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I had a dream about a professor. I found him on Google after this dream. He's a professor for University of Melbourne. His picture looks exactly like the man in my dream. I've never seen this man in my entire life.

-- Amrita
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Welcome to! This is a site where you can learn about real, documented cases of legitimate super abilities in humans.

Most of us are familiar with super powers as elements of fiction, as in Heroes, The 4400, and Superman. However, there are real super powers out there too, and we aim to find them all!

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Our Mission: To seek out the truth of superpowers, encompassing both those currently in existence, and those on the horizon. It shall be the business of to discover and share meaningful information related to the development and use of legitimate super abilities in human beings.

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Is there anyone else with this reqistered?

I recently have believed to have caused a small powergrid blackout . Last night I pulled an all nighter and haven't slept since, because of this I was in a half awake half asleep mood all day. I saw a flash of light (possible electricity with no lightning) while on the bus... And seconds later all the power was off. There were no sirens or powerline repair crews that I knew of either. My question is: has anyone else had an experience like this?



PS: I'm the same guy who recently commented on a dream "Word of caution" on Saturday.

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I was wondering when there'd be a site like this...

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hey people i sort of believe

hey people i sort of believe some of you, but i tend not to believe the people with multiple powers that aren't related. i would love it if i had superpowers (heroic ones)

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Just looking...

I've been looking around for reall people with real gifts(powers) for

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my powers

i now i have powers inside but i dont now how to unlock them need help

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unlocking my powers

iv always felt i had powers but not managed to unlock them eney ideas how to

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What a joke, you people are nuts. 

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Shut the @#! up y do you always doubt peoples power just because you have none you closed minded infint @#! crack head!

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light control

hi im gona call myself the spirit i do agry that was just a show but what if just for say someone had the abilaty to control light but not just poduce and absorb but were able to use it in certin ways such as using it to chage light energy into heat or electial or use it to lift themself off the ground would you conider this person a (freak/moster) cuz i gota know

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Can control electronics

 ever since i was 10 i dont know how but was able to control ipods my computer,and mostly any electronic.

 my friend had a movie that was really cool but he said it was scratched really really bad and it wouldent play, but i insisted on borrowing it. so i got home played the disk and it wouldent work at all. I put my hands up facing the dvd player and focused hard on it and started playing i was freaked out. the next day i called my friend and he said it never used to play, he tried dvd cleaners and all that stuff. im able to control anything that is electronic now.

but can anybody tell me what the name of it  and if anyone also has this ability please reply!!!!!!!!!!!

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oh my gosh there is someone like me! my friends psp broke and would not work so i felt it and my mind just buzz then it started to work!

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the name of the power you speak of is technopathy

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No idea wot u guys do.

hae i jst fownd dis site cn u tel me wot u guys do?

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 I find all this very interesting but im not sure if some of you guys are telling the truth or not. unless there is prouf of these gifts

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Dammit, I'm done. I'm done trying to figure out if I'm A, insane, or B, I really do have an ability. Given, I've always wanted to have one. I thought it would be cool, I could help people, and I would be different. Then again, I've always had a very active imagination. A while ago in basketball camp, I swore I could control when the basketball could go into the hoop. For a while I believed before I forgot about it. Recently, the matter came up again, except in a different form. Sometimes I swear I can manipulate the wheather. On one level, I think I'm going insane and need to grow up, but on another I want to believe. Sometimes if I concentrate on a tree branch to blow, it does. Other times it doesn't. A while ago I concentrated on it becoming cold and rainy, the next day it was muggy and it showered very slightly, but  barely noticeable. But seriously, I'm just done. I don't want to play the guessing game on my self-identity. To tell you the truth, I'm embarresed to open myself like this, but I want to know if I'm going insane. I'm emberessed I believe. I want to be done. I want to know. I'm worried if I keep believing, maybe someday I'll be too far gone to come back and if I didn't believe this wouldn't have happened. But I want it so bad.  So tell me, am I going throw the usual "insane teenager phase", I really do have an ability, or I belong in the nut house and I have serious problems.Please and thank you c: