereditory both my mum and dad have sort of got abilities; Dad: see's the future from his dreams, and Mum: can read emotions from peoples minds.

But i can do these things too which kinda freaks me out, can someone help me control these plz

Anonymous's picture


obviously none of u have powers, if u did, people would have found u already and you'd be all over the news

Anonymous's picture


dude, people don't find out because people think that there are no such things as powers and if they witnessed it, they just think it's natural. for example, a person is in a store and there's a blackout, it either could've been an electrical disturbance of some kind or someone using powers. if it's someone using powers, they still would think that it was probably just a electrical disturbance of some sort.

Anonymous's picture

ohhh the irony

you found us and dont believe us and thats the same with other people . now doesnt that explain a lot?

kirstyblake's picture


you think people wana know about us dont you get it they are scared of things they dont understand and we are one of them

Delane's picture


you know nothing

Anonymous's picture

Knows something

No I actually think that his statement is pretty accurate. The only reason you guys wouldn't be all over the news would be that maybe your afraid of what would happen to you, but apparently you aren't at all since you post all of your wildest fantasies about you coincidental powers for anyone to see. You all of just self-destructive and allow your imaginations to over ride the obvious facts of mere chance and the insanity of what you say. I realize that I will probably get attacked for this statement but that would just be a weak attempt to try to convince yourselves of what you really know but can't seem to accept. And no I'm not just writing this to attempt to crush your dreams or make myself feel better, I am simply trying to straighten out the minds of those of you who are teetering on the edge of sanity and just need a little push in order to become fully aware of how disgraceful this whole ideology of super powers really is. So go ahead and attack away you hopeless souls but just because you disagree doesn't entitle you to be correct.

Havoc12857's picture


dont worry you dont crush our dreams, but i want to crush your skull hows that sound?

hazelperry's picture


 only ppl that kno anbout this site kno about us but not where we live and all that

i dont bite

tashi07's picture

you do have a point. why are

you do have a point. why are we putting our "secrets" all over this site?


Immogene_Lillian's picture

1) Beacuse people are trusting

2)Because people are fake, 3)Because its good to hide in plain sight sometimes

GodsWolf's picture

Couldn't have said that line better myself...

just because you disagree doesnt entitle you to be correct.

Anonymous's picture


just because something seems unreal doesnt mean its not and because you dont believe us and tell us that it is not real doesnt mean it isnt

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In the past year, I've become a lot more clairvoyant than one would think. Example; my parents and I were going to go to the movies and were fueding about the movies to see. We decided to draw from a hat (6 choices). I reached in and concentrated on the movie I wanted to see, I felt a sort of relief whenever my hand moved across a certain strip of paper. Low and behold, it's the movie I wanted to see (Confessions Of A Shopaholic). My parents still got upset so I reached in again. I drew one, but felt masses of grief, so I tossed that one on the bed, saying that one I didn't like. I reached in one last time and did the process, visualizing the other movie I wanted to see. Yay! I picked Push. That was only a single instance of many. I can look and feel things, absorbing what I can from it, knowledge and emotion, past or present (rarely future). I feel an attraction to certain objects and people that I can't explain. And certain times, this attraction leads to urges of destroying or killing it. I've dropped out of High School (17) and stay indoors 24/7 because of this instability. The feelings of pulling and pushing get worse in populated places that lead to seizures.

I just want an evaluation .. and help on controlling this.

Anonymous's picture


sounds like you have Schitzophrenia.  See a doctor ASAP.

Anonymous's picture

minor telepathy

Based on what you say, you have minor telepathy. You use your 6th sence as commonly as any of your other sences, and it tends to work out for you. Most people with this abillilty think its just in thier heads after a while, and neglect it until its lost. If you are uncomfortable with it, then ignore it, if you like it, then embrace it and practice it. But be careful, telepathy without guidence can easily end you up in a crazy house. NO JOKE.

Anonymous's picture

Not Sure what to do

The other day I was walking down the street and a girl was sitting at a table at a cafe next to where I was walking. As I walked past her she put out her leg and tripped me. But right before I fell to the ground wings sprouted out of my back and I was able to fly away. But my anger got the best of me so I swooped back down and grabbed the girl. I flew away with her in my arms and then when I felt like I was at an appropriate height, I dropped her. But when she was about halfway down I felt bad, so I yelled the words "en excelcius dayo" and a portal opened up and grabbed her. I then commanded the portal to transport the girl to the temple of Halum. I don't know what to do with her now since she will probably go running her mouth if I let her go. I know you all have probably been in a similar situation so just let me know what you did. Thanks for your help.

Windcontroller3's picture

Whats up

Do you think you could help me with my wind powers?