Super Powers -- The Real Ones

I've always been really skeptical of this stuff, even when my friends started telling me I was a "psychic." I'm not so sure anymore. Ever since I was very young, I've been empathic. Maybe it's just me, but I've been able to perceive how others feel, even from a long distance. Actually...From any distance, depending on how close I am emotionally to that person.

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Welcome to! This is a site where you can learn about real, documented cases of legitimate super abilities in humans.

Most of us are familiar with super powers as elements of fiction, as in Heroes, The 4400, and Superman. However, there are real super powers out there too, and we aim to find them all!

The majority of our pages can now be updated by registered users!

Our Mission: To seek out the truth of superpowers, encompassing both those currently in existence, and those on the horizon. It shall be the business of to discover and share meaningful information related to the development and use of legitimate super abilities in human beings.

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You came, way a leave walk

A, acquaint with
At the end of summer, also take enthusiasm in summer, in the evening particularly of jollification, the avenue Xi Xi Rang Rang, the park carries song to carry a dance, we know each other in this seasonal changes.Meet for the first time, feel to still go, I feel he [url=]New Chilliwack Bomber Canada Goose 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Off[/url] in addition to is fat I have no what can be overly critical, chat also quite goodly.He says after returning to person very inside show, can beat 90 cents, I wish Kui not to is a teacher, meet to start using a score to adjudicate a person for the first time, I politely say that he overpraised.
Two, get along with
A week we probably see a two, go out and have a meal each time, he asks me and eats what, I can not figure out, he then stops the wayside to the car and say I wasted a brain the cell for a day, don't let me then fee brains in having a meal, and you can not say literally, the female kid can not say literally.What I engaged in mental drudgery thinks that hereafter each time go out me will think in advance, the certainly big part still literally ate to order to beat to deliver.
Also take a walk at the park in the evening, a pair person more and more acquaints with, he speaks of he to love calligraphy, I have been worshiping very much will calligraphic person, decide to do obeisance him as teacher, allow him to write to me a few words send me first, he promises and says guerdon, I say to pay, he says not to go and give me to embrace each other when the time comes.Had no in a couple of days a word to still really bring, ‘There is companion that come from afar’Write very atmosphere.Say he gives up friend to see me, I also not ability Kui, took to give up friend.The guerdon that certainly don't want for him says to once like a birthday to supply him.
Still while thinking of to hold the hand to stroll park in summer, quietly come in autumn, his birthday wants to once go home that day, I decide to lead with him a day in advance.Before have never given the male the kid to once buy thing, hence consult a friend colleague, get to the Internet 100 degree, suggest multifarious, finally ordered cake.Have a meal on that night, the hotel suddenly the power was off, the attendant each one ordered a candle and imitated the candlelight dinner that the Buddha television presents to public, this feeling this view is particularly romantic, especially the idea takes photo to keep as memory and feels special happiness.
Finish eating still habitually go to park, tired by walking sit down to take a rest, opposite in the park is the region to be rich with most of small area, according to mountain alongside water, the scenery is beautiful, he says that the house wants to get married through several years again buy, I said to don't relate to, he embraces me to tightly say me how sought your so good daughter-in-law, I smile to lightly say happy birthday.Hereafter one of your birthday I accompany you to lead.He says H'm, that embraces more meeting.
The novel 《**》 that his hair wrote while coming to his graduation, is Be in remembrance of university living for four years, also send to to university recognize younger sister, I finish seeing feeling of jealousy big to deliver, although he emphasizes to is a pure friendship to turn into natural affection, I still keep doing not already feel ambiguous, I write to read behind feeling, say end the coda should ask the other party 1 each other:Have you ever loved me?
He answers criticism a way, you misinterpretted me the meaning of the whole novel, the university still has a lot of things, for example dream, for example I am those classmates.I make fun of his China of which movie the novel have no love to pierce through, you [url=]New Canada Goose Edmonton 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Off[/url] this book basically sell not to go out, he says that I didn't intend to sell and just stayed to make to be in remembrance of.
Telling the truth his literary grace is really quite good, I still didn't finish, don't want to let him to also write for me a , also need to announce, so I can be big in friend's in front four show some kind of, he says that the chemisette vanity shouts and goes.He starts to sell a crisis and say that this must take time and need inspiration.
The weather becomes cool and has already had a very thick autumn idea and plays badminton in the evening, the period stopped chat and asked me to have what dream, I say the dreams in childhood didn't carry out and talked to dream of to seem to be grieved now and seemed have no what dream of, the most practical is to seek, each other likes of person, lead the ordinary person's day, finish saying to [url=]New Canada Goose Toronto 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Off[/url] feel to have no bottom spirit very much.
He once recommended the program " a " for me, there is the lecture to expect a big soldier, he says that he really likes that the big soldier walked a lot of places and has different interpretation to the life, his dream life like that, say that oneself wants several those things of unchangeablely speakings is very really lifeless, education in China has much innovation, I interrupt him, everybody's lives are all different, you also lived different life with me before, didn't know we the future would can't walk the same person livings and said that the satisfactory heart expects of looking at him, he says with smile quite right, almost catch up me this taught the language the teacher, I defy spirit, your university read more four years than me, language, taught more four years than me now, war of resistance against Japan all victory, do you win me feel very superior?My Pie leads a face, the in the mind is a burst of to lose.
Day or just as since go toward of lead, once spoke about me with him matter that gave up friend's matrimony, he disagreed, I still kept respecting him while even having been already got around to this topic, at we this age open QQ every day, the spaces all have spread don't finish of wedding picture, insolate don't finish of the next generation.I admit that also the I heart living to envy, can I ain't so hasty to want to promise, know his viewpoint at least.He always avoids but doesn't answer, saying can't give I so Gao greatly ascend of commitment, don't just talk to talk to play with you, you don't release my hand, I can't be definitely.I say like.
Bachelor stanza, this need not single greets of my full of beans plan had a meal to go to the movie, a few days ago lately- been shown 《dew beauty 》 publicizees very fire, result the cinema didn't arrange on that night, a pair person was disappointing of time of time, but the ticket agent break rules to added 1, appreciated Ti zero, don't stop to thank, he beside says you too easily satisfy.Serious whole story plot is general, but the meaning is different, this is two people's movie, I am common of person, want of is so simple of satisfy.
Early winter, outside start to be desolate, I start hand and foot ice-cold, have a meal didn't also another whereabouts, play trick to say with him, I want to hibernate in winter of, he says to miss you how to do, I say to make a phone call, eat the time of chafing dish a pair person eats half unexpectedly didn't say a words, he finally saw under say quickly eat finish, Xie meeting, just start chatting a pair the person takes place on that day of matter, the words open, or so can chat, he says I am ugly, I say that he is fat, completely opens heart's saying, the image of inattention oneself.
He always says that I want to beat meeting ball then seek me, reduce weight for me, I say well, he from knew what I said at most of be reduce weight, I supported very much, but different idea he was on a diet, three meals wanted to eat, he finished eating to always need to repent and once saw one of my friend ask behind how, I say in addition to say a little bit fat feel not bad, he says that I must chase your friend, that& ldquo;In addition to”Throw away, he pursues very much perfect, a few months down reduced weight to also really have results to show, this I am very delighted, have already loathed to give up as well.
I say that my parents wants to see you, go to my house a how, he says a line, then asks not to go or not, I intentionally and angrily say, don't go and then all didn't go forever, he said me to go…I say I say in parents' in front that you are very excellent, they can't because you don't have building objection us, you need not strain, he says that your parents should be very kind and genial.I say that that am certainly.
Have a meal to come back very early, he says that my home wants your day and hour of birth horoscope and says on the whole and descends our accommodation not before getting off, I give he, ask you to also believe this, he says that I don't believe, but the home want, I ask again, that tells fortune a Sir to say that is being unsuited to proper, you how do, he says that you are mine……
Three, mutually forget
After several days he to seek me, listen to that word a to vomit from his lips, how clean and neat, say that being unsuited to is proper, to I but is an a bolt from the blue.I ask that you, he says to listens to the parents' Dao Dao, listen to a home and lets down.My whole the whole moments are getting more unfamiliar, there is also opposite this person, also again don't meet, I don't think hysteria of ask why, elucidation white, thought of future reunion have no mid-term say of that sentence:Take leave every time, had better make an effort 1:00.Say one more, may be the last.See one more eye, may be the last eye.
But I didn't know at the moment what, say not to want to break up, say we does so long feelings hurt to a fortune-teller words, say you why so fickle few righteousness& hellip;…Is saying these still useful?He since speak you is going to beg him?I don't dare to see him, because of tears true faintness.I make an effort to control myself and turn round and walked how far, I finally squat down down to weep aloud.Because from now on and mutually Be forgotten to river's lake.
Postscript:Time is an on-looker forever, all painful want my a person to undertake.I have been sleeping in the evening not good, wake up a time per time to tell oneself to accept this fact at the mid-night, don't cry again.Is above-mentioned to at last look back things of the past, a lot of don't write out, my style of writing was limited, just told oneself, had never loved to hate feeling enemy, be is Be in remembrance of.We probably be not have never moved, not is to have no probably, just decree by destiny to have no, the deep love good luck is shallow.He once was a beautiful dream, may come with luck.
In this love, although get along with very happily, I have a setback and feel to don't deserve his dream and fear to lose, again expect of too many, he at most returns to Mou on smiling, he to my is to like, but my whole body covered with wounds.No matter what reason, even if take to tell fortune to be to lend, I no longer pursue, just regret hereafter can not go together with you.

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Majority of you guys are

Majority of you guys are idiots I'm sorry 

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New powers

I know it might sound silly but i have the power of a vampire.

144 Shade's picture

I'm intrested

Would you mind describing your vampire powers in detail?

freakstorm1's picture

y.allen how do i unlock my


how do i unlock my powers

Funnymerc's picture


you don't know how to unlock abilities you probably dont have any

freakstorm1's picture

y.allen how do i unlock my


how do i unlock my powers

Futureseeker's picture


Hi can anyone help me unlock my powers if you can that would be great thanks!!

mermaid's picture


can someone help me with my levitation so i can help out a friend, if anyone can help please PM me

Rebekah Johnson's picture


Although I don't necessarily believe it, can you actually attain super powers?

devontae's picture




Demikgod's picture

y doubt

yes you can. as for me i need help to bring it to make it real

flaming music's picture

then just give up

then just give up

Yoseqlo's picture


Yes, but exist too many paths for do such.

Ninja_Pie21's picture

Ninja is within me. I need

Ninja is within me.

I need help and ill do anything to control my power please any 1 help me.

flaming music's picture

I cant sing somthing happy.

I cant sing somthing happy.

Yoseqlo's picture


Have you tried meditating?

flaming music's picture

:( :(

:( :(

flaming music's picture


they i"m new to all of this.And I need help with flying

Ryan Canada MB's picture

just don't

don't try to fly lol  

flaming music's picture

I tride that I justcant do

I tride that I just cant do it.

Its just to hard.

iflipvans's picture

Like he said hah dont fly.

Like he said hah dont fly. Try to meditate yourself flying... you might leave the ground

flaming music's picture

I like to sing it brings me

I like to sing it brings me joy.

flaming music's picture

thanks I will try it out.

thanks I will try it out.

Ectro's picture


I need help with meditation on electrokinesis. I can't concentrate for long periods of time anymore.

flaming music's picture

mybe I can help.

mybe I can help.

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sensei j's picture


agreed its so annoying

flaming music's picture

Dont be mean! he just needs

Dont be mean!

he just needs help.

Funnymerc's picture

They can't

because it's automatic spam, they can't hear you.

DominoZ007's picture

Anyone who can help me with

Anyone who can help me with either electrokinesis or aerokinesis inbox me

--Ash--'s picture

Message me!

message me, I have a good site that can help. ~Ashling~

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this not being able to post

this not being able to post more than a few lines thing is really ticking me off...


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Most of my famliy dosent

Most of my famliy dosent like me becuase of my powers.

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put the number 1 before every word


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I really want to meet u

hey does anyone live in Rochester, MN, USA? 

I'm a Believer!

flaming music's picture

I do.

I have a private message to give you.

Believer's picture

if u know something i dont,

if u know something i dont, tell me how to do it!

I'm a Believer!

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 I can send you all you need to know, and answer what ever questions you need. I just need your email address to send you, what you need to know about powers.  

firemaker101's picture

Help, i need info on summoning fire.

don-dan's picture

i need ur help

dis is my email help me wit telekinesis,telepathy nd other powers

Believer's picture

How do i do aero again?  

How do i do aero again?


The Scholar's picture

Exactly, but

to be brutally honest I don't really even believe humans can gain any real powers anymore.

spiritualspeaker54's picture

i just read the signifigance

i just read the signifigance of dec.,21,2012 are you saying were gonna die in 2012 or we live and all have super powers or we die by getting powers?